The Last Guardian 1.05

Hey guys,

the past months I have been updating my third WarCraft 3 campaign The Last Guardian.

Features include:
- Revamped inventory system: A dialog now prompts the player to use an item or combine it with another item.
- Multiple difficulty levels that change the amount of enemies, items, and help with solving puzzles.
- Magic Stash that provides 6 additional inventory slots and can be teleported to Khadgar.
- Lockpicking now works via abilities
- Almost 200 other bugfixes/gameplay changes

You can download the update from or by going to the downloads page on this blog.

See below for a complete list of changes:

Update 1.05: 196 changes (11.06.2017)

- Items: Items are no longer directly used or combined
- Items: A dialog now prompts the player to use an item or combine it with another item
- Items: New ability Magic Stash. Can store items and be summoned to wherever Khadgar is
- Items: Added "useless" items on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Items: Increased Speed Bonus of Potion of Speed from 0.6 to 1.0
- Increased Speed Bonus of Potion of Greater Speed from 1.0 to 1.6
- Lockpicking: Removed Chest Keys on Hard difficulty
- Lockpicking: Changed number of maximum attempts on Chests from 3 to 2/3/4
- Lockpicking: Replaced Arrow Keys-lockpicking with an ability-based lockpicking system
- Lockpicking: Now costs 15 mana for each try
- Lockpicking: Alchemy (and Magic Stash) no longer available while lockpicking
- Lockpicking: Camera will no longer move in RTS mode when lockpicking
- Added difficulty selection (Easy, Normal, Hard)
- Added more enemies on Normal and Hard difficulty
- User control is disabled less often
- Removed casting time of Flame Strike
- Increased cooldown of Alchemy from 2.0 to 2.2 seconds
- Added visibility to some areas in Karazhan
- Added boundaries that block vision in some areas in Karazhan

User Interface
- Items: Removed transmissions which tell the player which items are missing when trying to combine
- Items: Added generic transmissions "I can't use it by itself." and "I can't combine these."
- Items: Fixed description of Mind Egg
- Lockpicking: Removed "I think that was wrong" transmission while lockpicking
- Fixed description of Alchemy
- Some dialog titles now use multiple lines
- Some hints will no longer be displayed on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Fixed some typos

- Items: ItemReceived sound is now played more often when creating non-Alchemy items
- Items: Added a special effect when successfully using or combining items
- Items: Replaced ItemReceived with Feedback sound when using Alchemy
- Lockpicking: Added green and red color to floating texts
- Added sound effect for Portal
- Added sound effect for Transfer Items
- Changed ownership of Garona to Player 1 (Red) for cinematics
- Can no longer see green Glowing Runes before going to the Secret Room in Karazhan
- Replaced some trees in Karazhan
- Decreased height of selection circle of low-flying Gryphons
- Added static terrain/object shadows
- Removed stun when using Steal
- Improved effects when using Steal
- Increased scale of Khadgar's head by Cuore

CHAPTER 1 - 19
- Khadgar's Pouch can now be dropped
- The Axe can now be dropped
- Replaced Clarity Potion with a Potion of Healing
- Added a Rune of Healing
- Decreased life of Gargoyles from 230 to 200
- Decreased Gargoyle base damage from 60 to 25
- Gargoyles will no longer use Stone Form after being left alone
- Gargoyles are now targeted as ground units

User Interface
- Changed quest requirement "Find the ceremony book" to "Find the ritual book"
- Added transmission about finding a Magic Stash
- The first conversation with the Renegade Wizard can now be skipped

- Added Player 4 (Strangers)
- Changed ownership of most hostile units to Player 4
- Smoothed the terrain on the way to the Renegade Wizard
- Decreased height of Gargoyles from 240 to 100
- The Clockwerk Goblin is now moved back after repairing the Observatory
- Added special effects when creating the Ghosts
- Changed ownership of Professor Marvel to Player 11
- Replaced Shimmering Portal with Force Wall

CHAPTER 2 - 19
- Added more answers in the interviews on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Increased talk range of Wraith in the Chapel
- Added bonus damage when Medivh attacks Khadgar on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Medivh will now only teleport if he is below Khadgar or far away from him
- Enemies at the Library can now drop Wands of Chain Lighting
- Changed positions of Khadgar and Medivh when the final fight is restarted
- Swapped position of some Karazhan Books
- Decreased time for GoneMad quest from 80 to 70/75/80 seconds

User Interface
- Changed text some answers in the interviews
- Changed order of some answers in the interviews
- Both conversations with Moroes can now be skipped
- Added a camera pan to Khadgar when the final fight is restarted
- Swapped icons of some Karazhan Books
- Added hint about fleeing from Medivh on Easy difficulty

- The Battle music when fighting Medivh will now repeat
- Game will wait until Khadgar is revived for the final fight before fading in
- The Resurrection Stone effect will now play when Khadgar is in his quarters
- Swapped models of some Karazhan Books
- Old Khadgar will no longer run away in the Outland cinematic

CHAPTER 3 - 22
- Moved Bullfrom slightly to the south
- Moved Axe to the east swamp area
- The Orc Helmet and Orc Armor are now usable
- Added patroling guards at the orc camp on Normal and Hard difficulty

User Interface
- Changed unit origin of some transmissions during the fights
- The initial conversations with Lothar's men can now be skipped
- Can now skip the conversations about the force field and spying
- Removed some transmissions when being interviewed by Lothar
- Moved first question of second Lothar interview to first Lothar interview
- Moved second question of second Lothar interview to last Lothar interview
- Added more detailed titles to some Lothar dialog buttons
- Renamed "A Hero's Curl" to "A Champion's Curl"
- Added hint about attacking Lothar on Easy difficulty

- New model for Bullfrog by General Frank
- Added doodads around the Bullfrog
- Moved flowers away from Circle of Power at start area
- Khadgar will no longer turn shortly after the intro cinematic
- Changed model of Log to Bundle of Lumber
- Added Water sound effects to the north east
- Increased scaling of Skink from 1.0 to 1.6
- Changed camera movement for the last two interview answers
- Added HumanVictory to the outro cinematic

- Changed some sound effects when Medivh is repairing the Telescope

CHAPTER 4 - 30
- The Potions of Sensation can no longer be used outside the Observatory
- The Golden Tooth can now be used
- The Golden Tooth is now purchased from a shop on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Swapped vendors for Bomb and Radar
- Can no longer get behind the counter in the tavern
- Added more blocking around the Workshop
- Can no longer use the Staff of Teleportation while in combat

User Interface
- All Tavern conversations can now be skipped
- Camera bounds are now restricted when inside a building
- Most conversations with the Honor Guards can now be skipped
- Decreased some wait time when being checked by the Honor Guards
- Changed icon of Mana Orb
- Replaced Fire Fighter transmissions with floating texts
- The conversations with Cutty can now be skipped
- Khadgar will now stop when approaching Lothar or the Honor Guards
- Changed camera pan after killing the Mutated Sheep
- All DuckMaylor conversations can now be skipped
- Added a hint about Flame Strike on Easy and Hard difficulty
- Conversation with Albert will not start until Khadgar is inside his building
- Fixed description of Banana
- Dialogue where Khadgar shows Medivh the Demon book can now be skipped
- Added additional hint about the Destroyable Fountain
- Removed "Wreak havoc!" hint

- Removed a pillar doodad in the Harbor
- Added Line of Sight blockers around buildings
- The bar citizens will now start attacking each other after the Intro cinematic
- Exclamation mark on Cutty will now be removed 2-3 seconds later
- Fixed bug that prevented DoorSlam sound from playing
- the DoorSlam sound is now 2D
- Increased level of Albert Griswold from 1 to 7

CHAPTER 5 - 15
- Added more options to the Observatory Detect dialog on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Added Mirror Image to Garona when fighting Khadgar on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Removed books on the floor in the Library on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Can now use/combine Secret Ingredient, Walking Stick and Favourite Book
- Decreased time to hide the Spectre
- Added Boots of Speed for Garona when being chased by Khadgar
- Improved Garona AI when being chased by Khadgar
- The heroes are now automatically moved during the Interview quest when a conversation is skipped
- Added pathing blocking for the Kitchen table

User Interface
- Added transmission when Khadgar is missing an item to create Realm of Time
- Camera will now pan to Khadgar after annoying Garona
- Added title to Observatory detection dialog
- Fixed dialog button text for "Scroll of Mana Repair"
- Khadgar will now comment Guzbah's death

- Added camera movement to the Interview with Garona when in RTS camera mode

Chapter 6 - 28
- Removed some Portal runes on Normal difficulty
- Removed all Portal runes on Hard difficulty
- Improved AI of first Burrow peon
- Can no longer destroy Yellow Paint
- Moved Grunt to the first Chest
- Can no longer attempt to open the first Chest until the Grunt is lured away
- Added pathing blockers to some areas
- The Hungry Footman will now move closer to the edge
- Moved teleport region at the Sasquatches lightly to the south
- Khadgar now only becomes invulnerable after dropping the Heavy Bag
- Moved Heavy Bag drop spot to the east
- Garona now has to open a door to Khadgar at the prison
- Both Garona and Khadgar need to use the Portal at the prison
- Khadgar can now also use the Prison Key
- Garona will no longer gain Water Walking when Khadgar turns into a Grunt
- Replaced a Potion of Mana with a Potion of Greater Mana
- Added a Tome of Experience
- Added Magic Sentry ability to the Advanced Boulder Tower

User Interface
- Removed Portal rune hint on Hard difficulty
- Added title to Orc Rider dialog
- Changed defeat condition "Don't attack..." to "Don't fight..."
- Changed description of Heavy Bag
- Decreased size of region when the HungryFootman transmission is played
- Changed hint about Warlocks

- Replaced some pathing blockers with rocks at the prison camp
- The HungryFootman floating texts will now only appear if a hero is nearby
- Increased duration of the second HungryFootman floating text from 3 to 5 seconds
- Removed Magic Sentry symbol when deactivating the tower

CHAPTER 7 - 20
- The last page to the Song of Aegwynn will appear a bit sooner
- Added a Tome of Experience
- Tomes of Experience and The Song of Aegwynn Pages will no longer spawn at the same spot
- Tomes of Experience will no longer spawn if Khadgar is already level 9
- Decreased life of Statues and Medivh on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Added more verses to the Chapel puzzle on Normal nad Hard difficulty
- The Observatory List will no longer be created on Hard difficulty
- Can now skip all conversations in the Museum
- Can no longer trigger the conversation with the Chapel Swordsman while talking to him

User Interface
- Added more information to the Statue Combat Rules item
- Changed hint for the Statue Combat Rules
- Added title to Garona dialog
- Added hints for the Library Slimes on Easy and Hard difficulty
- Improved description for Spanner, Gearwheel and Radar
- Added transmissions "Cook..." and "Moroes..." when selecting them
- Added title to the BrowseBooks dialog
- Fixed size of multiboard for 4:3 screens

- Decreased level of Garona from 9 to 8
- The Library Slime music will now repeat as long as Slimes are alive
- Medivh is now hidden until his cinematic starts

- Added Cuore to Models and Skins credits

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