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Ähnliches FotoWith WarCraft 3: Reforged on the horizon, one important question comes to mind: How will Reforged affect my own WarCraft 3 campaigns? We haven't gotten any specific details, but Blizzard Entertainment have stated in interviews that they are making the game so user created maps are as compatible as possible. Luckily my campaigns have never ben touched by a third party editor and they use very few custom scripts. On the other hand they use many imported models and textures. Now, if I was Blizzard I would add an option to the editor that allows the game to fall back to a low-detail model/texture if the high-detail model/texture can't be found, instead of just not loading the map. I think it's very likely that Blizzard will actually implement something like this, but we are still awaiting official confirmation.

My current plan for all of my WarCraft 3 campaigns is to update each them one final time. Further updates will only happen if players report game-breaking bugs or if the campaigns have some sort of compatibility issue with future versions of WarCraft 3, including Reforged. I want people to always be able to play my campaigns. Once Reforged is released I will take a look at my options: These may include
1. Remakes/visual updates to my existing WarCraft 3 campaigns to work with Reforged. Compatibility with the old WarCraft 3 can hopefully be maintained
2. A completely new project with only Reforged in mind. This would free me from past mistakes and I could completely start from scratch
3. A project for a different engine/game. I have been wanting to do that for a long time now
4. Stop mapping or take a very long break. It's a very time consuming hobby and I'm not getting any younger. The important thing is to hand over the reins for my WarCraft 3 projects to someone who loves designing, WarCraft lore and paying attention to detail. Someone who can be the next OutsiderXE

Let me get into more detail about my plans for the final updates for my WarCraft 3 campaigns.
The Last Guardian: I have been working on Update 6 (Version 2.2.0) for a month now. Initially this was supposed to be just a quick fix for the game-breaking bugs, but a few months ago Youtuber Pr0nogo played through the campaign and made some excellent suggestions on how to improve it. Not all of his suggestions are going to make it into the update, some because the WarCraft 3 editor is limited, others because my time is limited. Nontheless Update 6 will have some cool additions. Here is a quick summary:
- Chapters 1-3: Not much has changed. Mostly polishing
- Chapter 4: New cinematics, some changes to puzzles, less text
- Chapter 5: Remade Interview quest with less dialogue and more options
- Chapter 6: Remade Realm of Time puzzles. RoT only works on a single target at a time
- Interlude (2): A new interlude between C6 and C7
- Chapter 7: Not much has changed. Mostly polishing
- Decreased area of effect for Flame Strike, costs less mana and has reduced cooldown
- New models for Sargeras, Aegwynn, new music, new icons, less text overall, bugfixing (more than 200 changes)
I'm already almost finished with Chapter 7. Only the Prologue and Interlude are left to fix and then I will play the update at least half a dozen times. I will also spent some time finding out which creator created what resource to create a proper list. I might even delete/replace some custom assets if I can find the original creator. Expect the update to be released before Christmas.

Day of the Dragon: I have been working on Update 6 (3.0.0) for almost six month. It's the biggest update I have ever worked on. It's so big that I actually needed to take a break from it, so I was working on an update to The Last Guardian for the past month. I will return to Day of the Dragon as soon as The Last Guardian is finished. Here's a summary of the changes:
Chapter 1: Remade 60% of the map: layout, terrain, quests
Chapter 2: Remade entire map: layout, terrain, events
Chapter 3: Remade entire map: layout, terrain, quests. Is now a base-building map
Chapter 4: Merged islands 3 and 4, added combat
Chapter 5: Improved terrain, new events, new optional quest, possibly a new submap for Nozdormu
Chapter 6: Not much has changed. Mostly polishing
Chapter 7: New events and boss battles
Chapter 8: Remade entire map: layout, terrain, most quests, final battle is now real-time
This is just a very basic overview of all the biggest changes. The actual changelog already contains over 600 changes, including new visuals and sound effects, with more on the way. Look out for a very different play experience!  I am currently 30% done with Chapter 8, I might create a new submap for Chapter 5, and I still have tons of small things I must fix before I can start with the polishing phase. If I work really hard on this it could be out in February 2019.

Lord of the Clans: I haven't started on the final update yet. The priority is to eliminate bugs, but I also have ideas to implement new abilities/a class system for Thrall, improved quests and events, decreased amount of text. The update will hopefully be out before Reforged is released. My guess is Spring 2019.

Shadow of the Xel'Naga: Yes, this is a StarCraft II project, but I thought I would mention it for the sake of completeness. I released Update 1.3 twenty one months ago. I wanted to work a bit more on it, but last year in autumn, I accidentally deleted my backup files. I can still restore the maps via, but all the triggers are obfuscated. Theoretically I can still work with that or I could remake the triggers from scratch, but either solution is a real pain in the ass, so Shadow of the Xel'Naga will probably not be updated again. Naturally you can still play it by logging into StarCraft II and searching for 'SotX' in the Arcade. I currently have no plans to work on another StarCraft II project. The exception would be another contest hosted by Blizzard.

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