19 November 2015

Shadow of the Xel'Naga Release Date

The long journey is coming to an end. Over the past two months I have been revamping all aspects of the campaign. I've fixed bugs, added new features, improved the level design, cinematics, balance, added features from the recently released Legacy of the Void, and much more.

I've also been getting very good feedback from my testers. All of them have earned their spot in the credits that appear at the end of the campaign.

Despite the mere 7 maps this is the biggest mod-project I have ever created. The campaign features a story based on the novel Shadow of the Xel'Naga by Gabriel Mesta. It features single-player as well as a two player co-op mode. Each map has unique gameplay with  open-world action, puzzles, MOBA gameplay, Tower Defense, stealth mechanics, dungeon crawler, and base-building.

All maps will be published on November 27th*, and can be played by everyone, on the free Battle.net Arcade.

*I am still testing all maps and the date can be pushed back if I find game-breaking bugs.

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  1. Only two days left... :D
    Can't wait to strike again with the Dark Templar Xerana... <3