25 December 2017

Lord of the Clans 1.06 with new Chapter released!

First of all, Merry Christmas and (in case I don't post again until then) a Happy New Year!

No, this is not a copy-paste of last year. For the past months I was working on a new Chapter for my Warcraft 3 campaign Lord of the Clans. You get to play Thrall's past as a Gladiator and experience some of his memories of his youth.

This update also includes a massive number of bugfixes and additions to gameplay. They include:
- 3 new passive abilities Thrall will learn at Chapters 6-8
- New ultimate ability that will increase Thrall's life and damage for a short time
- Stats-bug fixed
- New models for Blackmoore, Langston and Tammis
- Better items
- Adjusted time for transmissions during cinematics
- Over 350 bugfixes and improvements to balance, gameplay and cinematics

The update can be downloaded from Hiveworkshop.com.

See below for a full list of changes:

Update 1.06: 360 fixes

New map - 3
- New chapter 2: "Gladiator"
- Play as Thrall during his time as a gladiator
- Relive Thrall's memories of his youth

Multiple maps - 56
- Heroes will now retain attribute bonuses and abilities when changing unit type
- Difficulty selection is now done with dialogs
- Changed player color of Frostwolf clan from red to light blue
- Changed weapon sound for Blackmoore from Bash to Slice
- Removed wait time for some cinematics
- Improved unit and camera movements for some cinematics
- Added some wait time before a cinematic can be skipped
- Changed duration of some transmissions
- Generated terrain shadows
- Improved terraining in some areas
- Removed blight in some areas
- Removed boundary in some areas
- Replaced Baby Thralls with Baby Orcs
- Fixed water sound regions
- Decreased stats bonuses given by Tomes
- "Thrall must survive" is now displayed for main quests
- Changed model of Tattered Cloth to Treasure Chest
- Increased hit points of all Ogres by around 20%
- New loading screen text
- Renamed Lord Karramyn Langston to Langston
- New icon for War Stomp by Blizzard Entertainment
- Renamed War Stomp to Earthshatter
- New railroad models by xXm0rpH3usXx
- New model for Blackmoore by Sxar
- New model for Draka by PROXY
- New sound set for Draka
- New sounds for Thrall
- New icon for Draka by Alex Horley
- New icon for Doomhammer by Svetli
- New model for Langston by Direfury
- New model for Elite Raider by Mister_Haudrauf
- New model for Elite Shaman by Cavman
- New model for Elite Grunt by Tauer
- Fixed scorescreen icons
- Removed pupils in Thrall's portrait model
- Changed attack sound Elite Raider to Metal Medium Chop
- Changed sound set of Elite Shaman to Demoness
- Renamed Elite Raider to Veteran Raider
- Renamed Elite Shaman to Veteran Shaman
- Renamed Elite Grunt to Veteran Grunt
- Increased initial amount of mana for Veteran Shamans to 100%
- Changed hotkey of Spearthrower to P
- Removed unused imports
- Decreased scaling factor of Rage from 10/25/40% to 10/15/20%
- Decreased damage bonus of Sturdy War Axe from 5 to 3
- Added more information to the Sturdy War Axe
- ItemReceived sound effect is now played more often
- Food item now restores hit points and mana over time
- Food item can now be used on allied units
- Shadow Meld is now properly disabled for cinematics
- Level up graphics are no longer visible when heroes are created
- Thrall: New ultimate ability Indestructible which increases damage and life regeneration
- Thrall: New passive abilities (traits)
- Trait: Warsong Fury: Increased movement speed and attack rate by 10% for every 10% life missing
- Trait: Frostwolf Resilience: Heals 5% life every third time an ability is used
- Trait: Blackrock Might: Spells cast restore up to 50% of their mana cost, based on maximum missing

Chapter 1 - 22
- Changed player color of Blackrock clan from purple to red
- Upkeep message is no longer displayed when the Intro cinematic is skipped
- Removed difficuly hint
- Improved AI of Doomhammer's Guard
- Quest requirement "Defend..." is now properly marked as completed
- Added transmissions when the allied orcs are attacking
- Decreased number of enemies spawning at the sheltered areas
- Decreased experience gain from Tomes of Greater Experience from 500 to 400
- Decreased walk animation speed for Durotan
- Changed name of unit-type for Draka from Warrior Mate to Warrior
- Added transmission by Doomhammer's Guard when the assassins attack
- Removed a group of trolls
- Moved last helpful orc further to the north
- Changed player color of Tammis Foxton from Blue to Brown
- Renamed Grunt to Doomhammer's Guard in the Outro cinematic
- Removed all Horse sound effects in the Outro cinematic
- Added DuskWolf sound effect in the Outro cinematic
- Moved some corpses a bit closer to the center in the Outro cinematic
- Now hides the dummy Slippers of Agility when loading the map
- Changed quest requirement to "Defend sheltered areas"
- The last Spearthrower is now removed for the Outro cinematic
- Confuse is now disabled for the Outro cinematic

Chapter 3 - 15
- Added more information to the loading screen
- Thrall can now be restored from game cache
- Thrall now starts at level 2 if not restored from game cache
- Experience gain for Thrall now stops at level 3
- Modified Intro cinematic
- New optional quest "Letters for a Friend"
- Swapped positions of a Tome of Intelligence with a Tome of Lesser Experience
- Replaced all Tomes of Lesser Experience with Thrall's Letters
- The Cloak hint can no longer be displayed multiple times
- Changed image of quest "The Escape" to High Elf Female
- The StormBolt hint will now only appear if Thrall is attacked
- NPCs will now start patrolling before at map start
- A villager will now move away from Thrall before finishing her transmission
- Removed "here" from a transmission in the Outro cinematic
- Replaced Sturdy War Axe with Shimmerglaze Roast

Chapter 4 - 34
- Increased experience gain for Thrall at level 2 from 50% to 100%
- Decreased experience gain for Thrall at level 3 from 33% to 25%
- Thrall now starts at level 3 if not restored from game cache
- The Goblin cinematic will no longer play if a player skips directly to the Outro cinematic
- Removed The Prophet from map
- Removed a Tome of Strength
- Moved troll base to the west
- Changed quest description of "Second Escape"
- Added quest requirement "Talk to the orcs" to quest "Second Escape"
- Renamed quest "Second Escape" to "Brother, Where To?"
- Changed quest requirement from "Find your belongings" to "Get Thrall's belongings"
- Replaced Thrall's temporarily dropped items with a single item
- Removed hints about talking to orcs
- Added transmission about not leaving without items
- Moved pathing blockers to the west
- Added dialogues between imprisoned orcs and distracted guards
- The Mocking cinematic can no longer be skipped while its stopping
- Replaced a Tome of Knowledge with a Tome of Agility
- Set Thrall's life to 100% for the Goblins cinematic
- Added minimap pings
- The Goblin Shipyard can no longer sell ships
- Humans and trolls in the north will no longer be invulnerable
- The Blind children are now recreated for the BlindRescue cinematic
- Replaced Potion of Strength with Sturdy War Axe
- Replaced Tome of Agility with Food
- Fixed music no longer playing after cinematics
- Changed music of some cinematics
- Thrall's buffs are now removed for the Blind cinematics
- Added more quest requirements to The Blind Family quest
- Can no longer kill the Blind Woman
- Fixed Thrall's movement speed after entering the camp
- Fixed acquisition range of trolls
- Blackmoore will no longer move away in the Outro cinematic
- Added more sound effects in the Outro cinematic

Chapter 5 - 9
- Added more information to the loading screen
- Changed vilage hints from "...another..." to "...different..."
- Quest requirement "Kill the Bandit Leader" is now properly marked as completed
- Replaced a Tome of Intelligence+2 with a Tome of Agility
- Added aditional Rock Chunks
- Moved Magical Rune behind Rock Chunks
- Moved a Knight slightly to the north
- Removed Sleep effect from Thrall in Outro cinematic
- Tom and Jerry will stop fighting in the Outro cinematic

Interlude - 1
- The Tattered Cloth is now removed before the last scene

Chapter 6 - 47
- Will no longer hear a death sound at map start
- New music for the Drek'Thar cinematic
- Added more variation to music in cinematics
- Frostwolves and Ogres will no longer attack each other at map start
- Thrall will no longer move if the Intro cinematic is skipped
- Moved starting position of Thrall to the north
- Moved position of Thrall after the Grom cinematic
- Moved position of Thrall after the Taretha cinematic
- Increased level of Hellscream from 2 to 5
- Replaced Tome of Knowledge with a Manual of Health
- Thrall can no longer gain experience after gaining level 6
- Replaced Wands of Far Sight with Runes of the Watcher
- Removed Rejuvenation from Wendigo Shaman
- Replaced Mud Golems with Young Wendigos
- Replaced Mountain Giant with Wendigo Shaman on Normal and Easy difficulties
- Replaced Mountain Giant with Ancient Wendigo on Hard difficulty
- Removed duplicate Frostwolf camp
- Lord of the Alliance is now marked as unsellable
- Pigs quest can no longer fail if already won
- Added small delay before teleporting ensnared pigs
- Replaced Tomes of Knowledge with Tomes of Intelligence/Agility/Strength
- Replaced Tomes with Runes of Lesser Speed at Pigs quest
- Captured pigs will now longer be ensnared after being moved
- Thrall will no longer take damage directly after being resurrected at the Book area
- Items left behind for the Book quest are now moved to Thrall when returning to the orc
- The Lord of the Alliance item is no longer marked as usable
- Added a Rune of Restoration at the Book area
- Replaced Belt of Giant Strength with Frostguard
- Replaced Healing Salve with Gauntlets of Ogre Strength
- Replaced Tome of Intelligence+2 with Food
- Replaced Potion of Lesser Invulnerability with Mantle of Intelligence
- Added Slippers of Agility
- Will no longer see the Pacman area when dying somewhere else
- Decreased time between minimap pings for some quests from 10 to 5 seconds
- Decreased level of Frostwolf Cubs from 2 to 1
- Decreased time until rescued Frostwolf Cubs are removed from 20 to 5 seconds
- Changes to description of The Ogres quest
- Renamed Ogre Maulers to ogre Pinkys for the Pacman quest
- Replenished Thrall's life and mana after the Pacman quest
- Removed all buffs from Thrall in the Drek'Thar cinematic
- Raiders are now at th Rock Chunks before the RaidersMeet cinematic starts
- The Raider will no longer attack Thrall or Uthul in the Outro cinematic
- Removed all buffs from Thrall in the Outro cinematic
- Added Thrall must survive as a defeat condition to The Frostwolves quest
- Thrall's mana and life are now restored when dying at the Book quest
- Summoned units are now removed for the CubsWin cinematic
- Thrall will now always do Earthshatter in the Outro cinematic

Chapter 7 - 79
- Decreased map size from 192x160 to 128x160
- New music for the Intro cinematic
- Snowsong and Thrall will now look at each other in the Intro cinematic
- Increased experience gain at level 5 from 75% to 100%
- Changed hotkey for quest abilities (e.g. Blink) from D to F
- "Thrall must survive" is now a proper defeat condition
- Fixed description for all Spirit quests
- Will no longer hide areas with visibility modifiers
- Fire: Changed quest requirement to "Prevent the Great Hall from being destroyed"
- Fire: Moved position of a Spearthrower corpse
- Fire: Removed Envenomed Weapons and Shadow Meld from Spearthrowers
- Fire: Added a leaderboard that shows the life of the Great Hall
- Fire: Added a Tome of Intelligence
- Fire: Added hint about Immolation
- Fire: Replaced Fire Beetles with Lava Spawns
- Fire: Fixed Spearthrower animations
- Fire: Removed a Scroll of Mana
- Fire: Traps can no longer be heard during the Intro cinematic
- Fire: Removed a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Earth: New model for Spirit of Earth by -Grendel
- Earth: Changed some dialogue
- Earth: Decreased scale of some archways
- Earth: Moved the Circle of Power to the west
- Earth: Moved some Kobolds
- Earth: Changed quest requirements
- Earth: Removed hints about killing enemies and going to the Circle of Power
- Earth: Will no longer create more enemies when going to the Circle of Power
- Earth: Removed Circle of Power
- Earth: Moved starting position of Thrall to the east
- Earth: Added permanent visibility of the Iron Gate
- Earth: Added a Tome of Strength
- Earth: Added hint about Blink
- Earth: Earth Keys can now be picked up with a full inventory
- Earth: QuestCompleted sound will no longer play twice
- Earth: Added 3 Kobolds
- Earth: Increased damage and hit points of all Kobolds
- Earth: Changed quest icon
- Earth: Can no longer destroy the Earth Keys
- Air: Decreased speed of Hippogryphs from 400 to 150/200/250
- Air: Removed special effects on Thrall in the Air cinematic
- Air: Thrall will no longer turn into a Tornado
- Air: Thrall will keep his abilities
- Air: Replaced Hippogryphs with invisible Tornados
- Air: Added Far Sight to Thrall
- Air: Added hint about Far Sgiht and invisible Tornados
- Air: Removed time limit quest requirement
- Water: The tree logs will now move before the quest has started
- Water: Renamed Log to Tree Log
- Water: Removed 12 Tree Logs
- Water: Tree Logs now move along the x-axis of the entire area
- Water: Increased speed of tree logs from 100 to 500
- Water: Position of tree logs will no longer be reset if Thrall dies
- Water: Slightly decreased damage area of tree logs
- Water: Fixed triggering of damage of tree logs
- Water: Added a Tome of Agility
- Water: Added hint about Chain Lightning
- Water: Decreased number of Wands of Lightning Shield
- Water: Decreased number of Runes of Lesser Healing
- Water: Can no longer select the Tree Logs
- Wilds: Will no longer create Tomes of Knowledge
- Wilds: The stag now moves automatically
- Wilds: Removed the hint about hitting the stag
- Wilds: Changed quest requirement from "Use Feral Spirits..." to "Escort the Stag"
- Wilds: Added 2 Boulder Towers
- Wilds: Added 3 Ogre Magi
- Wilds: Replaced of Runes of Restoration with Runes of Healing and Runes of Mana
- Wilds: Decreased acquisition rangeo g all Ogres to 150
- Wilds: Thrall is now invulnerable when the quest is won
- Doomhammer: Will no longer fade out for the Doomhammer cinematic
- Doomhammer: Changed quest requirement to "Defeat the stranger"
- Doomhammer: The quest requirement will no longer be marked as completed
- Doomhammer: Fixed bug preventing restart
- Doomhammer: Will no longer create more spectators at restart
- Doomhammer: Will no longer create more items at restart
- Doomhammer: Life and mana are now at 100% at (re)start
- Doomhammer: Items picked up will no longer affect the Frostwolves
- Doomhammer: Drek'Thar wil no longer create Healing Wards
- Doomhammer: Added 2 Claws of Attack+15 for Doomhammer on Hard difficulty
- Doomhammer: Added Ring of Protection+5 for Doomhammer on Hard difficulty

Chapter 8 - 27
- Renamed player 1 to The Horde
- Renamed player 4 to Warsong Clan
- Now waits 2 seconds before the first transmission in the Intro cinematic
- The Barracks is now healed after the Intro cinematic
- Renamed quest "The Orcs' Rescue" to "The Green Storm"
- Orcs can now be rescued by casting abilities
- Changed quest descriptions for "Taretha" and "Durnholde"
- Changed owner of Drek'Thar to player 10 (Frostwolf Clan)
- Removed Barracks leaderboard
- Added more info to quest requirement "Destroy the Barracks"
- Removed a Potion of Healing
- The Elite quest will now be marked as discovered properly
- Added alternative way to discover the Elite quest
- Added multiple items as reward for completing the Elite quest
- Decreased level of Langston from 6/10/10 to 5/8/8
- New abilities for Langston
- Langston will no longer play his death animation twice
- Removed hallucinations in the Outro cinematic
- Thrall will no longer be blocked in the Outro cinematic
- Drek'Thar will no longer cast Healing Ward in the Outro cinematic
- Decreased volume of some sound effects to 80% in the Outro cinematic
- Added some variation to the victory animations in the Outro cinematic
- Renamed quest "The Elite" to "Old but Gold"
- Changed quest requirement "Free the Elite Orcs" to "Free the Veteran orcs"
- Added some Riflemen and a Mortar Team to Thrall's Escape route
- No longer able to control Grunts after the Langston cinematic
- Reset ability cooldowns for Thrall and Hellscream after the Langston cinematic

Chapter 9 - 20
- Changed color of player 10 (Expedition) to Dark Green
- Changed owner of Blackmoore to player 12
- Changed name of player 12 to "Lord of Durnholde"
- Renamed east Keep to Blackmoore's Keep
- Changed color of south Town Hall to player 9 for the Taretha cinematic
- Drek'Thar will no longer drop the Staff of Teleportation
- Moved positions of Blackmoore and Langston to the south in the Intro cinematic
- Removed a Rune of Lesser Healing
- Removed a Scroll of Healing
- Gates are now invulnerable
- Added Langston to the enemy attack wave
- Added an Altar of Storms for Durnholde
- Moved the Blacksmith to the west
- Replaced Pig Farms with Farms
- Renamed optional quest "Elite Orcs" to "Getting Gladiators"
- Changed quest requirement and description for "Getting Gladiators"
- Cages are now destroyed automatically in the "Getting Gladiators" quest
- Added Runes Bracers, Periapt of Vitality and Talisman of Evasion
- Removed The Prophet from the map
- Thrall is now hidden when he enters Durnholde Keep

Chapter 10 - 38
- Removed hint about using classic warrior skills
- Moved a foot switch to be unreachable by Thrall
- Increased damage base of Spiders from 9 to 12
- Decreased number of Runes dropped in the Spider area on Normal and Hard difficulties
- Renamed Power Generator to Way Gate Control
- Thrall will no longer be moved at the Rock Chunks/Support Column
- A gate will now close when approaching the Dark Wizard
- Removed the hint about Sky-Fury Towers
- Changed color of Water runes to light blue
- Changed color of Glaives runes to green
- Blood Mage will now turn vulnerable when a sheep gets close
- Water Way Gate is no longer active until the Way Gate Control is destroyed
- Added tranmission about a deactivated Way Gate
- Removed most Tomes of Experience
- Replaced two Tomes of Experience with Tomes of Greater Experience
- Replaced Tome of Agility with Tome of Strength
- Removed Tome of Strength
- Removed Potion of Healing
- Replaced Healing Salve with Rune of Mana
- Removed Rune of Greater Healing
- Replaced all Earth-Fury Tower items with Runes of Water Elemental
- Will no longer create multiple vision modifiers at the Sheep area
- Replaced Scroll of Protection with Rune of Restoration
- Added 4 Brigands at the Bandits area
- Moved first Sentry Wards item to the south
- First Sentry Wards item is now invulnerable
- Removed almost all Sentry Wards
- Items dropped for the Sentry Wards are now moved to the end of the Bandits area
- Sentry Wards item now has an infinite number of charges
- Removed life bars from Fires
- Increased cooldown of Sentry Wards from 0 to 10 seconds
- Increased mana cost of Sentry Wards from 0 to 25 mana
- Thrall will no longer lose his items for the end fight
- Reset ability cooldowns after the Endfight cinematic
- Thrall can no longer be damaged by fire after beating Blackmoore
- Increased spell damage blocked by Blackmoore from 33% to 50%
- Increased all attributes of Blackmoore by 2 on Normal difficulty
- Increased all attributes of Blackmoore by 5 on Hard difficulty

Epilogue - 9
- Will no longer destroy trees when razing Durnholde
- Moved all fire effects to manmande structures
- Hellscream will now move slightly when picking up the item
- Changed player color of some orcs to light blue
- Added some variation to the victory animations
- Restructured types of credits
- Updated all credits
- Added time to some cinematic fade outs
- Increased far clipping of some cameras

14 September 2017

10 years old!

Two days ago this blog site became ten years old! I totally forgot about it so I didn't think of anything special to write.

Here are some highlights from each year:

In 2007 this site was a bit more varied. It had more general gaming news and some short stories I wrote myself, just to practise a bit of english. I wrote the story My Superpowers while attending an school for english language learners.

2008 was a relatively quiet year. I was away for 5 months to do military service. Yes, 5 months, not 6 as the blog post said, because I had broken my leg.

In 2009 I had the lowest amount of blog posts up to this day, but there were some very cool highlights. My WarCraft 3 campaigns Day of the Dragon and Lord of the Clans were featured on the DVD of the german magazine PC Games. Also, I released my third WarCraft 3 campaign The Last Guardian.

In contrast to 2009, the year 2010 had the most amount of blog posts up to this day, largely in thanks to the release of StarCraft II. I also visited Gamescom for the first time. 2010 also saw the release of the first updates for each of my WarCraft 3 campaigns and the announcement of my StarCraft II campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga.

2011 featured some major changes to the design of this blog, another update for Lord of the Clans, and the start of a series called Games I Played where I rank each game I played for the first time every year.

The year 2012 was centered a lot around Diablo III. I also marked the start of YouTube videos and walkthroughs based on my campaigns. Up to this day they are some of the most popular custom campaigns with the most videos on YouTube.

2013 was the year in which I paused writing about random things, and started focusing mostly on my projects and the blog site. My WarCraft 3 campaigns got some cool updates and you can see that the lists of changes got bigger and bigger with each update: LotC 1.03, DotD 1.02, TLG 1.02. It also marks the year for the most recent change in the design of this blog site and the addition of my portfolio website.

2014 focused almost exclusively on my upcoming StarCraft campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga. I got to answer a very interesting question: Will Shadow of the Xel'Naga be better than Lord of the Clans?

By 2015 my WarCraft 3 campaigns had established a reputation, and I felt that I had grown a lot as a level designer, but that growth in me wasn't reflected very well in my campaigns, so I accepted the challenge to improve all of them in drastic ways. LotC 1.04 added new maps, changed the design and gameplay for a lot of the existing maps and added new custom imports. DotD 1.03 added new and improved existing hero abilities, improved terrain and gameplay. There was also the debate about paid mods in Skyrim. I wrote my two cents. Probably even more important (to me!) was the actual release of my StarCraft 2 campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga, after 5,5 years of work!

2016 was marked by more updates for some of my campaigns. TLG 1.04 merged numerous gameplay areas, leading to a tighter experience. It also improved the camera system and added new abilities. It's also the first and only time I have recorded myself opening 418 Overwatch loot boxes.

In 2017, after updating The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Xel'Naga again, I participated in the Rock the Cabinet contest. I must admint, I had never played co-op before, so I spent a lot of time analyzing the gameplay of the SC2 co-op mode, and I am very happy to have won third place!

I don't know what the future holds. I wish I could tell you I am secretly working on all of these projects, and Rise of the Horde, and War of the Ancients and more, but creating new campaigns from scratch has become a very time-consuming affair. Maybe for a WarCraft 4 or WarCraft 3 Remaster... It's not like there isn't enough content to go around. Check out all the awesome custom campaigns for StarCraft 2 and WarCraft 3.

See you on the battlefield!

- OutsiderXE

28 July 2017

Primal Ascension wins third place!

The results are finally in. My Starcraft 2 map wins third place in the Rock the Cabinet 2017 co-op contest. Blizzard has created a video to showcase the winners. Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Dl_DYgR1Y4.

I'm so happy I have made it this far. Thanks to everybody who has enjoyed playing Primal Ascension, and especially those who voted ;)

This might have been my last map for a Blizzard game, but I still have a few updates for existing projects planned.

16 June 2017

Primal Ascension in the Top Five!

My Starcraft 2 co-op map Primal Ascension has made it to the top five! The competition isn't over yet. Blizzard will decide the placements from 1 to 5 in the coming days (or weeks). Thanks to all voters!

Placements by votes:
(Top 5 will be moving on to the final phase)
1. Armory Retaking - 2577 votes
2. Cradle of Death - 2239 votes
3. Primal Ascension - 2114 votes
4. Death From Above - 2028 votes
5. Part and Parcel - 1704 votes
(6-10 win 250$, a Void Probe Plush, and a Pylon USB Charger)
6. Immortal Siege - 1678 votes
7. Mercenary Business - 1656 votes
8. Construction Yard - 1596 votes
9. Solar Right - 1006 votes
10. Scavenger Hunt - 966 votes

Source: http://us.battle.net/arcade/en/blog/20861479/

11 June 2017

The Last Guardian 1.05

Hey guys,

the past months I have been updating my third WarCraft 3 campaign The Last Guardian.

Features include:
- Revamped inventory system: A dialog now prompts the player to use an item or combine it with another item.
- Multiple difficulty levels that change the amount of enemies, items, and help with solving puzzles.
- Magic Stash that provides 6 additional inventory slots and can be teleported to Khadgar.
- Lockpicking now works via abilities
- Almost 200 other bugfixes/gameplay changes

You can download the update from Hiveworkshop.com or by going to the downloads page on this blog.

See below for a complete list of changes:

Update 1.05: 194 fixes

Inventory and Items - 13
- Items are no longer directly used or combined
- A dialog now prompts the player to use an item or combine it with another item
- Removed transmissions which tell the player which items are missing when trying to combine
- Added generic transmissions "I can't use it by itself." and "I can't combine these."
- New ability Magic Stash. Can store items and be summoned to wherever Khadgar is
- Removed Chest Keys on Hard difficulty
- Changed number of maximum attempts on Chests from 3 to 2/3/4
- Added "useless" items on Normal and Hard difficulty
- ItemReceived sound is now played more often when creating non-Alchemy items
- Fixed description of Mind Egg
- Increased Speed Bonus of Potion of Speed from 0.6 to 1.0
- Increased Speed Bonus of Potion of Greater Speed from 1.0 to 1.6
- Added a special effect whenever Khadgar successfully uses or combines items

Lockpicking - 6
- Replaced Arrow Keys-lockpicking with an ability-based lockpicking system
- Picklocking now costs 15 mana for each try
- Alchemy (and Magic Stash) no longer available while lockpicking
- Camera will no longer move in RTS mode when lockpicking
- Removed "I think that was wrong" transmission while lockpicking
- Added green and red color to floating texts while lockpicking

Multiple maps - 22
- Added difficulty selection (Easy, Normal, Hard)
- Added more enemies on Normal and Hard difficulty
- User control is disabled less often
- Removed casting time of Flame Strike
- Increased cooldown of Alchemy from 2.0 to 2.2 seconds
- Replaced ItemReceived with Feedback sound when using Alchemy
- Fixed description of Alchemy
- Added sound effect for Portal
- Added sound effect for Transfer Items
- Some dialog titles now use multiple lines
- Changed ownership of Garona to Player 1 (Red) for cinematics
- Some hints will no longer be displayed on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Can no longer see green Glowing Runes before going to the Secret Room in Karazhan
- Added visibility to some areas in Karazhan
- Added boundaries that block vision in some areas in Karazhan
- Replaced some trees in Karazhan
- Decreased height of selection circle of low-flying Gryphons
- Added static terrain/object shadows
- Removed stun when using Steal
- Improved effects when using Steal
- Increased scale of Khadgar's head by Cuore
- Fixed some typos

Chapter 1 - 19
- Added Player 4 (Strangers)
- Changed ownership of most hostile units to Player 4
- Khadgar's Pouch can now be dropped
- The Axe can now be dropped
- Replaced Clarity Potion with a Potion of Healing
- Changed quest requirement "Find the ceremony book" to "Find the ritual book"
- Added a Rune of Healing
- Added transmission about finding a Magic Stash
- Smoothed the terrain on the way to the Renegade Wizard
- The first conversation with the Renegade Wizard can now be skipped
- Decreased life of Gargoyles from 230 to 200
- Decreased Gargoyle base damage from 60 to 25
- Gargoyles will no longer use Stone Form after being left alone
- Decreased height of Gargoyles from 240 to 100
- Gargoyles are now targeted as ground units
- The Clockwerk Goblin is now moved back after repairing the Observatory
- Added special effects when creating the Ghosts
- Changed ownership of Professor Marvel to Player 11
- Replaced Shimmering Portal with Force Wall

Chapter 2 - 17
- Changed text some answers in the interviews
- Changed order of some answers in the interviews
- Added more answers in the interviews on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Both conversations with Moroes can now be skipped
- Increased talk range of Wraith in the Chapel
- Added bonus damage when Medivh attacks Khadgar on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Medivh will now only teleport if he is below Khadgar or far away from him
- Enemies at the Library can now drop Wands of Chain Lighting
- The Battle music when fighting Medivh will now repeat
- Changed positions of Khadgar and Medivh when the final fight is restarted
- Added a camera pan to Khadgar when the final fight is restarted
- Game will wait until Khadgar is revived for the final fight before fading in
- The Resurrection Stone effect will now play when Khadgar is in his quarters
- Swapped position, models and icons of some Karazhan Books
- Old Khadgar will no longer run away in the Outland cinematic
- Added hint about fleeing from Medivh on Easy difficulty
- Decreased time for GoneMad quest from 80 to 70/75/80 seconds

Chapters 3 - 22
- New model for Bullfrog by General Frank
- Moved Bullfrom slightly to the south
- Added doodads around the Bullfrog
- Moved flowers away from Circle of Power at start area
- Khadgar will no longer turn shortly after the intro cinematic
- Changed unit origin of some transmissions during the fights
- The initial conversations with Lothar's men can now be skipped
- Moved Axe to the east swamp area
- The Orc Helmet and Orc Armor are now usable
- Added patroling guards at the orc camp on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Changed model of Log to Bundle of Lumber
- Added Water sound effects to the north east
- Can now skip the conversations about the force field and spying
- Removed some transmissions when being interviewed by Lothar
- Moved first question of second Lothar interview to first Lothar interview
- Moved second question of second Lothar interview to last Lothar interview
- Added more detailed titles to some Lothar dialog buttons
- Increased scaling of Skink from 1.0 to 1.6
- Changed camera movement for the last two interview answers
- Renamed "A Hero's Curl" to "A Champion's Curl"
- Added hint about attacking Lothar on Easy difficulty
- Added HumanVictory to the outro cinematic

Interlude - 1
- Changed some sound effects when Medivh is repairing the Telescope

Chapter 4 - 30
- Removed a pillar doodad in the Harbor
- All Tavern conversations can now be skipped
- Camera bounds are now restricted when inside a building
- Added Line of Sight blockers around buildings
- The bar citizens will now start attacking each other after the intro cinematic
- The Potions of Sensation can no longer be used outside the Observatory
- The Golden Tooth can now be used
- The Golden Tooth is now purchased from a shop on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Most conversations with the Honor Guards can now be skipped
- Decreased some wait time when being checked by the Honor Guards
- Changed icon of Mana Orb
- Replaced Fire Fighter transmissions with floating texts
- The conversations with Cutty can now be skipped
- Exclamation mark on Cutty will now be removed 2-3 seconds later
- Khadgar will now stop when approaching Lothar or the Honor Guards
- Changed camera pan after killing the Mutated Sheep
- All DuckMaylor conversations can now be skipped
- Added a hint about Flame Strike on Easy and Hard difficulty
- Conversation with Albert will not start until Khadgar is inside his building
- Swapped vendors for Bomb and Radar
- Fixed description of Banana
- Can no longer get behind the counter in the tavern
- Dialogue where Khadgar shows Medivh the Demon book can now be skipped
- Added additional hint about the Destroyable Fountain
- Fixed bug that prevented DoorSlam sound from playing
- the DoorSlam sound is now 2D
- Increased level of Albert Griswold from 1 to 7
- Added more blocking around the Workshop
- Can no longer use the Staff of Teleportation while on combat
- Removed "Wreak havoc!" hint

Chapter 5 - 15
- Added more options to the Observatory Detect dialog on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Garona will now use Mirror image when fighting Khadgar on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Will now show fewer books on the floor in the Library on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Added transmission when Khadgar is missing an item to create Realm of Time
- Can now use/combine Secret Ingredient, Walking Stick and Favourite Book
- Camera will now pan to Khadgar after annoying Garona
- Added title to Observatory detection dialog
- Decreased time to hide the Spectre
- Fixed dialog button text for "Scroll of Mana Repair"
- Added Boots of Speed for Garona when being chased by Khadgar
- Improved Garona AI when being chased by Khadgar
- Khadgar will now comment Guzbah's death
- Added camera movement to the Interview with Garona when in RTS camera mode
- The heroes are now automatically moved during the Interview quest when a conversation is skipped
- Added pathing blocking for the Kitchen table

Chapter 6 - 28
- Removed some Portal runes on Normal difficulty
- Removed all Portal runes on Hard difficulty
- Removed Portal rune hint on Hard difficulty
- Improved AI of first Burrow peon
- Can no longer destroy Yellow Paint
- Added title to Orc Rider dialog
- Changed defeat condition "Don't attack..." to "Don't fight..."
- Moved Grunt to the first Chest
- Can no longer attempt to open the first Chest until the Grunt is lured away
- Added pathing blockers to some areas
- The Hungry Footman will now move closer to the edge
- Moved teleport region at the Sasquatches lightly to the south
- Game will now wait until drops the Heavy Bag before making him invulnerable
- Changed description of Heavy Bag
- Moved Heavy Bag drop spot to the east
- Garona now has to open a door to Khadgar at the prison
- Both Garona and Khadgar need to use the Portal at the prison
- Khadgar can now also use the Prison Key
- Replaced some pathing blockers with rocks at the prison camp
- The HungryFootman floating texts will now only appear if a hero is nearby
- Increased duration of the second HungryFootman from 3 to 5 seconds
- Decreased size of region when the HungryFootman transmission is played
- Changed hint about Warlocks
- Garona will no longer gain Water Walking when Khadgar turns into a Grunt
- Replaced a Potion of Mana with a Potion of Greater Mana
- Removed Magic Sentry symbol when deactivatingthe tower
- Added a Tome of Experience
- Added Magic Sentry ability to the Advanced Boulder Tower

Chapter 7 - 20
- Decreased level of Garona from 9 to 8
- Added more information to the Statue Combat Rules item
- Changed hint for the Statue Combat Rules
- The last page to the Song of Aegwynn will appear a bit sooner
- Added a Tome of Experience
- Tomes of Experience and The Song of Aegwynn Pages will no longer spawn at the same spot
- Tomes of Experience will no longer spawn if Khadgar is already level 9
- Added title to Garona dialog
- The Library Slime music will now repeat as long as Slimes are alive
- Added hints for the Library Slimes on Easy and Hard difficulty
- Improved description for Spanner, Gearwheel and Radar
- Decreased life of Statues and Medivh on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Added more verses to the Chapel puzzle on Normal nad Hard difficulty
- The Observatory List will no longer be created on Hard difficulty
- Can now skip all conversations in the Museum
- Can no longer trigger the conversation with the Chapel Swordsman while talking to him
- Medivh is now hidden until his cinematic starts
- Added transmissions "Cook..." and "Moroes..." when selecting them
- Added title to the BrowseBooks dialog
- Fixed size of multiboard for 4:3 screens

Epilogue - 1
- Added Cuore to Models and Skins credits

03 June 2017

Primal Ascension in the Top Ten!

I'm proud to say that my map Primal Ascension has made it to the top ten of the Rock the Cabinet 2017 contest!

Players now have until Friday, June 9 to vote for their favorite five maps. The top five will make it to the finals and Blizzard will decide the places 1-5.

If you want to vote for me head over to the contest page and choose Primal Ascension and four other entries of your choice. If you want to play the entries first, you can find them by searching for their names on the Starcraft 2 Arcade. The Starcraft 2 Arcade is free to play. And yes, you can actually win stuff when you play and vote. More information on the contest page.

24 March 2017

Announcing Starcraft 2: Primal Ascension

Primal Ascension is the name of a Starcraft 2 map I am currently working on. It is a co-op map for two players, intended as my entry for the Rock the Cabinet 2017 contest by Blizzard.

The contest deadline is April 26th, but you can already play the beta on the Starcraft 2 Arcade.

NA Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/285094
EU Server: battlenet:://starcraft/map/2/199343
(To use one of the above links search for "Run" in Windows. Start it and copy-paste the link into it. Press "OK". Start Starcraft 2 with the desired Server.)

Description: Amon has corrupted the Primal Pack Ascendants of Zerus. They seek to drain Dehaka's eggs to become the new Primal Pack Leaders. Protect the eggs and slay the Primal Pack Ascendants.

Gameplay: Players fight four unique bosses to prevent them from draining eggs near the players' bases. Each boss has its own abilities and is protected by 1 to 4 Void Crystals which are flo
ating around a boss and protecting it from damage until destroyed. To reach a boss players have to fight Terran and Primal Zerg. Occasionally an Ash Worm will spawn near the eggs, which can also drain the eggs. Bonus objectives include fighting endless hordes of Primal Zerg.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8lJ0KWiRSo

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/iBSVy
More Screenshots (spoilers): http://imgur.com/a/5hgMX

- Voice acting will be added soon
- A few issues with AIs remain
- Some more polishing necessary

Visit the thread on battle.net to discuss the map.

08 March 2017

Shadow of the Xel'Naga Version 1.03

I just updated my StarCraft II campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga to version 1.03. It's mostly bugfixes and some additional tooltips for some units. See below for a complete changelog.

Update 1.3 – 35 fixes

Chapter 1 - 7
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Changed text „tank enemies“ to „soak damage“ in loading screep help
- Added some No Fly Zones at the starting area
- Increased scale of Spider Mines from 1.0 to 2.0
- Fixed placement of some decals
- Revealer now covers more terrain when entering the Turrets area

Chapter 2 - 5
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Fixed ParamValue error for combined items
- Robo-Harvester will no longer flee when being attacked
- Added 2 seconds to camera pan when Octavia is inside the Robo-Harvester

Chapter 3 - 6
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Added highlight tooltip „Destroy nearby enemies to set up Psi Core“ to Psi Cores
- Added effect to allied units in the Beacon cinematic
- Changed order in which the Battlecruiser attack the Carrier in the Beacon cinematic
- BriefingUnitSelect effect will no longer appear on Dark Templar that have already been rescued

Chapter 4 -  4
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Air Mine and Slow Mine target beams are now removed after 5 seconds
- Air/Slow Mines and Point Defense Drones are now selected when pressing Select Army Units (F2)

Chapter 5 - 6
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Changed hotkey of Walk ability to „T“
- Fixed bug that prevented Octavia from opening the first gate if the Missile Turret was alerted
- Added table in the Intro cinematic
- Fixed AI for newly created Marines in Area 1

Chapter 6 - 2
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices

Chapter 7 - 5
- Changed email adress in map info
- Added highlight tooltip „Select to activate“ to all codices
- Fixed ParamValue error in credits: german localization
- The Supercharge dialog will now appear after Duke and Golding have finished their conversation
- Changed text after credits

17 February 2017

Games I Played 2016

Life is Strange
2016 (22)
So, I played quite a few games in 2016 and I'd like to rank them. Keep in mind the percentages don't show how good the games actually are, they just compare them to one another. If you have an idea for a better ranking system, feel free to tell me.

-- - Civilization V --%
I got this one a birthday gift. While it's generally not a bad game, I didn't feel like playing it alone, but then Civilization VI was released and my friends moved on to that one, so I never spent enough time with it to rank it properly.

21 - Need for Speed: Most Wanted 71%
It looks OK and feels OK, but it's more meh than anything. It lacked the coolness of the original Most Wanted.

20 - Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster 72%
Basically the same as Resident Evil 1 with less backtracking and better inventory system.

19 - The Walking Dead: Michonne 74%
I used to be a huge fan of Telltale games, especially the Walking Dead series but the lack of gameplay and real consequences make it really boring.

18 - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 77%
In theory an open world Splinter Cell but its hard to get into the game world with almost no knowledge of the previous games. Also the controls are unnecessarily complicated.

17 - Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD 78%
Pretty much the standard Assassin's Creed game we've been getting since AC2.

16 - Assassin's Creed Unity 79%
Pretty much the standard Assassin's Creed game we've been getting since AC2 with good graphics.

15 - The Vanishing of Ethan Carter 80%
Excellent visuals, Passable story and puzzles. Maybe a bit too much walking when you get lost.

14 - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 81%
Not the worst game. Villain not as cool as in Advanced Warfare but gameplay almost on par. Cool space battles reminded me of Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars.

13 - Layers of Fear + Inheritance 82%
Mostly another walking simulator, but a few puzzles, really nice atmosphere and interesting story.

12 - StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops 84%
Some cool ideas with the stealth system and Frogger minigame, but each Mission Pack got worse, so essentially I am happy the SC2 saga is over now.

11 - Deponia Doomsday 85%
Even though the story was finished with Goodbye Deponia this one is probably the best part. Smaller areas with interesting puzzles, and crazy time-travel story.

10 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided 86%
Gameplay is probably the best of any Deus Ex game, but the story was lacking real highlights.

9 - Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection 86%
Great effects, great atmosphere. Level design was a bit too linear in the first few missions but got better and better.

8 - Doom 87%
Really, really great feel to it. Loved the visuals, the music and the gore. Gameplay  was a bit simple, but then again it was great for being so. Nice boss battles.

7 - Batman: Arkham Knight 88%
I'm probably one of the few who enjoyed this game throughout. Had no performance issues, looks really good. Gameplay could have used the Batmobile (and especially the tank battles) less often but I was never really annoyed by it.

6 - Rise of the Tomb Raider 89%
Very nice visuals and improved gameplay from the last Tomb Raider with more climbing than fighting.

5 - Grand Theft Auto V 90%
An overall improvement over GTA 4. Better mission design, more memorable characters and better visuals.

4 - Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun 91%
Love the return of the Commandos-style genre. Visuals look a lot better live than through videos. Level design was near perfect. Each hero was useful but not overpowered. Really liked the twist of the story in the third act.

3 - Overwatch 92%
Hated the game until I played it myself, but Blizzard has done it again. I've spent almost 500 hours playing Overwatch, and I haven't played a shooter that much since Counter-Strike 1.6 or Unreal Tournamet. Heroes feel like best-of-versions of other favourite games, e.g. Quake.

2 - Life is Strange 93%
Has the potential to have the best story I have ever witnessed in a video game. It's hard to say anything without spoiling, but it's so down to eart on one side, and then so crazy and emotional on the other. Gameplay is also  superior to any Telltale game that has been released since The Walking Dead Season 1.

1 - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 94%
Every aspect of this game could be improved one way or another, but everything flows together so flawlessly, and it has so many memorable moments. I'm not that much of an RPG-fanboy, but Wild Hunt could possibly be the best game ever created.