01 April 2016

April fools: Announcing several new projects

First is Speed of Darkness. It's going to be a 6 mission co-op campaign with a new feature I call "Random Level Design". Objectives and starting locations are going to be randomized for maximum replayability.

Next is Short Stories. It's going to be a series of arcade maps based on short stories found on battle.net. First one's going to be PvP map where one group controls 1 or more Changelings and the other group controls a terran squad.

Next is Flashpoint. Yes Flashpoint with Raynor and Kerrigan. It's going to be an 8 map single-player campaign where you get to relive some excellent moments with your favourite heroes.

You like Nova don't you? Well, here's a three part campaign about her origin. Around 25 single-player maps with numerous puzzles and minigames.

Now I've got a real treat for you guys! One of my projects is going to be about the Dark Templar Trilogy. It's going to be a three part campaign with around 60 maps based on the books.

Update: I have to say this was just an april fools joke and I am not working on any of the announced projects ;-)


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