Day of the Dragon Update 3.0.0 Open Beta

Fifteen months in the making. Almost 1000 changes/bug fixes and improvements to gameplay, user interface, audio and visual of all kinds. The open beta to version 3.0.0 of Day of the Dragon can now be downloaded from my Google Drive. The purpose of this open beta is to find bugs, but I am open to suggestions of any kind. Please send your suggestions and findings to or write a message on the thread.

This is not the end of the update yet. The process to update Day of the Dragon will continue once after Warcraft 3: Reforged is released.

For the time being this is the best version of Day of the Dragon. Here is a summary of the changes for the campaign.

- New class Dark Summoner for Rhonin: Can Summon Wraiths, Voidwalkers and a Nether Dragon and debuff enemy units to regain life.
- Replaced class Elemental Mage with Timewalker for Rhonin: Can slow down enemy, increase his own speed and create a future version of himself.
- Removed old Chapter 5 Dalaran map. Former Sub-maps of Chapter 5 are now fully qualified Chapters spread across the campaign.
- Moved existing interlude to between Chapters 2 and 3.
- New interlude about Alexsttrasza and Nekros, set between Chapters 6 and 7.
- Reduced amount of text in cinematics, improved cameras and terrain, and all transmissions are now placed in a queue.
- Can now hire various types of mercenaries on each map.
- Numerous changes to gameplay, UI, audio, models etc. (basically everything)

Chapter 1
- Completely remade second half of map
- Remade Vereesa's starting area with new terrain, different types of enemies and new events.
- Remade final quest so players must now kill Grunts inside Port Hasic instead of running around to light fires

Chapter 2
- Remade terrain and changed events.

Chapter 3
- Completely new map
- New events for the Kryll escort
- Replaced Steam Tanks escort with base building

Chapter 4 (Malygos)
- Improved terrain
- Added new events
- New optional quest

Chapter 5
- Merged islands 3 and 4
- Unlocked Rhonin's abilities and added enemies to fight

Chapter 6 (Nozdormu)
- Completely new map about killing warlocks
- New optional quest

Chapter 7 (Ysera)
- Improved terrain
- Replaced Burning Legion with Emerald Nightmare (modified story, new types of enemies)

Chapter 8
- Remade terrain
- Remade some encounters
- Improved creep behaviour for optional quest

Chapter 9
- Completely remade first half of map
- New events
- New boss battles

Chapter 10
- Completeley new map
- Remade most quests
- Falstad and Vereesa no longer accompany Rhonin on his way to Krasus; instead they can be rescued
- Nekros now continuously acompanies attack waves
- The aspect battle now happens in real-time


  1. As soon as Reforged is released, you can bet your boots that I will play all three of your masterpieces! :D

    1. You should probably wait a bit. The updates will not be ready immediately upon release^^

  2. Niiiiice! Thank you very much for your effort!

  3. Downloading the beta version now :D


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