Shadow of the Xel'Naga Update 1.1 and YouTube Series

Over the past days I updated all maps of my StarCraft II co-op campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga. There aren't many changes, mostly text changes and some bug fixes; so it's a typical 1.1 patch for me.

What's more interesting is that a Youtuber named JayborinoPlays has started video walkthroughs on both Shadow of the Xel'Naga and Lord of the Clans. Make sure to check them out!

Below you can see a list of changes for Shadow of the Xel'Naga 1.1.

Update 1.1: 47 fixes

All maps - 1
- Disabled access to Game Privacy in the Lobby.

Chapter 1 - 5
- Cow Fall sound is now a 3D sound.
- Removed transmission "I do." when encountering the Spider Mines.
- Changed transmission "My car is out of fuel." to "My car doesn't fit..."
- Added transmission when returning Gas to Rastin.
- Changed "Approximate playtime" in Map Info from 50 to 40 minutes.

Chapter 2 - 5
- Changed info text of Bottle of Wine from "...given to Wes." to "...given to someone."
- Changed tooltip of Gather from "...MULE..." to "...the Robo-Harvester...".
- Removed " a ranged weapon to kill enemy units from a distance or..." from tooltip/tip of Energizer.
- Game will no longer spawn Mineral Crystals during the Beat Artifact cinematic.
- Octavia will enter the Robo-Harvester before leaving in the Victory cinematic.

Chapter 3 - 16
- Fixed a bug that prevented Terran from building Siege Tanks.
- Added an Academy so Terran can send Firebats.
- Fixed a bug that allowed Terran to sent only 1 Vulture.
- Moved a Siege Tank closer to a Bunker.
- Added more SCVs for Terran at difficulties Normal, Hard, and Insane.
- Reduced delay for the first Terran attack wave from 60 to 30 seconds.
- Repositioned some Terran units for more space.
- Added a delay of 30 seconds for the first Protoss attack wave against Zerg.
- Moved Gather point of Protoss vs Zerg closer to Protoss base.
- Added Waypoints for all Protoss waves.
- Fixed a bug that made some Protoss units invulnerable.
- Added an Ultralisk Cavern so Zerg can send Ultralisks.
- Increased number of Zerglings sent by 1.
- Zerg units will now receive damage over time when close to the Protoss expansion.
- Intro cinematic Arbiters are now properly removed.
- Changed "Approximate playtime" in Map Info from 50 to 40 minutes.

Chapter 4 - 4
- Completing Area 1 will now reward 500 Minerals to each player unless they already have 1000 or more Minerals.
- Decreased life of Ultralisk from 1260/1440/1620/1800 to 1190/1360/1530/1700.
- Lurkers will no longer unburrow when attacking.
- Decreased the number of enemies in the final attack wave.

Chapter 5 - 5
- Decreased Sight Radius of Marine from 9 to 7.
- Reduced Minimum Scan Range of all guards from 5 to 1.
- Added a Siege Tank without Radar for the Intro cinematic.
- Fixed a typo.
- Added website to Info.

Chapter 6 - 5
- Camera no longer pans when trapping the Zerglings.
- Added more information to Medic - Heal tooltip.
- Lurkers will no longer unburrow when attacking.
- Replaced death animations in the Outro cinematic with Vortex models.
- Fixed a typo.

Chapter 7 - 6
- Changed loading screen help text.
- Reduced time between units spawning at the Artifact from 60 to 25 seconds.
- Added Vortex effect to Zerg and Protoss at the Artifact.
- Changed text of some transmissions.
- Darkened tint color and increased scale for rescued Alpha Squadron units in the Outro cinematic.
- Changed after credits text from Technical Designer to Game Mission Designer.

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