SotX Chapter 6 terrain

Shadow of the Xel'Naga: Chapter 6 is now completely playable. Over the past days I optimized game play (e.g. made distance between enemy units smaller, improved boss gameplay), added a system that lets unit keep their experience, but only if all units are lost and the area is reset, implemented and tweaked all four difficulty levels, finished the storscript and implemented all transmissions.

Gameplay feels good. Boss fights need a bit of tweaking though, but that will happen along the way.

Area1 terrain now finished. 25% overall terrain completed. I try to give each area/room a different look but the color palette is really monotonous and there are very few doodads designed for the Ulaan tileset. I usually refrain from mixing different tilesets, especially when I'm not experienced with them.
if you are wondering why there are barely any units: they are all created via triggers, so I can easily replace them when an area is reset. ...

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