08 October 2016

Day of the Dragon 1.05

I just updated Day of the Dragon to version 1.05. There were a few issues with the 1.04 update, but I hope everything's in order now. Visit Hiveworkshop.com to download the update. See below for the list of changes.

Update 1.05:
11 fixes - General: Unlocked all maps (except Epilogues) in the Loading Screen
- Arcane Master: Fixed a bug that prevented Spectral Bolt from damaging land units
- Vereesa: Fixed tooltip of Searing Arrows
- Falstad: Fear Aura no longer affects neutral units
- Prologue: Removed placeholder graphic
- Chapter 5 (Nozdormu): Objectives in Multiboard will now be colored green when completed
- Chapter 5 (Nozdormu): The Multiboard wil be destroyed 2 seconds later than before
- Chapter 8: The Demon Soul can no longer be dropped
- Chapter 8: Changed objective requirement "Use the Demon Soul to free Alexstrasza" to "Kill all orcs guarding Alexstrasza"
- Chapter 8: Krasus no longer needs to be close to Alexstrasza or carry the Demon Soul to trigger the Alexstrasza cinematic
- Chapter 8: The Demon Soul will be given to Rhonin as soon as the Alexstrasza cinematic starts