Games I Played 2018

Just nine games in 2018, a new low for me. In my defense (and that's probably what you want to hear), I spent a lot of time working on updating my WarCraft 3 campaigns. The final update to The Last Guardian is currently in open beta. Day of the Dragon has recently received a hotfix and its final update is only 1-2 months away from going into polishing phase. I also have some plans to update Lord of the Clans one last time.

Anyway, here is the list of new games I finished in 2018 (with one exception*). As last year the games are sorted into three categories: Must Play (Had a blast. Would happilly play agai ngivne the time), Maybe (OK for one playthrough. Has its flaws), and Skip (Don't even know why I played it).

2018 - Skip
9 - For Honor - 3/10
Bildergebnis für for honor steamUbisoft was giving this one away for free during Gamescom. I only played the campaign on easy. Visuals looked nice but other than that the game really bored me. I found the combat to be an annoying reaction game. Fights had no atmosphere with no ambient theme or music, maybe a bug? Setting was Ok but story not in the slightest interesting.

8 - Assassin's Creed: Rogue - 5/10
Bildergebnis für creed rogue Not a bad game in itself as it combines some of the best aspects of my favourite Assassin's Creed games with an interesting plot twist. The low score is mainly due to the oversaturation of the Assassin's Creed formula. Playing this for 20 hours felt too long. But hey, why am I even complaining? I am going the next ones anyway.

2018 - Maybe
7 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole - 6/10
Bildergebnis für fractured but wholeJust didn't grab me as much as the first one. Not as many memorable moments. More gross but less shocking. Somehow I missed the simplicity of the combat of the first South Park game, not that this one was overly complex.

6 - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Season Pass - 7/10
Bildergebnis für deus ex mankind dividedThe main DLC was a good mini addon, combining the strengths of the main Deus Ex game. Nontheless it was too detached form the main plot. It sohuld have been accessible from the main game so you could use your old augmentations.

5 - Life is Strange: Before the Storm - 7/10
Bildergebnis für before the stormNot really necessary but still a good addition to the series. Some nice moments. Gameplay not complex but still better than Walking Dead games. Missed Max. Looking forward to Season 2.´(yeah, I know she is probably not in there).

4 - The Last of Us 7/10
Ähnliches FotoWhat? A Playstation 4 exclusive? Yes, fellow PC gamers, I betrayed you. Anyway, for many it's one of the best games ever made. I can totally understand why some people feel that way. Story is really good. The characters feel alive.  Atmosphere is there. it still looks decent. Gameplay allows you to be creative to an extent. My problems was that it took me too much time to udnerstand the mechanics. I tried to approach this as a pure stealth game, meaning I try to sneak past enemies without confrontation, even without using any tools if possible. When caught by enemies I would run away. It wasn't until I saw a friend of mine play that I understood to take a more violent approach. About half of the game had passed when I started understanding the behaviour of Clickers and Runners and could deal with them accordingly. Only the combination of both types of infected still caused problems.

2018 - Must
3 - Horizon Zero Dawn - 8/10
Bildergebnis für horizon zero dawn completeOne of those games that simply put in awe because of its visuals. The overall world design looks stunning, charaters are good but the dobot dinosaurs are really, really awesome. Fighting them is also really cool as there are so many options to deal with them. Story is bland until about 2/3 into it. Then it is almost too much to take in, but it never feels convoluted like e.g. Assassin's Creed does. All the pieces fall nicely together towards the end. Worst part of the game is probably gathering and crafting. There was a mechanic that helps you find resources but I never used it.

2 - Bloodborne Game of the Year - 9/10
Bildergebnis für bloodborne gotyOh, boy. I really wanted to destroy the discs early on. I absolutely hated the game. It took me 2,5 hours to get past the first alley. I had headaches and I felt physically ill. I read a few guys and then it was better, but still, for the first 12 hours or so I felt like I was hitting my head against a wall. People on the internet say that it's all about skill and becoming better. To some extent I agreed with that, but all you really have to do is figure out your moveset and which attack serves you best in what situation. Beyond that it's all about levelling your character. Whenever I hit a roadblock I simply levelled my character 5-10 more levels, thus any encounter I previously had problems on would be a breeze. I think I beat around 1/3 of all bosses on my three attempts. I beat the infamous Orphan of Kos, on my first attempt. Much like The Last of Us, I wanted to rate this game lower for having me confused leaving me frustrated early on, but the game just absorbed me towards the end, leaving me wanting more. I haven't even written anything about the atmosphere yet. Fantastic. (*Finished in 2019 by a week)

1 - Spider-Man - 10/10
Bildergebnis für spider-man ps4Who would have thought that? I bought a PlayStation 4 this year and all four games I have played took spots 1-4 on my list. Spider-Man was my first PS4 game and the reason why I bought it in the first place (although it was just a matter of time). Spider-man is first and foremost a feel-good game. It feels really, really good to just swing around the city. Combat is also really cool, probably even better than the Arkham games. Just quicker and with cool gadgets. Story is very much what Spider-Man would want. It's almost as much about Peter Parker as it is about Spider-Man. Very good. On the downside, all the collectibles and side activities lead to a lot of repetitive gameplay, but how bad can it be if I completed the game 100%?

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