Legacy versions and other languages for WarCraft 3 campaigns

Ever since the big changes happened for my WarCraft 3 campaigns a lot of people have asked me where they could find old versions for my campaigns. I am happy to say that I have gathered all old versions of my WarCraft III campaigns and uploaded them to my Google Drive. This includes almost all versions from 1.01 to 1.06 (or whatever version is the latest by the time you read this) and various translations (german, russian and chinese) for some of these versions. The list is not entirely complete, so feel free to contact me about more versions/languages you find.

Most of you are probably looking for the versions right before the big level design changes happened (many missions became a lot smaller). Look for versions 1.03 for LotC and TLG, and 1.02 for DotD (can't find 1.03 for now).

Update: Thanks to Hiveworkshop user ymh32 who has collected additional chinese versions for all 3 campaigns.

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