11 January 2015

Updating Lord of the Clans

Replayed WarCraft 3 and The Frozen Throne a couple of weeks ago and really got in the mood to update my first campaign Lord of the Clans. The story is well told and the minigames are a nice gimmick but other than that the campaign always felt a bit boring compared to its younger brothers Day of the Dragon and The Last Guardian. Long story short, here are some changes I have worked on so far:

All maps:
- Nicer terrain with more space
- cut some cinematics a bit, made them smoother and better
- Balance improvements
- Faster gameplay with more interesting items
- Bug fixes

Chapter 1:
- Better AI patrol routes

Chapter 2:
- Added optional quest that will give player more units to control

Chapter 3:
- Replaced optional quest with one that offers more combat
- Added clear stealth gameplay to the main quest

Chapter 4:
- New gameplay for starting area. Player has to actively look for enemies

Chapter 6:
- Redesigned Thrall's starting area. Is now a linear path. Less chaos in the beginning
- Better layout for the Tug-of-War area
- Added new optional quest

Chapter 7:
- Complete redesign with a new optional quest and tweaked main quest
- Much better use of space
- Improved enemy AI

Technical stuff:
- Moved all custom objects to the campaign editor. Makes future updates easier
- Replaced foreign music with WoW/WC3 music

Still need to work on Chapter 8 and the Outro. I might add a Hard mode, but haven't decided yet. First I need to see how the campaign feels after all the changes. So far the campaign has over 250 changes/fixes. I hope to be done in 10-20 days. You'll see it a complete change log when the update is released.

Here's a screenshot of the redesigned Chapter 7:


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