Shadow of the Xel'Naga - Chapter 7 progress

The two player bases are now seperate to get the players out of their comfort zone until they capture the zerg expansion. I improved the terrain spacing and Zerg and Protoss won't engage each other except during scripted skirmishes. The is more gimmicky now: I added an ability for both players to call small nukes (almost) anywhere on the battlefield at any time at the cost of energy.

Due to some issues with how the story plays out in the novel I was on the verge of changing the gameplay of Chapter 7 again to accomodate the story. In the end I decided not to do it because, quite honestly, I have become exhausted of all these reiterations. I decided to stop all gameplay changes (except for more balancing and bug fixing). The map layout looks as in the picture below.
Chapter 7 Map Overview

Talking about iterations I'd like to show you some pictures of the Alien Artifact/Xel'Naga Temple, and how it changed with almost every map it appears in.

The first Temple is from Chapter 1 (with some updated texture work to ad more contrast). Here it's basically just a hole in the ground. I added Rich Mineral Fields to indicate that they appeared when all these Xel'Naga Temples appeared, as Blizzard never really explained them lore-wise.
Chapter 1
The next Temple is from Chapter 2. The hole is a little bit bigger now as some sort of boss fight is supposed to happen there. You can also see the old textures (more red than black).
Chapter 2
The screenshot of Chapter 5 shows a very different Temple and area. I wanted to create something that was closer the the description in the book. I also knew I would need more space for Chapter 7.
Chapter 5
Chapter 7 includes the current design of the Temple. I replaced the Rich Minerals with Huge Crystals that look more like the Khaydarin Crystals as described in the book. For gameplay reasons I also had to add more space and more entrances. The red buildings are placeholders.
Chapter 7
Naturally I'll go back to the previous maps and add the newst iteration, although it will probably receive some additional texture work for those maps as it's not supposed to be a war zone before Chapter 7.

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