Updating Day of the Dragon

Due to the success of the latest update to Lord of the Clans I decided to update Day of the Dragon in a similar way.

I try to touch as many aspects as possible, from updating the models, the terrain, to more fluid gameplay, better cinematics and the usual bugfixes. Even new loading screens. So far I've updated 5 of the 15 maps.

Here's a summary of what I've done so far:
- all maps: More bounty/gold coins and many items shops on each map so the player can get healing items or temporary buffs or sell useless items when he feels like it. Rebalanced skills, most Notable with Rhonin who can perform attacks much faster with less mana.
- models: Replaced Deathwing's and Krasus' model with models from Hiveworkshop.com . Also updated the council of Kirin Tor (Modera, Andromath and the others). People often ask about updated Aspect models. I'll look into it but I can't promise anything.
- intro map: updated terrain (especially the area around the Dark Portal), better camera movement and about 30% less dialogue. Reduced runtime from about 5,5 minutes to 4,5 minutes.
- chapter 1: Redesigned some areas so there is more space, more to explore and not as linear level design as it used to be. Repositioned the quest giver for the wolves quest. More runes and other items. Added leaderboard to keep track of the stuff in the optional quests. I have also added a test zone so players can try out any hero class for Rhonin before finally choosing it. Connected Vereesa's and Rhonin regions.
- chapter 2: Mostly the same, but hid some items on the map so the Goblin Lab's scan will feel more useful. Added more space to some areas and redesigned the final trap area: Removed Juggernauts, but added harmful runes.
- chapter 3: Cleared some annoying doodads and added a bit more space to some smaller areas. Repositioned a turtle. Redesigned final orc base a bit by adding more dwarves that can be rescued.
- chapter 4: Removed all of Rhonin's items (will reappear at chapter 7). Can return to all old islands at any time (except first). Fixed some bugs and added many more exclamation marks, hints and shared vision to make it clearer what to do. Made last area smaller. Removed tasks where you have to turn the game camera... and many, many other small things. I also realized that chapter 4 is way too big and has way too many boring or meaningless tasks. I cut around 20% of content from the main quest and 30% for the optional Murder quest. When I watch youtube videos people already need 70-80 minutes to complete the map. I think 50-60 minutes is enough.

Chapter 4 has 93 fixes, which by itself is more than most entire campaign updates I have made. The campaign now has more than 270 changes. If you have any suggestions now is the time.

Haven't played the other maps in a long time but my personal feeling tells me:
Interlude: Can't remember. Maybe a bit too long.
Chapter 5: Dalaran needs to be smaller. Too much walking. Nozdormu's realm needs the updated Lord of the Clans level. Emerald Dream and Northrend are fine.
Chapter 6: I think it's fine.
Chapter 7: I think it will be fine with better balanced hero skills.
Chapter 8: Map is way too big. I am considering a similar redesign like LotC Chapter 7. Same objectives but a lot tighter.
Epilogues: Don't know yet.

I am taking a break from updating the campaign until late July.

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