New maps and variable difficulty for Lord of the Clans released!

This is no April Fools Joke: I just updated my first WarCraft III campaign Lord of the Clans. It features new maps and variable difficulty. The old Prologue has been turned into a playable map, complete with new heroes, abilities and quests There's also a new Prologue map so you can learn more about Gul'dan and the Shadow Council. I also added variable difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, and Hard) and improved overall balancing. Additionally the update has over 250 changes, including new models, new music, plenty of bug fixes and more.

Check out the downloads page or to download the campaign.

Read the changelog for the full list of changes.

Update 1.05: 250 changes (07.05.2016)

New maps
- New prologue "The Shadow Council"
- Old prologue "Live and Let Die" is now a playable map (see Chapter 1)

- Thrall: Decreased stun time of Storm Bolt on normal units from 5 to 4 seconds
- Thrall: Decreased stun time of Storm Bolt on heroes from 3 to 2 seconds
- Thrall: Decreased stun time of War Stomp on heroes from 2/3/4 to 1/2/3 seconds
- Thrall: Added Tattered Cloth item
- Thrall: No longer gains 100% experience from kills on every map
- Thrall: Can now learn Evasion before Chapter 9
- Thrall: Changed main attribute to Intelligence
- Drek'Thar: Removed inventory
- Added variable difficulty levels
- Heroes now become invulnerable when a victory cinematic starts
- Increased hit points of Frost Wolves from 750 to 1000
- Removed defeat condition "Do not kill innocent people"
- Decreased stock start delay of Tome of Retraining, Scroll of Protection, and Scroll of Healing from 440 to 10 seconds

User Interface
- Thrall: Changed unit name from "Grunt" to "Gladiator"
- Thrall: Fixed description of Rage
- New loading screens
- Removed loading screen titles (Prologue, Interlude, Epilogue) from cinematic maps
- Changed hotkey layout for hero abilities to QWER
- Will no longer fade out when mission fails
- Decreased time between some minimap pings
- Fixed various typos

- Music volume is no longer overriden via trigger
- Added more water sound effects
- New model for Durotan by Tauer
- New unit model for Thrall by Tenebrae
- New weapon model for Thrall by Sunchips
- Changed model of Tattered Cloth
- Fixed minor terrain issues
- Thrall: Removed all buffs in some cinematics
- New tracks from World of Warcraft for some cinematics
- Improved terrain and cameras for Frostwolf camp
- Improved various cinematics

- Added playable content
- Play as Durotan and Draka
- New custom abilities

User Interface
- Renamed Orc baby to Son of Durotan

- Different terrain and camera movement

CHAPTER 2 - 19
- Thrall: Changed starting hit points from 400 to 450/350/250
- Thrall: Will no longer stop at the Murlocs
- Added more enemies on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Removed an enemy on Easy difficulty
- The Prophet is now removed after the intro cinematic
- Increased night sight radius of Dog from 800 to 1800
- Increased movement speed of Dog from 260 to 400
- Removed most barrels and crates that do not contain items
- Vision with the dog is now shared when it tries to exit the village
- Added two Runes of Restoration
- Replaced a Tome of Experience with a Tome of Intelligence
- Replaced all Guard Towers with Scout Towers
User Interface
- Added more info to the loading screen text
- Player 12 is now hidden in the score screen
- Renamed quest "The Escape" to "Escape"
- Removed transmission about Murlocs

- Replaced some trees with rocks
- Moved rain area
- Turned off day/night cycle

CHAPTER 3 - 22
- Added a hidden item at the start of the map
- Orcs and humans will no longer fight each other after the Kelgar cinematic
- Thrall will be moved to the secret exit after the Kelgar cinematic
- Two footmen will be ordered to attack-move into the internment camp after the Kelgar cinematic
- Thrall will now start with a Food item
- Removed some Runes
- Repositioned some enemy units and the Fountain of Health
- Removed a Forest Troll Hut
- Decreased target acquisition range of Murlocs from 500 to 200
- Replaced a Tome of Intelligence with a Tome of Agility
- Increased hit points of Timber Wolves from 300 to 400
- Bundles of Lumber are now invulnerable

User Interface
- Thrall: Is now selected after the intro cinematic
- The final Forest Troll Warlord will no longer speak if he is dead
- Removed Thrall's transmission about an escape route
- Improved the hint after getting the objective to flee

- Thrall can no longer be moved at the start of cinematics
- Timber Wolves are now hidden for all cinematics
- Will no longer create a rain weather effect during the Rest cinematic
- Will now always set the time of day to 12 am when the Rest cinematic is skipped
- Time of day speed is now set to 50% and the map time starts at 8pm
- Removed untargetable Cages

CHAPTER 4 - 24
- Thrall: Will now start at level 4 if not restored from game cache
- Decreased experience gain from Food items from 40 to 30
- Removed True Sight from Shades
- Replaced Potions of Speed with Runes of Speed
- Replaced a Tome of Agility wih a Tome of Intelligence +2
- Riflemen and Assassins will no longer practice with the Archery Target
- Changed patrol route of a Rifleman
- Changed locations of some bandits
- Villagers no longer turn into Guards. Instead they flee from Thrall
- Armor upgrades are set to 1 for Player 9 (Guards) on Hard difficulty
- Added a Tome of Strength +2
- Replaced a Scroll of Protection with a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Trolls and humans will no longer fight each other before Thrall arrives
- Changed locations of some pathing blockers

User Interface
- Fixed a bug that displayed the Swordsman Net tip too soon
- Added a transmission when trying to exit the village too soon
- Thrall is now selected after the cave sequence
- Renamed Bandit Leader to Rogue (transmission only)
- Player 3 (Citizens) is now hidden in the score screen
- Changed quest requirement to "Gather 10 food items"
- Added defeat condition "Thrall must survive"

- Changed sound effect to "failed" when Thrall dies
- Added initial fade out for Intro cinematic
- The Gate is now closed after the Rest cinematic
- The Grunts fighting Thrall will no longer walk away
- The Grunts fighting Thrall will face random angles when knocked out
- A Grunt will face Thrall after destroying the cage
- The Orc Warlock will no longer move to confront Thrall
- Will play a sound effect when Hellscream first appears

CHAPTER 5 - 58
- Thrall: Now starts at level 5 if not restored from game cache
- Changed damage to Thrall in starting area from 1 per 0.15 seconds to 6/8/10 per 1 second
- Disabled sleeping for all creeps
- Replaced Pigs in "Raiders vs Gnolls" quest with Frostwolf Cubs
- The map now ends in defeat when more than 2 Raiders die
- Replaced all Rock Golems with Elder Wendigos
- Added some Tomes to the starting area
- Decreased time for Pigs quest from 150 to 120 seconds
- Decreased number of pigs required to lose Pigs quest from 8 to 6
- Replaced the High Elven Barracks with an Orc Barracks
- When all catapults have been destroyed a new one is instantly created
- The Mountain Giant will now also drop a Rune of Restoration
- Replaced Wand of Mana Stealing with a Mana Stone
- Can no longer drop the item Lord of the Alliance
- The pigs in the breeding place are now invulnerable
- Removed a Healing Salve
- Replaced a Potion of Speed with a Rune of Speed
- Will now only remove Runes of Speed and Bundles of Lumber in the Pacman area
- Bundles of Lumber and Runes of Speed are now invulnerable
- Replaced a Scroll of Regeneration with a Tome of Intelligence +2
- Pigs' guard position is now ignored
- Decreased collision size of Spirit Pig from 16 to 1.5
- Increased life of Spirit Pig from 120 to 999
- Pigs entering hay area are now removed after 2 seconds

User Interface
- Is now accessible by completing Chapter 4 as well as the Interlude
- New backstory for "Raiders vs Gnolls" quest
- Renamed quest "Raiders vs Gnolls" to "Alterac Cubs"
- Removed duplicate minimap pings
- Cubs Leaderboard now starts at 14 and counts down for each rescued cub
- Pillage is now disabled
- Removed the hint about repairing catapults
- Changed Pigs timer window title from "Help" to "Time Remaining"
- The item Lord of the Alliance is no longer marked as usable or sellable
- Renamed Pacman Ogre Maulers to Ogre Bashers
- Added a hint for the Pacman quest: There is no need to right-click each item
- Decreased selection scale of Spirit Pig from 2 to 1
- Pigs now belong to Player 3 (Pigs)
- Fixed bug mixing some names in cinematic transmissions

- Removed way to the Ogre camp
- Removed some blocking elements from the Ogre quest area
- Removed some Rock Chunks
- Replaced a Forest Troll Hut with an Ice Troll Hut
- Renamed Pacman Ogre Maulers to Ogre Bashers
- Added a hint for the Pacman quest: There is no need to right-click each item
- Will no longer show an Exclamation Mark on Uthul
- Blackmoore will now be removed when the intro cinematic is skipped
- Fixed bug when Thrall lost an item during the Frostwolf cinematic
- Thrall will no longer remain invulnerable during the Frostwolves cinematic
- Fixed a bug preventing the map from ending when skipping the Outro cinematic
- The fake Thrall in the MeetFrostwolves cinematic will now be properly removed
- Will now play normal game music when skipping the MeetFrostwolves cinematic
- Fixed Raiders ensnaring Cubs in CubsWin cinematic
- Fixed a bug ordering Ogres to run away in OgreTowers cinematic
- Will no longer reveal an area of the map after the Frostwolves cinematic
- Can no longer play the Outro cinematic twice
- Fixed sound regions
- Decreased height of Frost Traps

CHAPTER 6 - 35
- Thrall: Now starts with Evasion if not restored from game cache
- Replaced Grunts with Spearthrowers in Fire quest
- Removed some wait times when winning a Spirit quest
- Treelogs will now move immediately when the Water quest starts
- Removed wait time when Thrall dies during the Wilds quest
- Increased fire trap damage from 25 to 20/30/40
- Added some items for Doomhammer on Normal and Hard difficulties
- Removed Player 3 (Teal)
- Fixed a bug that caused the Elevator in the Fire quest to always cause damage
- Fixed a bug that prevented Thrall from being resurrected
- Changed locations of some enemies in the Fire quest
- Replaced all items in the Doomhammer fight with Runes of Healing/Mana
- Doomhammer will now try to pick items up instead of destroying them
- Increased time between item spawns in Doomhammer fight from 4 to 7 seconds
- Decreased time until Doomhammer tries to interact with an item from 4 to 2 seconds
- Removed damage effect from Fire elevator
- Can no longer fail the Air quest once Thrall has reached the target
- Moved starting positions of Thrall and Doomhammer in the fight
- Added some blocking elements to the Water quest

User Interface
- Changed map title from "The Path of the Shaman" to "Path of the Shaman"
- Thrall (Tornado): Renamed Tornado to Thrall
- Quest Failed message will no longer appear multiple times when Thrall dies
- Changed hint to "The treelogs can damage Thrall when he gets too close."
- Changed hotkey for all unique Spirit abilities to "D"
- Removed level information from Chain Lightning and Feral Spirit
- Removed number of enemies in the Spirit of Water quest requirement
- The Earth Key Leaderboard will now appear 2 seconds earlier
- Changed Earth Hint to "...Go to the Circle of Power in the east to open the gate."
- Changed Water Leaderboard Value from "Left" to "Alive"

- Changed some snow cliffs to grass cliffs
- Replaced Summoner in Water cinematic with an Sea Elemental
- Removed all remaining Summoners
- All items on the ground will be removed when the Outro cinematic starts
- Removed Mission Failed sound effect
- Fire Elevator sound effect will no longer play after the Fire area is completed

CHAPTER 7 - 17
- Thrall: Now starts at level 6 if not restored from game cache
- Thrall: Attack is now ranged
- Orcs are now rescued by attacking their guards
- Removed some enemies on the way to the elite orcs
- Changed owner of the Town Hall to Neutral Passive
- Added defeat condition "Thrall must survive"

User Interface
- Changed map title from "The End of a Legend" to "The Horde Awakens"
- Thrall: Decreased revive cost from 425 to 100 gold
- Thrall: Decreased revive time from 55 to 10 seconds
- Doomhammer: Changed display order of abilities
- Drek'Thar: Decreased target acquisition range to 200
- Renamed player Camp Guards to Guards
- The optional quest is now discovered 20 seconds after the Gate was destroyed
- Added a hint that Thrall can be revived at the Altar of Storms after the Gate was destroyed

- Replaced invulnerable trees with rocks
- All summoned units are now removed for the outro cinematic
- Removed a superfluous Drek'Thar in the outro cinematic

- Game will no longer wait for enemy buildings to dissipate to complete the quest requirement
- Shared vision with Keep as soon as the quest requirement is active

User Interface
- Changed map title from "The Green Storm" to "Siege of Durnholde"

- All buffs are now removed from Thrall for the Taretha cinematic
- Changed owner of the Keep to Neutral Passive

CHAPTER 9 - 24
- Blackmoore: Replaced Shockwave with Endurance Aura
- Blackmoore: Replaced Devotion Aura with Unholy Aura
- Blackmoore: Removed ability Avatar
- Blackmoore: Increased mana regeneration
- Replaced Satyrs with Mutants and Skeletons
- Replaced a Scroll of Healing with a Rune of Restoration
- Every fourth item in the Endfight will be a Rune of Mana
- Reduced reaction time of Blackmoore to pick up an item from 1.5 to 1 second
- Slightly changed cliff blocking in Endfight
- Slightly moved items towards corners in Endfight
- Added a Rune of Restoration
- Decreased target acqusition range of Blood Mage from 600 to 200
- Added more Sentry Wards
- Replaced a Scroll of Mana with a Rune of Greater Mana

User Interface
- Camera will now pan pan when entering the spider lair
- Added a hint for the Tower items

- Removed some Circles of Power
- Removed all Support Columns in the Invisible Bandits area
- Added walls to the Water area
- Decreased scale of Obelisks in Endfight area
- The spike traps will no longer be audible while the Intro cinematic is playing
- Fire units are removed befor the fight cinematic
- Fixed a bug that prevented the Fight cinematic from playing
- The Water Spike and Flame Traps will no longer be activated during the Fight cinematic

- Added JonayMartin, HeeWonLee, ANachron, PeeKay, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, INSEKT, Sin'dorei300, Hemske, Kitabatake, supertoinkz, Epsilon, tauer, Sunchips, jatter2, -Grende, Xaran Alamas, Tenebrae, -Berz-, and KILLCIDE to credits

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  1. Hey man , I just got a bug on the chapter 6 of the campaign "path of the shaman" wherein I can't proceed to the test of the air lord something like that cause the birds that your suppose to evade is invincible , if I update would that fix my problem?


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