Settlers 7: Paths to a udom

Buid up strategy game.

Shadow of the Xel'Naga

Custom campaign for StarCraft II. Playable alone or with a friend.

The Last Guardian

Custom point & click adventure campaign for WarCraft III.

Day of the Dragon

Custom campaign for WarCraft III.

Lord of the Clans

Custom campaign for WarCraft III.

Unity Engine Projects

Unity Engine projects for university.

Day of the Dragon 1.05

I just updated Day of the Dragon to version 1.05. There were a few issues with the 1.04 update, but I hope everything's in order now. Visit to download the update. See below for the list of changes.

Update 1.05:
11 fixes - General: Unlocked all maps (except Epilogues) in the Loading Screen
- Arcane Master: Fixed a bug that prevented Spectral Bolt from damaging land units
- Vereesa: Fixed tooltip of Searing Arrows
- Falstad: Fear Aura no longer affects neutral units
- Prologue: Removed placeholder graphic
- Chapter 5 (Nozdormu): Objectives in Multiboard will now be colored green when completed
- Chapter 5 (Nozdormu): The Multiboard wil be destroyed 2 seconds later than before
- Chapter 8: The Demon Soul can no longer be dropped
- Chapter 8: Changed objective requirement "Use the Demon Soul to free Alexstrasza" to "Kill all orcs guarding Alexstrasza"
- Chapter 8: Krasus no longer needs to be close to Alexstrasza or carry the Demon Soul to trigger the Alexstrasza cinematic
- Chapter 8: The Demon Soul will be given to Rhonin as soon as the Alexstrasza cinematic starts


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