Lord of the Clans updated!

The update to my first WarCraft 3 campaign Lord of the Clans is now live!

Go to the downloads page to get it!

Features of Update 1.04

Retouched, redesigned!
- More than 400 fixes, balance changes and improvements
- Most maps have been rebalanced for maximum fun
- some maps are almost unrecognizable or completely new
- More open space, improved cinematics, better item placement

Chapter 2: New optional quest
Chapter 3: New optional quest, longer main quest, clear stealth gameplay
Chapter 4: New gameplay in the starting area: Thrall has limited vision, must find enemies and loot them for health.
Chapter 6: Retouched starting area. New unit Spearthrower.
Chapter 7: Completely new map!
Chapter 8: Countless changes to minigames, puzzles and fights

Read the changelog for the full list of changes. But then again it might be faster to just play it.

Update 1.04: 412 changes (24.01.2015)

- Thrall: Rage can no longer be cast on enemy units or catapults
- Thrall: Decreased duration of Rage from 40 to 30 seconds
- Thrall: Increased cast range of Rage from 0 to 300
- Thrall: Increased damage of War Stomp from 25/50/75 to 50/75/100
- Thrall: Decreased mana cost of War Stomp from 90 to 75
- Fixed abilities not being loaded properly form a previous chapter
- Removed unnecessary custom objects
- Removed some unnecessary duplicated trigger actions
- Custom objects are now stored in the campaign file instead of each map
- Added new unit Spearthrower
- New items: Wand of Chain Lightning, Wand of Lightning Shield (self), Wand of Far Sight
- Removed Slow, Abolish Magic and Bash from all Kobolds
- Removed Flee from Shades
- Removed custom Healing Salve
- Decreased map size
- Added more space in many areas
User Interface
- Thrall: Increased selection scale from 1.1 to 1.2
- Thrall: Fixed score screen icon
- Fixed quest descriptions
- Fixed spelling mistakes
- Changed icon of Catapult to classic Reign of Chaos icon

- Thrall: Increases scale from 1.0 to 1.2
- Thrall: Improved spell animations
- Removed unnecessary duplicated imports
- Replaced all non-Blizzard music with Blizzard music
- New model for Baby Thrall
- New model for Draka
- Changed Taretha's hair color to blonde
- - Increased detail in many areas
- Mixed Lordaeron Winter and Northrend tilesets
- Added fog
- Removed Thrall's death sequence
- Removed some wait times in cinematics
- Modified cinematics for new terrain

- Removed some dialogue
- Added and changed some cameras
- Removed some unnecessary doodads
- Replaced fel orcs with normal grunts
- Renamed Baby Thrall to Orc baby
- Fixed fight timings

CHAPTER 1 - 15
- Changed locations of some switches
- Changed some patrol routes and starting locations of guards
- Changed types of some droppable items
- Replaced some knights with footmen
- Repositioned some guards
- Fixed a bug that removed visibility from switches
- Replaced the Mortal Team with two Bandits
- Added 5 Tomes of Lesser Experience
- Changed ownership of all units of Player 5 (Citizens) to Player 3 (Citizens)
- Removed Player 5

User Interface
- Changed map title from "The Adventure Begins" to "Unchained"
- "Thrall must survive" is now a proper defeat condition

- Fixed a bug that stopped the music
- Removed a transmission from the Intro cinematic
- Fixed a bug that prevented Thrall from fighting in the Intro cinematic

CHAPTER 2 - 16
- Added more Trolls to starting area
- Added an optional quest to rescue some wolves
- Changed types of some droppable items
- Thrall can now flee through the main gate
- Removed a patrol guard
- Changed patrol route of a guard
- Second Escape quest is now completed when Thrall finds the Goblins
- Removed Player 9 (Guards)
- Imprisoned orcs are no longer invulnerable but periodically healed

User Interface
- Split requirement for quest Second Escape into two
- Find your belonging quest requirement will now be properly completed
- Renamed player Camp to Guards

- Fixed a quest sound bug
- The Rest cinematic is now triggered after killing all trolls
- Fixed duration of the Kelgar cinematic
- The correct peon is now moving to Thrall in the Kelgar cinematic

CHAPTER 3 - 35
- Thrall: Decreased experience gain at level 3 from 75% to 50%
- Thrall: Decreased experience gain at level 4 from 33% to 20%
- Food quest items now grant experience
- Removed the Paladin quest
- Added a new optional quest "The Bandit Lord"
- Completing the new optional quest will reveal all items for the main quest
- Replaced and changed location of some guards
- Decreased time for cave sequence
- Decreased time until Towers are destroyed when Barrels of Explosives explode
- Removed cheese/self-destroying barrel sequence
- Added hiding spots for more stealthy gameplay
- Added Ensnare to Swordsmen
- Added a hint abouts Ensnare
- Thrall will gain vision of Guards in an area when entering that area
- Removed a dog
- Removed a droppable item from a pack horse
- Increased level of attack upgrades for Guards from 0 to 3
- Added some bandits at the northeast exit
- The Exit quest is now completed when the last group of bandits is dead
- Fixed bug preventing Riflemen from shooting at practice targets
- A Knight will now attack Thrall if he gets too close to the children
- Fixed bug preventing Tom from fighting Jerry

User Interface
- Changed map title from "Hunger for your People" to "Hunger"
- The Food quest is now discovered after the Intro cinematic
- Added quest requirement "Find a village" to Food quest
- Removed optional quest "More Food". Its requirements are now part of the main quest
- Added quest requirement to all quests
- Changed text "Find the northeast exit" to "Flee through the northeast exit"
- Changed transmission "I don't need more food..." to "I have enough..."
- Added a transmission when Thrall is too close to the children
- Added minimap pings for each Food quest item
- Player 4 (Warsong clan) is now hidden in the Score Screen

- Removed the Lothar cinematic
- Removed the Paladin cinematic
- Remade Outro cinematic

- Replaced fel orcs with normal grunts
- Removed unnecessary objects in the scene
- Fixed some unit locations
- More cameras and improved camera movement
- Added some water to the terrain
- Changed the throne of Hellscream
- Removed all rats
- Changed color of fighting orcs to purple

CHAPTER 4 - 53
- Thrall: Decreased vision range in starting area
- Thrall: Life and Mana are refilled when seeing Grom or Taretha
- Thrall: Life now set to 100% when entering the Pacman game
- Thrall must now loot enemies for health to survive in the starting area
- Increased periodic damage to Thrall in the starting area
- Increased number of creeps in the starting area
- Removed all Healing Torches from the starting area
- Added numerous Runes of Healing and other helpful items to creeps
- Hellscream and Taretha now turn into hostile enemies that drop items when killed
- Added fast Spirit Pigs to the Pigs quest that will drop items when caught
- Removed all visibility modifiers for the Pigs quest
- Added a new visibility modifier that allows vision to the whole Pigs quest area
- Pigs quest net is now invulnerable
- Pigs quest will now stop when the timer runs out
- Removed a sheep
- All minigames (Book, Pigs and Pacman) will now restart when lost or Thrall dies
- Added some rewards for completing each miniquest
- Set life of all player units to 100% after the Ogre cinematic
- Thrall will no longer take damage form traps if invulnerable
- Added some Boulder Towers to the gnoll camp
- Repositioned some units at the gnoll camp
- Backpack upgrade is now disabled
- Decreased damage and hit points of all gnolls
- Added a Tome of Strength behind the Book quest area
- The Pacman speed items will no longer be usable multiple times during a single try
- Fixed a bug that prevented triggering the DrekTharAfterGnolls and Outro cinematics
- Ogre quest can now be started when the Pigs quest is completed instead of the Raiders vs Gnolls quest
- Increased terrain space in the starting area

User Interface
- Changed text of first hint
- Renamed leaderboard from "Hay - Pigs at Hay" to "Pigs - missed"
- "Thrall must live" is now a proper defeat condition
- Renamed quest "The Frostwolves" to "Alone and Cold"
- Added quest "The Frostwolves" whick displays which quests need to be completed
- Changed text "Free the base to..." to "Enter the gnoll camp"
- Changed text "Rescue the pigs" to "Rescue all pigs"
- Fixed a transmission that wouldn't play
- Added a bonus item at the gnoll camp
- Buildings wil no longer drop items
- Removed some blocking doodads at the Pigs quest spawning areas
- Redesigned the gnoll camp

- Decreased volume of the scary sound during the Durotan vision
- Changed model of item "Lord of the Alliance" to a book
- Game is now playing War2IntroMusic during the Pacman game
- Changed sky from Lordaeron Winter (Yellow) to Blizzard
- Added Magical Runes to help guide Thrall
- Added more space at the ogre camp
- Increased ramp space to final gnoll camp
- Removed a few cameras from the Intro cinematic
- Removed a transmission from the Intro cinematic
- Removed haze effects for all non-vision cinematics
- Fixed some errors with the MeetFrostwolves cinematic
- Removed the RaidersvsGnollsGate cinematic
- Fixed some errors with the Raiders vs Gnolls cinematics

CHAPTER 5 - 69
- Thrall: Increased experience gain at level 6 from 33% to 40%
- Thrall (Fire): Decreased Mana Drained Per Second of Immolation from 2 to 1
- Thrall is now properly revived when killed
- Air: Towers will no longer cast Taunt
- Air: Cinematic Tornado Thrall is no longer commandable
- Air: Decreased size of movement regions for the last group of hippogryphs
- Earth: Replaced Golems with Kobolds
- Earth: Bringing the keys to the Circle of Light will now spawn Kobolds
- Earth: Replaced Potions with Runes
- Fire: Removed all Rock Chunks
- Fire: Gate will no longer close
- Fire: Removed a Rune of Greater Healing
- Fire: Changed location of a Rune of Greater Mana
- Fire: Changed locations of some obstacles
- Fire: Replaced some Burning Archers with Skeletal Orcs
- Fire: Replaced the Staff of Negation with a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Fire: Decreased target acquisition range of all enemy units to 200
- Fire: Removed a Flame Skeleton
- Fire: Changed locations of some resurrectable Grunts
- Fire: Added two Runes of Resurrection
- Fire: Increased time between trap damage from 0.1 to 0.2 seconds
- Fire: All player units can now suffer trap damage
- Fire: Decreased hit points of Fire Beetles from 550 to 400
- Fire: Decreased time for elevator under water by 1 second
- Fire: Increased time for elevator above water by 1 second
- Fire: Added more space to area
- Water: Removed the last line of Logs
- Water: Replaced all Mur'gul Blood-Gills with Makrura Snappers
- Water: Summoners are now invulnerable
- Water: Mur'gul Tidewarriors will drop Runes of Mana when killed
- Water: Quest will now properly reset when Thrall is killed
- Water: Decreased target acquisition range of all enemy units to 150
- Wilds: Decreased size of area
- Wilds: Feral Spirit is now properly removed when ending the quest
- Wilds: Removed unnecessary damaging regions
- Wilds: Removed Runes of Life from the Stag path
- Wilds: Added Boulder Towers that will force the Stag to move back
- Wilds: Stag can no longer escape the playground
- Doomhammer: Removed Reincarnation from Doomhammer
- Doomhammer: Items will now appear every 8 seconds
- Doomhammer: Doomhammer will now attack each item after 4 seconds
- Doomhammer: Thrall's death will no longer trigger the Doomhamer cinematic
- Doomhammer: Replaced a Potion of Lesser Invulnerability with a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Replaced a Shimmerglaze Roast with a Wand of Lightning Shield
- Added a Potion of Mana and a Potion of Healing

User Interface
- Thrall (Wilds): Changed the hotkey of Feral Spirit to F
- Floating texts will be removed properly
- Renamed Strange Wanderer to Wanderer
- Fire: Changed initial hint to "Beware of the flame traps..."
- Earth: Changed initial hint to "Slay the enemies..."
- Water: Changed quest requirement to "Kill all 20 enemies"
- Wilds: Fixed initial hint

- Decreased scale of Spirit of Air
- Will no longer play object sounds during Fire cinematic
- Removed the Wind and Snow weather effects
- Earth: Removed some rocks
- Removed the Travel sequence from the Intro cinematic
- Removed some minor parts from the Intro cinematic
- Changed some camera angles in the Intro cinematic
- Removed first camera movement from the Earth cinematic
- Removed first camera movement from the Water cinematic
- Removed some minor parts form the Air cinematic
- Changed some camera angles in the Air cinematic
- Removed some minor parts from the Wilds cinematic
- Added pathing Blockers (Air) to the Wilds cinematic
- Improved camera movement in Doomhammer cinematic
- Improved text in Doomhammer cinematic
- Removed some parts from the Outro cinematic
- Game now removes all buffs at the start of a cinematic

CHAPTER 6 - 61
- Thrall: Fixed a bug with starting abilities
- Langston: Increased initial mana from 30% to 100%
- Langston: Removed abilities Holy Light and Resurrection
- Langston: Increased hero level for 8 to 10
- Decreased experience gain for all heroes at level 7 from 50% to 20%
- Doomhammer and Hellscream can now be revived at the new Altar of Storms
- Removed all starting items from Doomhammer and Hellscream
- Thrall can now be revived after his escape
- Game can only be lost if Thrall dies while escaping
- Redesigned Breakout area
- Player will now start with a few units at the Breakout area
- Removed time pressure from Breakout area
- Replaced escaping grunts with normal grunts
- Replaced camp guards with footmen
- Removed escaping peons
- Removed optional quest "The Items"
- The Orc's Rescue is now part of the Main Quest
- Changed The Orc's Rescue objective to destroy the gate
- Changed locations of two Barracks
- Changed locations of War Mill, Catapults and Neutral Buildings
- Removed most creeps
- Added golems to the northeast that drop a Helm of Valor
- Decreased cost of Ankh of Reincarnation from 300 to 200 gold
- Ankh of Reincarnation can now be dropped
- Increased costs of all upgrades and mercenary units
- Removed Staff of Teleportation from the Goblin Merchant
- Added Wand of Chain Lightning and Wand of Lightning Shield to the Goblin Merchant
- Replaced Dire Frost Wolf with Spearthrower in Drek'Thar's camp
- The War Mill now produces 50 Food
- Added more Guard Towers
- Added an optional quest to rescue elite orcs
- Removed player 3 (Citizens)
- Set Stock Maximum for Catapults, Frost Wolves and Spearthrowers to 3 seconds
- Set Stock Replenish Interval for Catapults, Frost Wolves and Spearthrowers to 30 seconds
- Set Stock Start Delay for Catapults, Frost Wolves and Spearthrowers to 0 seconds
- Frost Wolves and Spearthrowers to 3/30 seconds/0 seconds
- Added Boots of Speed
- Increased damage of Guard Towers from 23-28 to 33-38
- Doomhammer's items will be transferred to Chapter 7
- Added Elite Guard Towers
- Increased base damage of Watch Towers from 15 to 60

User Interface
- Doomhammer: New icon
- Langston: Changed name "Paladin" to "Chief Lieutenant"
- Langston: Changed proper name "Lord Karramyn Langston" to "Karramyn Langston"
- Changed hotkey of Shaman Adept/Master Training to "H"
- Removed the hint to kill creeps
- Removed hint about custom Healing Salve
- Renamed Bodyguard to Elite Knight
- Barracks leaderboard will now be updated correctly

- Langston: Level Up graphics are now hidden
- Replaced Great Hall doodads with Orc Houses (Burrows)
- Added a way to cross between the two Barracks expansions
- Fixed skip bug in Intro cinematic
- Removed some parts in the Intro cinematic
- Removed Flame Strike effect that appeared at the center of the map
- Watch Towers from the Intro cinematic are now preplaced
- Cinematic mode will no longer be deactivated at the end of the outro cinematic
- Moved Thrall's speech to the starting area in the Outro cinematic
- Player 12 Grunts now belong to Player 1 in the Outro cinematic
- Player 4 starting units are no longer hidden in Outro cinematic
- All kinds of Spirit Wolves are removed for the cinematics

CHAPTER 7 - 38
- Thrall: Increased starting level from 5 to 8 if not restored from game cache
- Hellscream: Increased starting level from 5 to 8 if not restored from game cache
- Doomhammer's items are now imported from Chapter 6
- Complete gameplay redesign
- Removed most of old Durnholde
- Changed locations of all players' bases
- Removed all optional quests
- Removed many creeps
- Refined enemy AI
- Enemies will now research upgrades
- Enemies will now attack in different tiers after some time
- Now able to control player base while looking for Taretha
- Reset speed and food cost of all enemy units
- Can now research Burning Oil and Reinforced Defenses
- Peons will stop harvesting while in a cinematic
- Can now train Spearthrowers from the Barracks
- Can now upgrade Envenomed Weapons from the War Mill
- Removed player 3 (Citizens)
- Player has to destroy all buildings of Durnholde (Grey) except Farms and Towers
- Removed all tech tree requirements for enemy units
- Player 9 (Durnholde) will no longer rebuild his base
- Added a new optional quest to free captured elite orcs
- Units surviving the Taretha quest will now be brought over to the main area
- Game is now lost when all player structures are destroyed
- Added runes, bundles of lumber and gold coins on the road to Taretha
- Added elite knight to each enemy base
- Removed defeat condition for Drek'Thar's death
- When killed, Drek'Thar will come back to life after 30 seconds
- Increased target acquisition range of Drek'Thar from 1250 to 1700
- Drek'Thar will now only teleport to structures

User Interface
- No longer required to press ESC twice to skip the TarethaAndBlackmoore cinematic
- Changed quest requirement "Destroy the four..." to "Destroy the Grey Base"
- Added quest requirement to not attack Durnholde while looking for Taretha
- Fixed description for Spirit Lodge
- Decreased time between minimap pings from 20 to 12 seconds
- Removed Frost Wolf hint

- Complete terrain redesign
- Removed all cinematics associated with optional quests

CHAPTER 8 - 68
- Thrall: Decreased experience gain from 100% to 45%
- Thrall: Increased starting level from 8 to 9 when not restored from game cache
- Cloak of Shadows will no longer be removed at map start
- Removed player 12 (Vagabonds)
- Removed player 4 (Neutral)
- All enemy units (except Blackmoore) are now neutral hostile
- Added Tomes of Experience to multiple enemies
- Blackmoore will now appear from time to time
- Changed general layout to be less linear
- Many areas are now connected via Way Gates
- Spiders: Added numerous spider eggs
- Spiders: Now all spider eggs hatch when Thrall approaches them
- Spiders: Spiders no longer cast Ensnare
- BlueFlames: Redesined area
- BlueFlames: Changed position and number of flame traps
- BlueFlames: Added more types of traps
- BlueFlames: Added more enemy units
- BlueFlames: Replaced Circlet of Nobility with Cloak of Flames
- Sheep: Redesigned area
- Sheep: Player can now control sheep directly
- Sheep: Added ability Kaboom! to all sheep
- Sheep: Sheep will be replaced infinitely
- Sheep: Increased controllable number of sheep from 1 to 3
- Sheep: Removed teleporters, Iron Gates and Switches
- Sheep: Added a Blood Mage that casts Flame Strike
- Sheep: Player now has to guide sheep to destroy a Power Generator
- Sheep: Added vision to the area
- Glaives: Redesined area
- Glaives: Increased damage region of glaives
- Glaives: Increased attack check rate of glaives
- Glaives: Set attack rate of glaives to 1.45 seonds
- Glaives: Increased damage of glaives from 100 to 150
- Glaives: Added new types of glaives with different movement
- Glaives: Added hostile Satyrs
- Glaives: Added vision to the area
- Glaives: Added a Rune and a Healing Potion
- Glaives: Added two switches which activate a Way Gate
- Flood: Removed Rising Water doodads and gameplay mechanics
- Flood: Redesigned area
- Flood: Added a transport ship
- Flood: Added gates
- Flood: Added more types of Water Elementals and Earth-Fury Towers
- Flood: Earth-Fury Towers now drop items
- Bandits: Redesigned area
- Bandits: Removed the Charing Pan, Rock Chunks and Catapult
- Bandits: Replaced Shadow Meld of Brigands with Permanent Invisibility
- Bandits: Added Slow Poison to Brigands
- Bandits: Added Sentry Ward items
- Bandits: Removed all Land Mines
- Endfight: Removed Flesh Golem and Switches
- Endfight: Runes will now be created before a fire
- Endfight: After a while two fires will be created
- Endfight: Blackmoore: Decreased reaction time to items from 2.0 to 1.5 seconds
- Endfight: Blackmoore: No longer moves unless there is an item
- Endfight: Blackmoore: Removed ability Shockwave
- Endfight: Blackmoore: Added ability Drunken Haze
- Endfight: Blackmoore: No longer takes damage from fire

User Interface
- Renamed Teleporter to Circle of Power
- Changed main quest requirement text to "Kill Aedelas Blackmoore"
- The quest completed message is now displayed before the Outro cinematic
- Sheep: Renamend Mechanical Sheep to Explosive Sheep

- Added sound to Fire units
- Endfight: Music theme will be repeated until victory
- Endfight: Music theme will no longer deactivate when minimizing the game
- Increased scale of Brood Mother
- Removed the Dalaran Shield weather effect
- Moved Thrall further away from the Gate in the Fight cinematic
- Removed a minor scene in the Outro cinematic

- Merged the modified Chapter 1 and the new Chapter 7
- Complete remake of camera and unit movement
- Removed some minor scenes and dialogue
- Removed rain effect
- Combined credits of "Idea and Execution" and "Triggers" into "Design"
- Removed "Music" credits
- Added additional "Models, Skins and Art" credits and named them "Additional Art and Music"
- Added  ChevronSeven, Tauer, Frankster, Stanakin sniper_zero and darklord_avalon to the credits
- Removed Blizzard, Gladiator and The Matrix Trilogy from the credits


  1. Uh oh... I am playing it again! Nice job, keep up the good work! (P.S. I had to sign out of google 3 times to post this comment xD!)

  2. It will never stop impressing me how much effort that people like you put into this. I don't think I could ever find the time for something like this.


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