Games I Played 2015

Each year I rank the new games I played over the past year. Keep in mind the percentages don't show how good the games actually are, they just compare them.

Unranked - StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - --%
As usual I don't rank Starcraft games as they would easily occupy the #1 spot on my list and it would be boring. Nontheless LotV actually impressed me with its story and cinematics. Much higher quality than any other SC2 game. I just wish there were more unique missions like the one where you control a platform to move your base, and a real final prerendered cinematic.

13 - Game of Thrones - 72%
I've played almost all Telltale games since Sam and Max Season 1 and while the storylines have improved over time the gameplay has taken a real beating. Aside from some shocking situations Game of Thrones didn't leave much of an impression. Also, what good is it to have choices but not affect anything?

12 - Resident Evil HD Remaster - 74%
It has some serious flaws, with the limited inventory space, backtracking, constant fading and loading for doors but there is something special about this game: The atmosphere and the way the story unfolds itself.

11 - Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes - 75%
Bad graphics but funny characters and modern controls. Not as good as Edna & Harvey Break Out though.

10 - Deponia 1-3 - 76%
Actually a very good trilogy of Point & Click adventures, but the characters have some logical flaws and sometimes there is too much backtracking between a few mayor scenes.

9 - Wolfenstein: The Old Blood - 80%
Just as good as the main game, aside from the final boss. Its mechanics felt like it was designed for an action adventure game. I actually turned down the difficulty level just for the boss because he was so annyoing.

8 - Spec Ops: The Line - 82%
Excellent anti-war story, but the gameplay is way too repetetive.

7 - SOMA - 83%
Better story than Amnesia, but much less horror and gameplay features.

6 - Dying Light - 84%
Well-paced action adventure with a nice mix of parcour and stealth elements.

5 - Mortal Kombat X - 85%
Story not as good as the previous game but improved mechanics and graphics.

4 - Heroes of the Storm - 86%
Aside from DotA on Warcraft 3 this is the only MOBA I've ever played. I love how simple and quick the games are, and I wouldn't have expected that I would play it for any extended period of time. Very fun!

3 - Saints Row 3 + 4 - 88%
I was laughing my ass off almost the entire time. But it's not just funny, the missions are also pretty varied.

2 - God of War Trilogy & Ascension - 90%
I borrowed a Playstation 3 and some games so this is my first venture into console games (since the SEGA Master System II). I had a lot of difficulties understanding GoW1 and I was about to give it up, until I finally read how to execute combos. From there on each hour I played the games were more and more fun, although still very hard.

1 - Mark of the Ninja - 91%
This is how stealth games should be made! You can kill almost any enemy but you can also be clever and sneak by everyone, and it feels so rewarding to do so. Best stealth game since Thief 3.

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