Day of the Dragon 1.06 incoming

Usually I don't post news about updates which I haven't released yet, and the next update for Day of the Dragon won't be released until at least December. But it is so big that I can't contain my excitement. Here are the most interesting new features for each new map:

Chapter 1
- Remade Vereesa's starting area with new terrain, different types of enemies and new events
- Remade final quest so players must now kill Grunts inside Port Hasic instead of running around to light fires

Chapter 2
- Remade terrain and changed events

Chapter 3
- Remade terrain
- New events for the Kryll escort
- Replaced Steam Tanks escort with base building

Chapter 4
- Merged islands 3 and 4
- Unlocked Rhonin's abilities and added enemies to fight

Chapter 5
- Improved terrain
- New events
- New optional quest
- Possibly a new submap for Nozdormu; not yet decided

Chapter 6
- Only the usual stuff like minor balance and gameplay improvements

Chapter 7
- New events
- New boss battles

Chapter 8
- Remade terrain and mosts quests
- Falstad and Vereesa no longer accompany Rhonin on his way to Krasus; instead they can be rescued
- Nekros now continuously acompanies attack waves
- The aspect battle now happens in real-time

This is just a very basic overview of all the biggest changes. The actual changelog already contains over 600 changes, including new visuals and sound effects, with more on the way. Look out for a very different play experience!

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