Status of Shadow of the Xel'Naga

A bit more than two weeks ago I finished work on chapter 7 of my Starcraft 2 campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga. You can find some screenshots and a gameplay video below if you want to spoil yourself. If you want additional screenshots and information you can find it on my portfolio website.

Chapter 7 is a classic base-building mission that fully utilized the SCMR mod that enhances the Starcraft 2 experience with classic Starcraft 1: Brood war units and abilities.

So what now? The campaign isn't finished yet. Because many maps are several years old a lot of features and fixes are missing from those maps. I decided to hold back the release until all maps are updated and on a similar level of quality. You can look at it like a day-one-patch as is common with current video games. In terms of scale the update will be similar to the recent updates for my Warcraft 3 campaigns Lord of the Clans and Day of the Dragon, which took about a month to finish.

I've already updated chapters 1-3. The changes include mostly UI improvements and bugfixing. Chapter 1 also has some minor gameplay improvements while about 20% of the level design of Chapter 3 was revamped.

Chapters 4-7 will probably not to need as many changes and I fully expect to be finished with this phase before the release of Legacy of the Void on November 10th. When Legacy of the Void is released I'll need to test the co-op mode, possibly as a closed beta test. I think this phase will not take more than two weeks. I expect to release the campaign sometime late November/early December.

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  1. Awesome work, man! :thumbsup:
    Please check your private messages at insc. ;)


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