The Last Guardian Update 1.02

I've updated my WarCraft III campaign The Last Guardian.

- New skill Concentrate replaces Attribute Bonus. Level 1: Shows visual aides at camera borders. Level 2: Also shows aides at some usable items and objects
- Multiple heroes can be controlled at the same time; fixed cameras and water walking
- Much more detailed descriptions of abilities, items, puzzles and so on
- More ingame help and helpful transmissions
- Many bugfixes

You can go to my new downloads page to find links to campaign.


Update 1.02: 138 changes (01.12.2013)

- Added map victory cheat "-winmap" (cinematics, item-handling and abilities may become bugged)
- Added new ability Concentrate to Khadgar. Level 1: Shows visual aides at camera borders. Level 2: Also shows aides at some usable items and objects
- Replaced Attribute Bonus with Concentrate
- Multiple heroes can now be controlled at once
- Quest items are placed automatically
- Heroes are revived with 100% mana
- Camera will only change on selected hero on maps with multiple heroes
- It is no longer neccessary to step away from a chest to retry picklocking
- Decreased the amount of lock picks needed for most Chests by 1
- Increased movement speed of Haste from 30/40/50 to 35/45/55
- Fixed and rebalanced attack speed of Haste from 20/20/0 to 20/25/30
- Reduced cooldown of Realm of Time from 3 to 2 seconds

User Interface
- Repositioned Alchemy button
- Improved Flame Strike description to include trees
- Extended description of Portal ability to include Runes hints: Red: Teleport Enemy, Green: Teleport Hero, Yellow: Teleport item
- Improved description of Realm of Time, that it can only be used on "busy, distracted or demonic minds"
- Improved description of Steal
- Fixed several typos

- Cinematic areas in Karazhan will remain hidden
- Changed/added runes on Blighted Regions to appropriate colors

CHAPTER 1 - 18
- Increased experience gain at level 1 from 70% to 100%
- Decreased experience gain at level 2 from 70% to 50%
- Disabled experience gain at level 3
- Removed a Brigand at the Candle
- Increased size for transmission region before entering the mine field
- Increased activation region for third Resurrection Stone

User Interface
- Improved a hint about general gameplay
- Renamed player Environment to Strangers
- Added a hint for the Way Gate
- Improved description for Axe
- Added transmission to pick up Candle once all enemies are defeated
- Zombie ritual can now be skipped
- Changed transmission before the mine field to "I wonder what this Circle of Power is for"
- Added a transmission when revealing the first mines

- Repositioned a camera
- Repositioned some doodads
- Removed useless indestructible Rock Chunks
- Added one additional camera and changed some cameras at the weeds

CHAPTER 2 - 11
- Repositioned a book
- Now all fountains provide the Filled Vial
- Reduced life of Greater Voidwalker from 750 to 500
- Removed Slow and Mana from Sludge Flinger
- A Rune of Mana is created for every third killed enemy in the Library
- Improved Medivh's AI when he is chasing Khadgar
- Decreased movement speed of Medivh when fighting from 240 to 170
- Decreased Medivh's damage base from 79 to 56
- Decreased time needed to survive from 100 to 80 seconds

User Interface
- Added hint to use the minimap to orientate
- Improved hint for Secret Ingredient

CHAPTER 3 - 14
- Removed one Grunt from the first fight
- Repositioned a Dead Grunt
- Removed Shop Pawn from Keeper Statue
- Khadgar's life and mana will be refilled after fights
- Murloc will no longer spawn when Chest is opened
- Can use Haste and Alchemy as a Grunt

User Interface
- Improved description for Bullfrog
- Can start conversations with Lothar by clicking on him
- Renamed Orcish scouts to Orc scouts
- Improved help in transmissions of Goblin Alchemist
- Removed hint to sacrifice the Color of Rainbows
- Improved description of Color of Rainbows

- Added different visual aides for the Dead Warriors
- Removed Dead Warriors when the Force Fields are deactivated

- Increased duration for some transmissions

CHAPTER 4 - 13
User Interface
- Added option to skip Ismail's transmissions
- Increased duration of Ismail's transmissions
- Added transmission from Chester that Khadgar isn't allowed to go upstairs
- Removed text "Schut up!" from a transmission by Lothar
- Fixed text for Signed Papers
- Dialogues with Horace Kane, Albert Griswold and Duck Maylor can be skipped
- Improved hint on where to find Duck Maylor

- Exclamation mark is now properly removed when beating the Flip Coin Guy
- Added post sign to stairs in Bar
- Exclamation mark will not appear on Tracey if Khadgar has the Fake ID

- Decreased size of a tree at the mage quarter
- Changed some camera angles at the mage quarter
- Replaced an arched door at the mage quarter

CHAPTER 5 - 11
- Disabled Inventory and Haste only during Garona chase
- Added failsaife to move Garona if she moves out of the fight zone
- Increased level of Wind Walk for Garona from 1 to 2
- Removed Mirror Image from Garona after the demon fight
- Garona will start at level 5 and not gain experience

User Interface
- Important words in Order Messages now have capital letters
- Added transmission on where to find the Banquet Hall when the key is found
- Added a transmission to suggest to steal the Demon Damage Amplifier
- Added description of Demon Damage Amplifier to include "Can be used with fire spells."
- Improved general hint for two heroes

- Camera can no longer be moved manually after intro cinematic

CHAPTER 6 - 34
- Elixir of Water Walking is now a consumable item
- Heroes no longer need to move over water together
- Added a blocking doodad
- Garona will stop for a bit when nearing the first Warlock
- Can use Haste as a Grunt
- Can no longer teleport to Hungry Footman
- Can no longer teleport to Gold Troll
- Changed Forest Troll Warlord speed to 320
- Heroes will become vulnerable when taking the Gold Bag
- If a hero dies while carrying the Heavy Bag the game will fade out, reposition all orcs, humans, the bag, and fade back in again
- Added a Potion of Mana before the fighting group
- The first hero reaching the end becomes uncontrollable
- Disabled Garona's experience gain

User Interface
- Improved transmission at first peon
- Reduced the length of a tranmission at the Orc Rider
- Added floating text to the Hungry Grunt
- Added a transmission when planting the mines behind the Gold Troll
- Tranmission to destroy rocks will be displayed properly
- Improved transmission of Orc Rider about working peons
- Dialogue about disguise will not be shown if quest is already completed
- Added additional and changed some old transmissions about the Towers that can see Garona
- Added dialogue to not try and teleport the sasquatches
- Added transmission as to why the Gold Bag units see Garona
- Added transmission as to why the humans attack the heroes
- Reduced time to display Flame Strike hint from 60 to 45 seconds
- Last Floating Text will be destroyed

- Added an additional camera at the cropfield
- Removed a fence at the cropfield
- Camera will properly adjust when intro is skipped
- Camera will properly change when Garona moves to region Bunker1
- Added a small sequence when planting the mines behind the Gold Troll
- Added two Boulder Towers at Gold Troll
- Added a Circle of Power at the blight near the Gold Troll
- Increased angle of a camera

CHAPTER 7 - 15
- Decreased life of Statues to 50% + 10% per previously beaten Statue
- Dropped all items from Khadgar's inventory and gave him the Rules of Statue Combat when confronting Medivh
- Repositioned Chapel Swordsman

User Interface
- Added transmission that it is useless to kill rats, after 5 kills
- Improved transmission to go to the library after talking to the Main Hall Statue
- Renamed Blue Slime to Sludge Demon and Green Slime to Slime Demon
- More extensive information on how Statue Combat works, at the beginning the first fight
- Added floating texts for Khadgar's first move in Statue Combat: "Levi...", "Upo...", "Rene...", "Defo..."
- Cinematic before fighting Medivh can now be skipped
- Removed some transmissions when talking to the Statues
- Added transmission to find a book about praying
- Added transmission on where to find the Museum
- Added a hint about new combos when fighting the second Statue
- Floating Texts when fighting Medivh in the second round will be destroyed

- Added fire at the library exit when fighting the Slimes

- Readjusted duration for some transmissions

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