30 June 2016

Shadow of the Xel'Naga 1.2 - now available in german!

I have updated my StarCraft II campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga to version 1.2. The update includes 190 changes to gameplay and bugfixes and german localization! If you are a german speaker/reader and enjoy playing SC2 maps in german, this is for you :)

The language of the campaign changes automatically with the language you set in the game settings of StarCraft II (Battle.net Launcher -> Select StarCraft II -> Options -> Game Settings -> Text Language).

I would also like to mention that a person named deltronLive, who has been testing my maps and providing very good feedback, has made a walkthrough of the 1.1 version of the campaign. You can find it on his YouTube channel.

See below for a full list of changes:

Update 1.2 – 190 fixes

Chapter 1 - 30
Added german localization
Added more camera movement to the outro cinematic
Increased duration of some transmissions during cinematics
Added two pathing blockers so players can’t go to the Karak Mothers prematurely
Fixed some typos and description errors
Changed some transmissions to make tasks easier to understand
Will now properly play Empty Geyser transmission
Adrenaline is no longer transient
Lars‘ Incapacitation will no longer count against Octavia
The rocks at the first Perdition Turret are now invulnerable
Cows will no longer collect Minerals during the Rastin cinematic
The first Perdition Turret is no longer hostile
Added more Karak to attack the first Perdition Turret
The Karak coming out of the first cave will now directly attack the Perdition Turret
Moved triggering region for the first Perdition Turret a bit closer to the Turret
Changed transmissions texts for the first Perdition Turret encounter
Moved first Explosive Barrel to the left side of the Destructible Rocks
After killing the Boss the vehicles are moved to north or south, depending on where the heroes go
The Automaton is now also moved when both heroes are incapacitated
Camera will now pan to the Boss before he vanishes for the first time
Camera will now pan to the Boss when he exits a mine for the first time
Boss will now remain invulnerable until the battle starts
Bossbar will not appear until the battle starts
Added a marker to the Boss when he is being chased
The Hero Glow for the Boss is now purple
Fixed a bug that replayed the Mission Strategy tip when restarting the Cows objective
Unloading a hero from a vehicle now automatically deselects the vehicle and selects the hero
Some Destructible Rocks are now unselectable
Set Heroes Border Normal Color to 150 and Border Subgroup Color to 255
Increased Selection Radius of Lars from 0.25 to 0.30

Chapter 2 - 31
Added german localization
Increased duration of some transmissions during cinematics
Improved descriptions for Pure Plasma, Energy Core, and Repair Kit
Will no longer create an item twice in the inventory when both heroes pick it up at the same time
No longer need to salvage the Salvagable Vehicle twice to get the Igniter
Removed a Mineral Crystal at Rastin’s Gas Station
Increased mission difficulty no longer decreases the amount of helpful visual effects
Increased mission difficulty now decreases the amount of info given when inspecting an item
Increased mission difficulty now decreases the amount of info given by other colonists
Item tips will no longer be displayed in the standard GUI
Changed information given by colonists and inspected items to fit new difficulty feature
Changed loading screen help text to fit new difficulty feature
Fixed a bug that showed the portrait of the Robo-Harvester instead of Octavia’s
The owner of the Robo-Harvester can now see Octavia’s inventory, but is unable to manipulate it
The Seismograph is now untargetable and unselectable
The Gate near the Arcturus Mengsk Codex is now untargetable and unselectable
The inventory is no longer closed when using the Low-Gravity Boots item
Renamed Dead Zergling to Alien Cadaver
Added hint to destroy the alien cadaver
Used item message will no longer appear when out of range
Inventory can no longer appear during cinematics
Improved terrain in the final area
The camera will move smoothly between camera modes, heroes and cinematic areas
Fixed a bug that gave the Motor Engine to Cyn as soon as Robo-Harvester salvaged it
Objective ping for Alien Artifact is now green
The Fuel now appears after a 1 second delay
Supply Frame is now hidden
Set Heroes Border Normal Color to 150 and Border Subgroup Color to 255
Fixed height of some doodads
Decreased approximate playtime in map info from 90 to 70 minutes
Heroes will no longer be uncommandable when the cinematic camera is changing

Chapter 3 - 40
Added german localization
Increased duration of some transmissions during cinematics
Removed extended tooltips for some units, upgrades and abilities
Replaced Spider Mines with fast-shooting Widow Mines
Replaced Gravity Bomb with Avatar which boosts vitals and speed
Fixed button for Gravity Bomb
Fixed rotation of Portal teleport models
Set hotkey for Blink to B
Removed all items from the Item Vault
Removed the Item Vault button from heroes
Renamed Item Vault to Psi Core
Psi Core will no longer be referred to as Shield Battery during error messages
Added some space at the final Psi Core and added some small rocks
Heroes no longer buy items but use them directly at the cost of minerals
Heroes start with Portal and gain additional items for each Psi Core location
Can no longer use Lifekit when shields and life are full
Can no longer use Energy Kit when energy is full
Rebalanced items cost and cooldown
Items can no longer be dropped, pawned, or given to another hero
Renamed Cliff Walk to Cliff Hover
Learned ultimate abilities will no longer appear in the Learn List
Hero Level 6 is now properly displayed as a requirement for the ultimate abilities
Fixed an error with Duke’s text in the Beacon cinematic
Missile Turrets will no longer be deactivated before destroying the Command Center
Killed Sunken Colonies will now grant 20 minerals and experience points
Lurkers will no longer unburrow when attacking
Markers on Lurkers will now appear on all difficulty levels
Lurkers will initially be unburrowed and then burrow when a player hero moves close
Fixed some lexical errors
Decreased number of units sent by Zerg ond Brutal difficulty
Removed Zerglings from random Nydus Worms on Hard and Brutal difficulties
Increased energy regeneration rate of Psi Core from 3.0 to 3.5
Replaced a Battle.net info screenshot
Fixed some misinformation in Edmund Duke’s Codex
Decreased scale of Void Prison for flying units and structures
Fixed some Infested Terran that were of the wrong unit type
The Psi Core will no longer heal incapacitated heroes
Increased range of Stasis Nova from 9 to 12
Incapacitated heroes will automatically replenish all vitals more quickly
Removed Border Color of Xerana’s Shadow

Chapter 4 - 20
Added german localization
Increased duration of some transmissions during cinematics
Removed extended tooltips for some units, upgrades and abilities
Increased timer for the first wave of Area 1 from 110 to 130 seconds
Renamed Jump Boots to Low-Gravity Boots
Set Heroes Border Normal Color to 150 and Border Subgroup Color to 255
Fixed some typos and description errors
Added ability Place Marker for both heroes which help communicate in co-op mode
The Dismantler no longer has the attribute Heroic
Fixed some lexical errors
Nik will now walk further in the Area4 cinematic
Can no longer gain resources from killing enemies in the Resources objective
Removed a fence
Octavia and the Reobo-Harvester are ordered to stop when an area is lost
The Research transmission will only come when a command building belongs to one of the players
Point Defense Drones no longer have the  attribute Structure
Added a transmission that explains how to deal with the enemies in the Resources objective
Decreased damage of Missile Turrets against small/medium/large targets from 10/15/20 to 8/12/16
Decreased number of Locusts and Mutalisks sent in waves
Fixed range indicator for Missile Turrets

Chapter 5 - 42
Added german localization
Increased duration of some transmissions during cinematics
Removed extended tooltips for some units, upgrades and abilities
Slightly rotated the first Marine in Xerana’s prologue area
Octavia will no longer be paused within the radius of the Missile Turret in the prologue area
Improved visibility of vision cones
Removed range indicator of Sieged Tanks
Changed range indicator of Missile Turrets
All Sieged Tanks now turn clockwise
Throw Rock no longer alerts a Guard to a Hero in his line of sight, unless he already is on high alert
Inceased Minimum Scan Range of all Guards except Ghosts from 1 to 9
Inceased Minimum Scan Range of all Ghosts from 1 to 13
By default Run now lasts 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 2 seconds
For each second spent running the cooldown is increased by another 2 seconds
For each seconds spent standing still the duration of Run is increased by 1 second
Added a behavior that marks heroes when spotted and and makes them chaseable for 4 seconds
Enemies will no longer chase heroes not in their line of sight
Enemies will respond to nearby  Red Alerts more often
Removed increased range indicator when in Red Alert
Enemies will no longer decrease their Yellow Alert while investigating
Changed Alliance of Player 4 towards the player(s) from Neutral to Enemy
Decreased time until Guards change from Yellow to Red Alert from 4 to 3.2 seconds
Added 4 Marines to Area 1 to discourage players from returning to General Duke
Changed gate code 911 to 800
Added animations for Octavia when using Sticky Goo or Throw Rock
Blinking from a standing position while Run is active will no longer alert Guards
The units around Duke are now invulnerable
Set Octavia‘s Border Normal Color to 150 and Border Subgroup Color to 255
Fixed a fence
Removed boxes from Octavia’s subgroup icon
Renamed line of sight/vision cone to cone vision
The Briefing Unit Select model on Colonist Supplies will now appear on all difficulty levels
Added a new tip which explains Cone Vision
Improved description of Cloaking Field
Screen will now always be faded out at map initialization
Cows will no longer move outside their fences
Revealed some regions in the epilogue area
Moved a Marine and his patrol point in Xerana’s prologue area to the south
Sticky Goo and Void Prison now decrease the sight of a unit to -10
Improved tooltips for Gate Control
Changed position of Read Mind icon
Increased movement speed of Siege Tanks

Chapter 6 - 15
Added german localization
Increased duration of some transmissions during cinematics
Removed extended tooltips for some units, upgrades and abilities
Fixed a bug that allowed Medics to gain experience when the player attacked his own units
Exploding Infested Terrans will no longer damage Eggs
Infested Terrans will no longer kill themselves before exploding
Added a visual effect that will suck units into the vortex
Decreased cost factor of Scientist Heal from 0.5 to 0.3
Will no longer change the tint color of leveling units
Fixed a terrain texture issue
Tremor effect is now run outside the action queue
Increased life of Nydus Worm from 125/150/175/200 to 150/200/250/300
Fixed some pathing issues around some caves entrances and shrines
Fixed collision of Auto-Turret
Added trigger alert „Mission Start“

Chapter 7 – 12
Added german localization
Increased duration of some transmissions during cinematics
Removed extended tooltips for some units, upgrades and abilities
Added a visual effect that will suck units into the vortex
Decreased approximate playtime in map info from 90 to 80 minutes
Removed all Queens
Will no longer show a black screen for 18 seconds after the Mid cinematic
Repairing Battlecruisers now alternates the ownership of Battlecruiser and crew between players
Changed job application text
Added german localization credits (LadyMeow, OutsiderXE)
Zerg players will no longer mutate Lairs into Hives when all Hives have been destroyed
Removed all Starports for the Victory cinematic

11 June 2016

Day of the Dragon updated!

Hey guys, I just updated Day of the Dragon to Version 1.04 with more than 320 gameplay changes/bugfixes.

Some highlights:
- Variable difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard)
- New models for Krasus, Ysera, Nozdormu and Malygos
- QWER hotkey layout
- Numerous changes to abilities

You can find the download link on Hiveworkshop.com (Hiveworkshop actually recently changed it's design, and it loks really good).

Play it and tell me what you think! Have fun!

Full list of changes:
Update 1.04: 329 fixes

Multiple maps - 70
- New models for Ysera, Malygos and Nozdormu
- Nozdormu and Malygos now have air and land forms
- Decreased scale of all Aspects and fixed shadows
- Changed hotkey layout to QWER
- Elemental Mage: Electricity Shield can now be cast on all friendly units
- Elemental Mage: Fixed Blake Wake sound effect
- Elemental Mage: New icon for Blaze Wake by Kallimachos
- Elemental Mage: Blinding Sand can now hit air units
- Spirit Priest: Decreased cooldown of Divine Wrath from 7 to 6 seconds
- Spirit Priest: Decreased cooldown of Bond from 10 to 9 seconds
- Spirit Priest: Redemption Aura no longer removes dead heroes from the game
- Spirit Priest: Replaced Spirit Control with Doom. A unit hit by Doom will take damage over time until it dies. When it dies an Undead Minion will be summoned
- Arcane Master: Spectral Bolt can now hit air units
- Arcane Master: New icon for Spectral Bolt by Hellx-Magnus
- Vereesa: Multishot can now damage buildings
- Vereesa: Multishot can no longer target friendly units
- Vereesa: Increased traveling distance of Multishot from 625 to 675
- Vereesa: Set revive hotkey to R
- Vereesa: Changed attack type of Rain of Arrows from Pierce to Spells
- Falstad: Changed unit name from Mountain King to Wildhammer Dwarf
- Falstad: Khaz'goroth's Hammer can now damage air units
- Falstad: New icon for Khaz'goroth's Hammer by -Berz-
- Falstad: Replaced Power Bash with Concussion Bolt. Units hit take 150/225/300 damage and are slowed by 30/50/70% for 20 seconds
- Falstad: Decreased damage decrease of Fear Aura from 10/20/30% to 10/15/20%
- Falstad: New icon for Fear Aura by Mad
- Falstad: Decrased damage of Khaz'goroth's Ale from 30 to 20
- Falstad: Khaz'goroth's Ale will no longer damage invulnerable or flying units
- Falstad: Units killed by Khaz'goroth's Ale will now grant experience
- Krasus: New model and icon
- Krasus: Increased speed base from 240 to 270
- Krasus: Decreased turn rate from 0.6 to 0.5
- Krasus: Decreased build time from 55 to 40
- Rom: New icon for Flashbang
- Rom: Flashbang can now hit air units
- Rom: Decreased stun duration of Flashbang on normal units from 7 to 3/4/5 seconds
- Rom: Decreased stun duration of Flashbang on hero units from 5 to 3 seconds
- Rom: Increased mana cost of Flashband from 60/70/80 to 80
- Rom: Decreased cooldown of Flashbang from 30/25/20 to 15 seconds
- Rom: Decreased cast range of Flashbang from 500/750/1000 to 700
- Rom: Decreased area of effect of Flashbang from 300 to 250
- Rom: Set revive hotkey to S
- Eldin: Reverted to old model based on Kael
- Kryll: Increased level from 4 to 10
- New icon for Scepter of Elementals by Marcos DAB
- New icon for Dragonscale Armor by CRAZYRUSSIAN
- New icon for Miner
- New model for Miner by IamMclovin
- Improved descriptions for some abilities
- Changed tint color of Demon Soul from 255 to 200
- Decreased fade time when skipping the last cinematic from 2 to 0.5 seconds
- Removed loading screen titles (Prologue, Interlude, Epilogue, Alternate Epilogue) from cinematic maps
- Renamed Red Dragon Whelp Egg to Red Dragon Egg
- All summoned units are now removed at the start of most cinematics
- Can no longer order heroes to move when a cinematic begins
- Decreased gold cost of Scroll of Restoration from 750 to 500
- Decreased gold cost of Scroll of the Beast from 400 to 200
- Decreased gold cost of Ankh of Reincarnation from 800 to 500
- Decreased gold cost of Healing Wards from 600 to 400
- Decreased gold cost of Scroll of Restoration from 750 to 375
- Decreased gold cost of Scroll of Protection from 150 to 100
- Decreased gold cost of Mana Stone and Health Stone from 450 to 350
- Decreased gold cost of Greater Scroll of Replenishment from 500 to 300
- Removed hotkeys for item purchases in the Marketplace
- Renamed Demonic Gate to Magic Gate
- Will no longer fade out at defeat
- Removed some unused imports
- Decreased time between minimap pings from 10 to 5 seconds
- Fixed various typos and improved various descriptions
- Changed some cinematics concerning the new Aspect models
- Added variable difficulty levels

Chapter 1 - 32
- Added exit to Rhonin's test area
- Enemies now stop patrolling when attacked
- Business man will turn to the heroes when the quest is handed in
- Changed Port dialog text from "Humans alive" to "Citizens Alive"
- Slightly moved Dragon Game Camera to the southwest
- Replaced Forest Trolls with Gnolls
- Replaced Forest Troll Huts with Gnoll Huts
- Replaced Tome of Experience with Tome of Knowledge
- Replaced ItemDrop with ItemReceived sound effect
- Fixed wait time for fade when the dragon is killed in the Outro cinematic
- Changed quest text "Free/Kill the farmers..." to "Free/Kill the villagers..."
- Player units entering the Bandit Lord's patrol area can no longer interfere with his AI
- Subtitle override is now turned on
- Changed owner of most Alliance units to Neutral Passive
- Changed owner of neutral Rhonins to Dalaran
- Changed description for Spirit Priest to "Excellent healer and master of death."
- Renamed player Alliance to Traders
- No longer needs to talk to the Business man before entering Port Hasic
- Repositioned some bandits
- Added pathing blockers around some houses
- The first Gnoll now drops a Rod of Necromancy
- Removed some pathing blockers around the Large Fire Pits
- Added a hint that gold does not carry over to the next chapter
- The Business Man will no longer flee from attacks
- Hasic ships and shipyards will be destroyed when trhe Dragon cinematic has finished
- Decreased starting number of Hasic Citizens from 43 to 35
- Decreased number of living citizens required for the "Citizens left!" warning message to appear from 35/20/10/5 to 25/15/10/5
- Improved Red Dragon AI
- Decreased time Rhonin and Vereesa are paused when returning to the Business man
- Removed a Rune of Healing
- Changed music in Meeting cinematic from Pursuit to Comradeship
- The Rescue/Kill villagers hint can now also be triggered by Sea Elementals

Chapter 2 - 27
- Fixed a water sound effect
- Deathwing will no longer take Rhonin before Duncan is dead
- Deathwing will no longer be attacked by a Burrow in the Intro cinematic
- Removed transmission and camera pan for the dwarves when entering the Side Flame Area
- Added a transmission when rescuing the dwarves
- Removed some Magical Runes and moved them further up
- Removed 3 Riflemen
- Removed 2 Goblin Land Mines
- Improved description for Ivory Tower
- Decreased number of charges for Ivory Tower from 3 to 2
- Repositioned a tree and fixed some issuses with the Grass texture
- The first Gate cinematic will now also play when a unit goes too far to the west
- Renamed timer window title from "Time left" to "Time Remaining"
- The Spiders will no longer remain invulnerable after the GoblinLab cinematic
- Replaced Claws of Attack +6 with Gloves of Haste
- Replaced a Ring of Protection +4 with a Ring of Protection +3
- Can no longer buy zeppelins from Goblin Laboratories
- Neutral Hostile units now give gold when killed
- Rebalanced spawn times for the ogres at the Books
- Repositioned some ogres and Riflemen
- Removed a Rune of Restoration
- Replaced a Rune of Mana with a Rune of Restoration
- Added a third Marketplace
- Ownership of Falstad is no logner handed over to Player 3 when the Book countdown starts, instead he is paused
- Removed all Raiders
- The last Marketplace will no longer become vunerable after the Gate cinematics
- Switched positions of a Rune of Restoration and a Manual of Health

Chapter 3 - 25
- Kryll now belongs to player 12 and will no longer run away when not supposed to
- Removed some wait time between meeting the Steam Tank groups and rescuing them
- Blocked a path at the first ship route, leading behind the waterfall
- Replaced the last shipyard with multiple Grunts
- The orc buildings will no longer train units
- Removed some orc buildings
- Changed ownership of all Pig Farms and a War Mill to Neutral Passive
- Removed a Switch and an Elevator
- Repositioned the last Marketplace
- Replaced a Wand of the Wind with a Periapt of Vitality
- Replaced invisible pathing blockers with a Gate and some doodads
- Some Stone Walls are now invulerable
- Replaced a Mantle of Intelligence +3 with Gold Coins +50
- The switches can now be activated by any unit owned by the player
- Removed/changed some lines at the last Blademaster
- The last Blademaster will become hostile when any unit owned by the player gets close
- Changed life of Orc Transport Ships to 100%/75%/50%
- Decreased target acquisition range of an Orc Warlock from 600 to 200
- Removed Reincarnation from Enraged Jungle Stalkers
- Renamed Gargantuan Sea Turtle to Mutant Turtle
- Changed Talismans of Mutation leaderboard from "Picked up" to "Gathered"
- Removed a rescuable Rifleman
- Fixes some terrain bugs
- The children of the wild will only become vunerable if the Frostwolf Shaman is attacked
- The last Blademaser is colored red upon map initialization

Interlude - 2
- New model for Terenas by Tranquil
- New model for Trollbane by CloudWolf

Chapter 4 - 33
- Added Haste ability which allows Rhonin to run 200% faster
- Is now accessible by completing Chapter 3 as well as the Interlude
- Modified numerous hints and transmissions to accomodate variable difficulty levels
- Replaced some Foot Switches with Levers that need to be attacked with Boulders
- Removed the Net
- Rhonin no longer needs to attack Frogs to make them move on Foot Switches, instead he attacks the Levers directly
- Removed all but one Rock Chunk in the prison
- The Boulder item can now perish if it runs out of charges
- Bouders can no longer be sold to Merchants
- Increased damage of Hurl Boulder from 2 to 6
- Decreased charges of Boulder from 6 to 2
- Added a failsafe that will kill the Foot Switches if the player runs out of Boulders
- Changed model type of a tree
- Changed music in Kryll cinematic from Pursuit to Dark Agents
- Changed leaderboard value "Books found" to "Found" and "Books placed" to "Placed in Bookshelf"
- Can now activate the RGB runes before listening to Kryll
- The fish hint will no only appear once
- Can no longer complete the Innkeeper's task before talking to him
- Will no longer get the Gem of true Hiding from the Missing Troll
- Removed some Barricades
- Replaced some Trees with indestructible Rocks
- Removed the Troll Vendor
- Repositioned some Crates
- All triggers and texts that belonged to the Troll Vendor now belong to the Voodoo Lounge
- The Ogre will now become invulnerable when he attacks the Voodoo Lounge
- The Ogre will move away from the Voodoo Lounge after destroying it
- Removed the inventory of all Goblin Bouncers
- Decreased time between gypsy riddle and first hint from 15 to 10 seconds
- Wll no longer show the "riddle failed" message if the correct answer was given right before the time is up
- A flower will be removed as soon as Rhonin gets a husband
- Fixed the height of two Rock Archways
- Changed names of Goblins Husbands to Goblin Boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband
- Will no longer display the optional quests as failed when ending the chapter before completing them

Chapter 5 - 67
- Changed Loading Screen Titles and Subtitles
- Additional sound regions
- Changed icon of Contact quest to the new Krasus icon
- Dalaran: Placed a visibility modifier around the Dalaran Violet Citadel
- Dalaran: The Orb of Soultheft no longer requires Mana to cast
- Northrend: Added pathing blockers at the Dragonscale Armor
- Northrend: Removed burrowing AI for some Arachnathids
- Northrend: Removed four Tuskarr Cages
- Northrend: Repositioned a Tusskar Cage
- Northrend: Removed the empty Cage
- Northrend: The Tuskarr hint will appear at the fist rescued Tuskarr
- Northrend: The area around the damaging runes will be revealed when a player ground unit gets near
- Northrend: Increased size of ramps at the flooded area
- Northrend: Turned Give Bounty on for Player 10 (Malygos' Servants) units
- Northrend: Repositioned some hostile units and Tuskarr
- Northrend: Decreased target acquisition range of some hostile units from 500 to 200
- Northrend: Removed Burrow from Arachnathids
- Northrend: Increased life of Tuskarr Fighters from 250 to 350
- Northrend: Fixed a bug that allowed the creation of infinite Unbroken Darkhunters
- Northrend: Decreased the number of created Unbroken Darkhunters in the final area
- Northrend: Increased size of kill area when the two Support Columns have been destroyed
- Northrend: Kill area will no longer kill player units
- Northrend: Removed some Spiders and Crates
- Northrend: Increased time between creation of Unbroken Darkhutners from 6 to 9 seconds
- Northrend: Replaced the Tuskarr Chieftain in the Cage with a Tuskarr Trapper
- Northrend: Replaced the Tuskarr Trapper outside with a Tuskarr Chieftain
- Northrend: Switches positions of some Tuskarr and Trolls
- Northrend: The Tuskarr Chieftain will now talk
- Northrend: Units other than Krasus will be moved to a different region when entering Malygo's Lair
- Northrend: The Keys Leaderboard will be destroyed when opening the Gate
- Northrend: Player 2 (Krasus) is now neutral towards Player 5 (Malygos)
- Northrend: Created an Exclamation Mark for the Tuskarr Chieftain
- Caverns of Time: Updated map design
- Caverns of Time: Removed Medivh
- Caverns of Time: New model for Thrall
- Caverns of Time: Changed camera movement and removed Thralls dialogue from the intro cinematic
- Caverns of Time: Replaced all switches with their dead counterparts
- Caverns of Time: Removed a Gnoll Poacher
- Caverns of Time: Added a Scroll of Healing and a Scroll of Protection
- Caverns of Time: Increased Dog speed and sight radius
- Caverns of Time: The trees chopped by the Peasants will now be healed periodically
- Caverns of Time: Music now properly plays after the Intro cinematic
- Caverns of Time: Fixed a bug that didn't show Nozdormu in the Victory cinematic
- Emerald Dream: Added a Tree of Life to the Night Elf base
- Emerald Dream: Replaced the Tiny Tree of Life with a Scroll of Resurrection
- Emerald Dream: Decreased Repair Time of Ghost from 55 to 40 seconds
- Emerald Dream: Changed leaderboard value from "left" to "Captured"
- Emerald Dream: Added 3 more Crypts
- Emerald Dream: Increased Build Time for Ghoul from 15 to 18 seconds
- Emerald Dream: Increased Build Time for Vile Tormentor from 15 to 24 seconds
- Emerald Dream: Increased Build Time for Gargolye from 15 to 24 seconds
- Emerald Dream: Removed the Dreadlord and the Altar of Darkness
- Emerald Dream: Repositioned a Ziggurat and the Boneyard
- Emerald Dream: The AI will no longer send or rebuild Infernal Contraptions or Dreadlords
- Emerald Dream: The first attack from Player 3 will now commence 185 seconds after the attack from Player 8
- Emerald Dream: Fixed a bug preventing the AI from sending attack waves
- Emerald Dream: Inreased starting lumber of Player 2 from 185 to 200
- Emerald Dream: Changed Revive Tooltip of Ghost to Keeper of the Grove
- Emerald Dream: Increased time between AI attack from 120 to 125 seconds
- Emerald Dream: Removed all starting Ghouls, Frost Wyrms, Gargoyles and Vile Tormentors
- Emerald Dream: Fixed a bug that prevented Krasus from getting experience when starting at level 5
- Emerald Dream: Decreased target acquisition range of a Bloodfiend from 500 to 200
- Emerald Dream: Added some rocks
- Emerald Dream: New music during the MeetBase cinematic
- Emerald Dream: Replaced Silence of Vile Tormentors with Curse
- Emerald Dream: Ysera is now removed after the Victory cinematic
- Emerald Dream: Vile Tormentors can now attack air units

Chapter 6 - 17
- Deathwing is now properly removed after the Intro cinematic
- Some units are removed and not killed when a cinematic is skipped
- Added transmission about missing items
- The Ogre in the GnollsVsOgres cinematic is no longer blue
- GnollsVsOgres cinematic will no longer trigger when the Outro cinematic is playing
- Fixed timing when the Ogre and the Gnoll die in the GnollsVsOgres cinematic
- Removed Falstad's last transmission in the GnollsVsOgres cinematic
- Moved game camera after the GnollsVsOgres cinematic to the west
- Added transmission to rescue all bases before attacking the orcs
- Changed Dragon Blood leaderboard value from "Picked up" to "Gathered"
- Player 2 and Player 4 are neutral to one another during the GnollsVsOgres cinematic
- Can no longer win the map until all bases have been rescued
- Changed owner of a Watch Tower and two Grunts from Player 4 to Player 1
- Increased Food Cost of Ogre Warrior from 0 to 2
- Increased Food Cost of Ogre Magi and Ogre Mauler from 0 to 3
- Decreased Food Cost of Ogre Lord from 6 to 4
- Added a second Marketplace

Chapter 7 - 19
- Renamed from "The Belly of the Beast" to "Belly of the Beast"
- Removed 6 Fighters and 1 Rifleman
- Moved 2 Riflemen to different cells
- Removed a Foot Switch for the first Elevator
- Replaced Beast Cages and rescuable animals with Crates and a Manual of Health
- Added pathing blockers to some Dwarven Archways
- Changed owner of an Orc Burrow from Player 1 (Dragonmaw Clan) to Neutral Passive
- Deathwing's Scale will not appear until Kryll talks about it in the Alexstrasza cinematic
- All items left behind at the Golem are now moved up the Elevator when exiting the area
- Removed some destructible crates and blocked off a path at the Bossfight area
- Kryll will no longer try to attack Falstad or Vereesa before the bossfight
- Repositioned two Grunts
- The dialogue about killing dwarves can now play with any rescuable group of dwarves
- Removed a Dragonmaw Warlock
- Replaced Healing Salve with Tome of Strength +2
- Replaced Scroll of Mana with Tome of Agility +2
- Increased size of ramp at lava bridge
- Removed all empty cages
- Scroll of Hydra and Scroll of Dagon are now invulnerable

Chapter 8 - 29
- New icon for the Demon Soul
- Changed text "Summon/Revive Arcane Master" to "Summon/Revive Rhonin"
- The Tiny Town Hall, Tiny Barracks and Tiny Lumber Mill items are now invulnerable
- The game can now be lost if Krasus dies before building a base
- Can no longer rescue Alexstrasza by selecting her
- Improved terrain on mountain area
- Added numerous enemies to the mountain area
- Removed Wind Walk from Blademaster
- Changes some text and sound effect for the alternate ending hint
- Created a Leaderboard that shows which Dragon Aspect is usable in the boss fight
- Nozdormu: Changed defense type from Unarmored to Large
- Nozdormu: Inceased chance to evade of Evasion from 75% to 100%
- Alexstrasza can now regenerate life and mana before the boss fight
- Ysera will no longer attempt to fly too early in the Alexstrasza cinematic
- All units of the Dragonmaw Reinforcements are now removed before the boss fight
- Added a hint that explains how to attack Deathwing normally
- Deathwing will now always start with 100% life
- The enemies will now attack with stronger forces after Alexstrasza has been rescued
- First Caravan timer can no longer appear twice
- Removed an Orc Catapult and a Dragonmaw Master
- Decreased number of Dragonmaw Masters and Red Drakes sent by the AI
- Fixed a bug that had Deathwing do the same spell/attack over and over
- Decreased chance of Deathwing doing a normal attack from 42%/57% to 25%
- Alexstrasza's Party Heal effect will now be properly removed
- Fixed height of some floating texts
- Instead of Orc Warlocks the Red Dragons must be killed before the Alexstrasza cinematic  can start
- Changed life text for Deathwing in Alexstrasza cinematic from "+5400!" to "+5000!"
- Removed Call to Arms
- Increased rescue region for Wagons in The Final Choice quest

Epilogues - 8
- Replaced "Additional Art" with "Icons"
- Replaced "Additional Art and Music" with "Loading Screens and Music"
- Renamed "Testing and Advice" to "Testing"
- Added inhuman89, Kallimachos, Sephiroth_VIII, Mad, Marcos DAB, -Berz- and Mad to Icons credits
- Added IamMclovin, CloudWolf, Goliath the God, OinkerWinkle, Tenebrae, Tranquil and Sunchips to Models and Skins credits
- Removed unknown credits
- All Dragon Aspects are now in Land Form
- The ship will no longer be attacked in the good ending