Day of the Dragon Update 1.02

I've been busy with my studies this year but I did manage to do some mapping. Over the last couple of days I spend time to update my Warcraft 3 campaign Day of the Dragon, hoping to kill that dreadful Chapter 5 bug. You can download the updated campaign from Read further to see what changes I made:

Update 1.02: 124 changes (27.08.2013)

- Spirit Priest: Rhonin no longer dies when possesed host is killed. Instead Spirit Control is cancelled
- Spirit Priest: Rhonin now remains at position of possesed unit when unpossesing it with Spirit Control
- Spirit Priest: Time out between Spirit control possesion and unpossesion decreased
- Vereesa: Replaced Cold Arrows and Dodge with Searing Arrows and Shadow Strike
- Vereesa: Sleep Arrow cost decreased from 75/75/75 to 75/60/50
- Hammer of Titans can now attack Air units
- Cooldown of Krasus' Medallion, Deathwing's Medallion and Demon Soul reduced from 90 to 70
- Old Floating Text on Trap Damage will be destroyed before new one is created
- Increased Fighter damage from 14-15 to 15-17

User Interface
- Added map victory cheat "-winmap" (cinematics and items may be bugged)
- Added cheat "plusbad" to increase number of optional quests completed as evil
- Added evil quests counter "-bad" to count number of optional quests completed as evil
- Fixed count of number of optional quests completed as evil

- Reduced text to fit time constraints

CHAPTER 1 - 14
- Removed barrels near Scepter of Elementals
- Removed and moved some spiders
- Villagers' life will be reduced to 1 periodically, if Quest Alignment is evil
- Scepter of Elementals no longer inside a barrel anymore
- Patroling Bandits will stop when attacked
- Troll huts will no longer drop items when destroyed
- Replaced a Scroll of Healing with a Scroll of Mana
- Decreased amount of wolves required to kill in quest "Wolf herd" from 10 to 8
- Killing the wolves will reward a Tome of Intelligence +2 and a Tome of Agility +2 instead of a Tome of Strength
- Removed a few bandits in the Dragon Attack quest

User Interface
- Can no longer fail Main Quest when Outro is playing
- Fixed a typo in the Meeting Place quest description
- Changed Farmer message from "...filthy scum!" to "...filthy beast!"
- Added warning messages for how many cizitens are left

- Removed a few Grunts from the Tower/Alarm region
- Removed second Ogre
- A Grunt will drop a Rune of Mana
- Moved Elune's Lie to a more visible location
- Decreased amount of Blue Flame Trap Damage from 125 to 100

CHAPTER 3 - 20
- Removed a few Creeps
- Murloc will drop a Rune of Greater Mana
- Removed enemy units and building in the first orc base
- Moved Hammer of Titants to a more visible location
- Increased space at terrain where boats can unload
- Added Pathing Blockers to the shore in the east
- Removed a Red Drake
- Ogre will drop Rune of Restoration
- Removed an Advanced Boulder Tower
- Removed an Orc Frigate
- Removed a Watch Tower
- Reduced Life of Bronze Dragon from 2200 to 2000
- Reduced Base Damage of Bronze Dragon from 45 to 40
- Rescuing dwarves and ship is only possible after completing the Steam Tanks quest
- Added some pathing blockers
- Removed orc wood cutters

User Interface
- Talismans of Mutation will no longer take space in inventory. Created Leaderboard instead
- Changed hint text "Find the means to get back to the dwarven outpost." to "Find resources to buy a zeppelin."
- Reading Little Daniel's Letter no longer disables user control

- Increased terrain detail

CHAPTER 4 - 24
- Secret exit better visible
- Increased kill range of Barrel of Explosives
- Can get and transform ID Card before talking to Peon
- Can get Mushroom before talking to Volbir and Bolvir
- Shovel exists on map initialization
- Can no longer ask police station about wrench before asking the Goblin Bouncer
- Rhonin is instantly moved after shipmaster video
- Moved Ring of the Sun to a more visible location
- Will remove useless boulder on various occasions

User Interface
- Changed Rhonin's frog message to "The switches might turn off if I could get enough frogs on them."
- Added hint on how to use items with objects in the game world
- Chaned info of Summer Tree/Fall Tree
- Special Books will no longer take space in inventory. Created Leaderboard instead
- Disabled user control during shipmaster video
- Added Leaderboard to track Murder quest progress
- Added hints to the Murder quest
- Removed the transmission "I found a bottle with green liquor"
- Hint displayed when player has enough gold and a boatcard
- Optional quests will now be marked as failed when their respective island is left too early
- Crystals will no longer take space in inventory. Created Leaderboard instead
- Hint to check Log (F12) will also be displayed during first and second isle
- Changed hint text "Wheat and Chicken might help" to "Find Wheat and use it on Chicken."

- Replaced Summer Tree with Fall Tree
- Added runes to help visualize Hop, Malt and Wheat

CHAPTER 5 - 16
- Taretha will get the Signed Letter from the Keep instead of the Altar of Kings
- Krasus can move before a conversation is finished
- Increased time between attacks by the Burning Legion
- Decreased amount of enemies send by the Burning Legion
- Barrow Dens can train Furbolgs

User Interface
- Decreased string size for maps, folders and variables to stabilize sub-map loading
- Added cheats to load submaps: "-ysera", "-malygos", "-nozdormu", "-dalaran"
- Added multiboard to keep track of Nozdormu's tasks
- Fixed a typo in Nozdormu quest description
- Changed transmission "I can get a signed letter from the Altar of Kings." to "I can get a signed letter from the Keep."
- Changed transmission "I've got the letter." to "I've got the letter. I should return to it Krasus."
- Shortened a conversation between Krasus and Taretha
- Sharing vision with Wisps after base is rescued
- Decreased time for the first conversation between Krasus and Taretha
- Moved Signed Letter hint to entrance of Durnholde

- Moved region where Watch Tower will spawn in cinematic

- Enemy unit production time periods increased from 70 to 90
- Move the Scout Tower in the second base closer to the Guard Tower
- Added another Scout Tower to the second base
- Added a Barracks to the second base
- Increased amount of gold in each Gold Mine from 3000/6000/12000 to 6000/12000/24000
- Removed a few enemy units at the final orc base

User Interface
- Added hint to check nearby crates for lost items
- Renamed Ogre Chieftain and Gnoll Chieftain to Ogre Warchief and Gnoll Warchief
- Added hint that the third optional quest is alignment dependant and will not be completable

- Vereesa and Falstad will start at Level 8 instead of 7, if they cannot be restored from game cache
- Decreased hit points of Power Generators from 300 to 150
- Removed a Skeletal Orc Grunt
- Added rescuable Fighters to the holding pens
- Deathwing's Scale is no longer created twice
- Alexstrasza is technically no longer rescuable

User Interface
- Changed Deathwing message from Don't act stupider than you are." to "Stop acting foolish."

CHAPTER 8 - 14
- Increased level of Rhonin from 8 to 9 if not restored from game cache
- Deathwing no longer regenerates health automatically
- Orc attacks will start 30 second later
- Decreased time until first Caravan arrives from 14 to 13 minutes
- Removed Red Dragon at the orange orc base
- Alexstrasza can use Healing Light to heal herself
- Increased chance for Nozdormu's Item Steal to work from 5 in 8 to 5 in 6
- Decreased time between Grim Batol Tower pings from 40 to 20 seconds
- Increased Frost Shiled armor bonus from 20 to 120
- Decreased time between Dragon Aspects rounds

User Interface
- Added map victory cheat "-winmap2" for alternate ending (Outro shown this way may  be bugged)
- Changed countdown timer text from "Rom dies/Caravan leaves" to "Rom/Caravan"
- A hint now is now displayed when activating the alternate epilogue

- Added invulerability to Krasus during FreeAlex cinematic

- Increased time for a cinematic transmission

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