State of Day of the Dragon 3.0

As The Last Guardian is currently in open beta and will likely remain there until the release of Warcraft 3 Reforged, I have been working on the next update to Day of the Dragon for a
lmost ten months now. Simply said: No, I'm not lazy, it's that big! Update 3.0 will include many major changes. A new hero class and completely new maps. Allow me to list the coolest features.

- The Dark Summoner is a new hero class for Rhonin. He can summon multiple Voidwalkers he can drain for mana and life or explode to damage enemies.
- Higher emphasis on mercenaries: Each map features multiple taverns where you can hire mercenaries to support your heroes with unique abilities.
- More scripted events: E.g. Many enemy units will no longer just be standing around waiting for you to fight them. They will be patrolling areas or play transmissions.
- Shorter/queued dialogue: The duration of cinematics and other transmissions has been reduced dramatically without losing their meaning. All dialogue is now played in queues, meaning any dialogue you trigger will wait for all other dialogue to finish before playing, therefore avoiding mixing of dialogues. Additonally user control is now disabled less often.
- Added secrets to most maps. Some are just for fun, others give you good items.

Chapter 1:
- Removed some enemies from the first half of the map to reduce repetition.
- Completely remade the second half of the map. Vereesa will now encounter bandits with plenty of scripted events and dialogue.
- New final battle against Grunts and a Dragon.

Chapter 2:
- Remade entire map to have more variety in encounters and more scripted events.

Chapter 3:
- Remade Kryll escort with more scripted events
- Remade entire map to include base building and ship battles

Chapter 4:
- Added creeps to fight and Rhonin can now use his abilities.
- Merged the third and second island.
- Removed many mundane tasks.
- Slightly changed story so Rhonin meets Deathwing earlier.

Chapter 5:
- Dalaran: More enemies for the optional quest.
- Northrend: More scripted events.
- Caverns of Time: Remade entire map to include base building and escorting Rhonin (Thrall is no more!)
- Emerald Dream: Replaced demons with satyrs, spiders, and corrupted night elves. Changes level design for more variety and more scripted events.

Chapter 6:
- Still work-in-progress
- (Planned) Smaller map with reduced walking distances
- (Planned) Can now train workers and build structures

Chapter 7:
- More scripted events
- Cooler boss fights

Chapter 8:
- Remade entire map
- Removed first part of the Blockade quest (second part is now longer and has more interesting enemy attack waves)
- Removed Rhonin's, Vereesa's and Falstad's descend from the mountain (Vereesa and Falstad can now be rescued to use in the base building phase)
- Nekros is now part of all enemy attack waves after Alexstrasza has been rescued
- Alexstrasza can now be controlled as a summonable unit
- Removed the first phase of the Aspect Battle
- The Aspect Battle is now in real-time with completely new abilities and enemy attacks

This is just a very basic outline of the changes. As you can see, some maps have been completely replaced by new ones, while others have been changed to a near-unrecognizable state. As the time of this writing the update includes over 700 improvements for balancing, UI, audio/video and bugfixing with more on their way.

I would say I am about 80% finished now and the open beta could be released within 2-3 months. The final release should be out some time after Warcraft 3 Reforged is out. It's important to me that the transition to Reforged is smooth and people can immediately pick up the campaign and play it, which is why it's likely I am going to hold back on the final releases for all of my campaigns until then.

Lord of the Clans will also be updated. I have some ideas for changes but I don't know yet what form or size they will have. One idea is to merge entire chapters, making them larger but less linear, a little bit like the Rexxar campaign but not quite as large.

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