Lord of the Clans 1.06 with new Chapter released!

First of all, Merry Christmas and (in case I don't post again until then) a Happy New Year!

No, this is not a copy-paste of last year. For the past months I was working on a new Chapter for my Warcraft 3 campaign Lord of the Clans. You get to play Thrall's past as a Gladiator and experience some of his memories of his youth.

This update also includes a massive number of bugfixes and additions to gameplay. They include:
- 3 new passive abilities Thrall will learn at Chapters 6-8
- New ultimate ability that will increase Thrall's life and damage for a short time
- Stats-bug fixed
- New models for Blackmoore, Langston and Tammis
- Better items
- Adjusted time for transmissions during cinematics
- Over 350 bugfixes and improvements to balance, gameplay and cinematics

The update can be downloaded from Hiveworkshop.com.

See below for a full list of changes:

Update 1.06: 359 changes (25.12.2017)

New map
- New chapter 2: "Gladiator"
- Play as Thrall during his time as a gladiator
- Relive Thrall's memories of his youth

- Thrall: New ultimate ability Indestructible which increases damage and life regeneration
- Thrall: New passive abilities (traits)
- Trait: Warsong Fury: Increased movement speed and attack rate by 10% for every 10% life missing
- Trait: Frostwolf Resilience: Heals 5% life every third time an ability is used
- Trait: Blackrock Might: Spells cast restore up to 50% of their mana cost, based on maximum missing
- Heroes will now retain attribute bonuses and abilities when changing unit type
- Decreased stats bonuses given by Tomes
- Increased hit points of all Ogres by around 20%
- Increased initial amount of mana for Veteran Shamans to 100%
- Decreased damage bonus of Sturdy War Axe from 5 to 3
- Food item now restores hit points and mana over time
- Food item can now be used on allied units

User Interface
- Difficulty selection is now done with dialogs
- "Thrall must survive" is now displayed for main quests
- New text for some loading screens
- Renamed Lord Karramyn Langston to Langston
- Renamed Baby Thralls to Baby Orcs
- New icon for War Stomp by Blizzard Entertainment
- Renamed War Stomp to Earthshatter
- New icon for Draka by Alex Horley
- New icon for Doomhammer by Svetli
- Fixed scorescreen icons
- Renamed Elite Raider to Veteran Raider
- Renamed Elite Shaman to Veteran Shaman
- Renamed Elite Grunt to Veteran Grunt
- Changed hotkey of Spearthrower to P
- Added more information to the Sturdy War Axe

- Removed unused imports
- Decreased scaling factor of Rage from 10/25/40% to 10/15/20%
- Changed player color of Frostwolf clan from red to light blue
- Changed weapon sound for Blackmoore from Bash to Slice
- Removed wait time for some cinematics
- Improved unit and camera movements for some cinematics
- Added some wait time before a cinematic can be skipped
- Changed duration of some transmissions
- Generated terrain shadows
- Improved terraining in some areas
- Removed blight in some areas
- Removed boundary in some areas
- Fixed water sound regions
- Changed model of Tattered Cloth to Treasure Chest
- New railroad models by xXm0rpH3usXx
- New model for Blackmoore by Sxar
- New model for Draka by PROXY
- New sound set for Draka
- New sounds for Thrall
- New model for Langston by Direfury
- New model for Elite Raider by Mister_Haudrauf
- New model for Elite Shaman by Cavman
- New model for Elite Grunt by Tauer
- Removed pupils in Thrall's portrait model
- Changed attack sound Elite Raider to Metal Medium Chop
- Changed sound set of Elite Shaman to Demoness
- ItemReceived sound effect is now played more often
- Shadow Meld is now properly disabled for cinematics
- Level up graphics are no longer visible when heroes are created

CHAPTER 1 - 22
- Improved AI of Doomhammer's Guard
- Decreased number of enemies spawning at the sheltered areas
- Decreased experience gain from Tomes of Greater Experience from 500 to 400
- Removed a group of trolls
- Moved last helpful orc further to the north
- Now hides the dummy Slippers of Agility when loading the map

User Interface
- Upkeep message is no longer displayed when the Intro cinematic is skipped
- Removed difficuly hint
- Quest requirement "Defend..." is now properly marked as completed
- Added transmissions when the allied orcs are attacking
- Changed name of unit-type for Draka from Warrior Mate to Warrior
- Added transmission by Doomhammer's Guard when the assassins attack
- Renamed Grunt to Doomhammer's Guard in the Outro cinematic
- Changed quest requirement to "Defend sheltered areas"

- Changed player color of Blackrock clan from purple to red
- Decreased walk animation speed for Durotan
- Changed player color of Tammis Foxton from Blue to Brown
- Removed all Horse sound effects in the Outro cinematic
- Added DuskWolf sound effect in the Outro cinematic
- Moved some corpses a bit closer to the center in the Outro cinematic
- The last Spearthrower is now removed for the Outro cinematic
- Confuse is now disabled for the Outro cinematic

CHAPTER 3 - 15
- Thrall: Can now be restored from game cache
- Thrall: Now starts at level 2 if not restored from game cache
- Thrall: Experience gain now stops at level 3
- New optional quest "Letters for a Friend"
- Swapped positions of a Tome of Intelligence with a Tome of Lesser Experience
- Replaced all Tomes of Lesser Experience with Thrall's Letters
- NPCs will now start patrolling at map start
- A villager will now move away from Thrall before finishing her transmission
- Replaced Sturdy War Axe with Shimmerglaze Roast

User Interface
- Added more information to the loading screen
- The Cloak hint can no longer be displayed multiple times
- Changed image of quest "The Escape" to High Elf Female
- The StormBolt hint will now only appear if Thrall is attacked
- Removed "here" from a transmission in the Outro cinematic

- Modified Intro cinematic

CHAPTER 4 - 34
- Thrall: Now starts at level 3 if not restored from game cache
- Thrall: Increased experience gain at level 2 from 50% to 100%
- Thrall: Decreased experience gain at level 3 from 33% to 25%
- Removed The Prophet from map
- Removed a Tome of Strength
- Moved troll base to the west
- Replaced Thrall's temporarily dropped items with a single item
- Moved pathing blockers to the west
- Replaced a Tome of Knowledge with a Tome of Agility
- The Goblin Shipyard can no longer sell ships
- Humans and trolls in the north will no longer be invulnerable
- Replaced Potion of Strength with Sturdy War Axe
- Replaced Tome of Agility with Food
- Can no longer kill the Blind Woman
- Fixed Thrall's movement speed after entering the camp
- Fixed acquisition range of trolls

User Interface
- Changed quest description of "Second Escape"
- Added quest requirement "Talk to the orcs" to quest "Second Escape"
- Renamed quest "Second Escape" to "Brother, Where To?"
- Changed quest requirement from "Find your belongings" to "Get Thrall's belongings"
- Removed hints about talking to orcs
- Added transmission about not leaving without items
- Added minimap pings
- Added more quest requirements to The Blind Family quest

- The Goblin cinematic will no longer play if a player skips directly to the Outro cinematic
- Added dialogues between imprisoned orcs and distracted guards
- The Mocking cinematic can no longer be skipped while its stopping
- Set Thrall's life to 100% for the Goblins cinematic
- The Blind children are now recreated for the BlindRescue cinematic
- Fixed music no longer playing after cinematics
- Changed music of some cinematics
- Thrall's buffs are now removed for the Blind cinematics
- Blackmoore will no longer move away in the Outro cinematic
- Added more sound effects in the Outro cinematic

- Replaced a Tome of Intelligence+2 with a Tome of Agility
- Added aditional Rock Chunks
- Moved a Knight slightly to the north

User Interface
- Added more information to the loading screen
- Changed vilage hints from "...another..." to "...different..."
- Quest requirement "Kill the Bandit Leader" is now properly marked as completed

- Moved Magical Rune behind Rock Chunks
- Removed Sleep effect from Thrall in Outro cinematic
- Tom and Jerry will stop fighting in the Outro cinematic

- The Tattered Cloth is now removed before the last scene

CHAPTER 6 - 46
- Frostwolves and Ogres will no longer attack each other at map start
- Thrall will no longer move if the Intro cinematic is skipped
- Moved starting position of Thrall to the north
- Moved position of Thrall after the Grom cinematic
- Moved position of Thrall after the Taretha cinematic
- Replaced Tome of Knowledge with a Manual of Health
- Thrall can no longer gain experience after gaining level 6
- Replaced Wands of Far Sight with Runes of the Watcher
- Removed Rejuvenation from Wendigo Shaman
- Replaced Mud Golems with Young Wendigos
- Replaced Mountain Giant with Wendigo Shaman on Normal and Easy difficulties
- Replaced Mountain Giant with Ancient Wendigo on Hard difficulty
- Pigs quest can no longer fail if already won
- Replaced Tomes of Knowledge with Tomes of Intelligence/Agility/Strength
- Replaced Tomes with Runes of Lesser Speed at Pigs quest
- Thrall will no longer take damage directly after being resurrected at the Book area
- Items left behind for the Book quest are now moved to Thrall when returning to the orc
- Added a Rune of Restoration at the Book area
- Replaced Belt of Giant Strength with Frostguard
- Replaced Healing Salve with Gauntlets of Ogre Strength
- Replaced Tome of Intelligence+2 with Food
- Replaced Potion of Lesser Invulnerability with Mantle of Intelligence
- Added Slippers of Agility
- Will no longer see the Pacman area when dying somewhere else
- Thrall's life and mana are now restored after the Pacman quest
- Thrall's life and mana are now restored when dying at the Book quest

User Interface
- Increased level of Hellscream from 2 to 5
- The item "Lord of the Alliance" is now unsellable and unuseable
- Decreased time between minimap pings for some quests from 10 to 5 seconds
- Decreased level of Frostwolf Cubs from 2 to 1
- Changes to description of The Ogres quest
- Renamed Ogre Maulers to ogre Pinkys for the Pacman quest
- Added defeat condition "Thrall must survive" to The Frostwolves quest

- Will no longer hear a death sound at map start
- New music for the Drek'Thar cinematic
- Added more variation to music in cinematics
- Removed duplicate Frostwolf camp
- Added small delay before teleporting ensnared pigs
- Captured pigs will now longer be ensnared after being moved
- Decreased time until rescued Frostwolf Cubs are removed from 20 to 5 seconds
- Removed all buffs from Thrall in the Drek'Thar cinematic
- Raiders are now at th Rock Chunks before the RaidersMeet cinematic starts
- The Raider will no longer attack Thrall or Uthul in the Outro cinematic
- Removed all buffs from Thrall in the Outro cinematic
- Summoned units are now removed for the CubsWin cinematic
- Thrall will now always do Earthshatter in the Outro cinematic

CHAPTER 7 - 79
- Decreased map size from 192x160 to 128x160
- Increased experience gain at level 5 from 75% to 100%
- Fire: Moved position of a Spearthrower corpse
- Fire: Added a Tome of Intelligence
- Fire: Replaced Fire Beetles with Lava Spawns
- Fire: Removed a Scroll of Mana
- Fire: Removed a Wand of Chain Lightning
- Earth: Moved the Circle of Power to the west
- Earth: Moved some Kobolds
- Earth: Changed quest requirements
- Earth: Will no longer create more enemies when going to the Circle of Power
- Earth: Moved starting position of Thrall to the east
- Earth: Added permanent visibility of the Iron Gate
- Earth: Added a Tome of Strength
- Earth: Earth Keys can now be picked up with a full inventory
- Earth: Added 3 Kobolds
- Earth: Increased damage and hit points of all Kobolds
- Earth: Can no longer destroy the Earth Keys
- Air: Decreased speed of Hippogryphs from 400 to 150/200/250
- Air: Thrall will keep his abilities
- Air: Replaced Hippogryphs with invisible Tornados
- Air: Added Far Sight to Thrall
- Air: Removed time limit quest requirement
- Water: The tree logs will now move before the quest has started
- Water: Removed 12 Tree Logs
- Water: Tree Logs now move along the x-axis of the entire area
- Water: Increased speed of tree logs from 100 to 500
- Water: Position of tree logs will no longer be reset if Thrall dies
- Water: Slightly decreased damage area of tree logs
- Water: Fixed triggering of damage of tree logs
- Water: Added a Tome of Agility
- Water: Decreased number of Wands of Lightning Shield
- Water: Decreased number of Runes of Lesser Healing
- Wilds: Will no longer create Tomes of Knowledge
- Wilds: The stag now moves automatically
- Wilds: Added 2 Boulder Towers
- Wilds: Added 3 Ogre Magi
- Wilds: Replaced of Runes of Restoration with Runes of Healing and Runes of Mana
- Wilds: Decreased acquisition rangeo g all Ogres to 150
- Wilds: Thrall is now invulnerable when the quest is won
- Doomhammer: Fixed bug preventing restart
- Doomhammer: Will no longer create more items at restart
- Doomhammer: Life and mana are now at 100% at (re)start
- Doomhammer: Items picked up will no longer affect the Frostwolves
- Doomhammer: Drek'Thar wil no longer create Healing Wards
- Doomhammer: Added 2 Claws of Attack+15 for Doomhammer on Hard difficulty
- Doomhammer: Added Ring of Protection+5 for Doomhammer on Hard difficulty

User Interface
- Changed hotkey for quest abilities (e.g. Blink) from D to F
- "Thrall must survive" is now a proper defeat condition
- Fixed description for all Spirit quests
- Fire: Changed quest requirement to "Prevent the Great Hall from being destroyed"
- Fire: Removed Envenomed Weapons and Shadow Meld from Spearthrowers
- Fire: Added a leaderboard that shows the life of the Great Hall
- Fire: Added hint about Immolation
- Earth: Changed some dialogue
- Earth: Removed hints about killing enemies and going to the Circle of Power
- Earth: Added hint about Blink
- Earth: Changed quest icon
- Air: Added hint about Far Sgiht and invisible Tornados
- Water: Renamed Log to Tree Log
- Water: Added hint about Chain Lightning
- Water: Can no longer select the Tree Logs
- Wilds: Removed the hint about hitting the stag
- Wilds: Changed quest requirement from "Use Feral Spirits..." to "Escort the Stag"
- Doomhammer: Will no longer fade out for the Doomhammer cinematic
- Doomhammer: Changed quest requirement to "Defeat the stranger"
- Doomhammer: The quest requirement will no longer be marked as completed

- New music for the Intro cinematic
- Snowsong and Thrall will now look at each other in the Intro cinematic
- Will no longer hide areas with visibility modifiers
- Fire: Fixed Spearthrower animations
- Fire: Traps can no longer be heard during the Intro cinematic
- Earth: New model for Spirit of Earth by -Grendel
- Earth: Decreased scale of some archways
- Earth: Removed Circle of Power
- Earth: QuestCompleted sound will no longer play twice
- Air: Removed special effects on Thrall in the Air cinematic
- Air: Thrall will no longer turn into a Tornado
- Doomhammer: Will no longer create more spectators at restart

CHAPTER 8 - 27
- Orcs can now be rescued by casting abilities
- Removed a Potion of Healing
- Added alternative way to discover the Elite quest
- Added multiple items as reward for completing the Elite quest
- Decreased level of Langston from 6/10/10 to 5/8/8
- New abilities for Langston
- Added some Riflemen and a Mortar Team to Thrall's Escape route
- No longer able to control Grunts after the Langston cinematic
- Reset ability cooldowns for Thrall and Hellscream after the Langston cinematic

User Interface
- Renamed player 1 to The Horde
- Renamed player 4 to Warsong Clan
- Renamed quest "The Orcs' Rescue" to "The Green Storm"
- Changed quest descriptions for "Taretha" and "Durnholde"
- Changed owner of Drek'Thar to player 10 (Frostwolf Clan)
- Removed Barracks leaderboard
- Added more info to quest requirement "Destroy the Barracks"
- The Elite quest will now be marked as discovered properly
- Renamed quest "The Elite" to "Old but Gold"
- Changed quest requirement "Free the Elite Orcs" to "Free the Veteran orcs"

- Now waits 2 seconds before the first transmission in the Intro cinematic
- The Barracks is now healed after the Intro cinematic
- Langston will no longer play his death animation twice
- Removed hallucinations in the Outro cinematic
- Thrall will no longer be blocked in the Outro cinematic
- Drek'Thar will no longer cast Healing Ward in the Outro cinematic
- Decreased volume of some sound effects to 80% in the Outro cinematic
- Added some variation to the victory animations in the Outro cinematic

CHAPTER 9 - 20
- Drek'Thar will no longer drop the Staff of Teleportation
- Removed a Rune of Lesser Healing
- Removed a Scroll of Healing
- Gates are now invulnerable
- Added Langston to the enemy attack wave
- Added an Altar of Kings for Durnholde
- Moved the Blacksmith to the west
- Cages are now destroyed automatically in the "Getting Gladiators" quest
- Added Runes Bracers, Periapt of Vitality and Talisman of Evasion
- Removed The Prophet from the map

User Interface
- Changed owner of Blackmoore to player 12
- Changed name of player 12 to "Lord of Durnholde"
- Renamed east Keep to Blackmoore's Keep
- Renamed optional quest "Elite Orcs" to "Getting Gladiators"
- Changed quest requirement and description for "Getting Gladiators"

- Changed color of player 10 (Expedition) to Dark Green
- Changed color of south Town Hall to player 9 for the Taretha cinematic
- Moved positions of Blackmoore and Langston to the south in the Intro cinematic
- Replaced Pig Farms with Farms
- Thrall is now hidden when he enters Durnholde Keep

CHAPTER 10 - 38
- Moved a foot switch to be unreachable by Thrall
- Increased damage base of Spiders from 9 to 12
- Decreased number of Runes dropped in the Spider area on Normal and Hard difficulties
- A gate will now close when approaching the Dark Wizard
- The Blood Mage will now become vulnerable when a sheep gets close
- Water Way Gate is no longer active until the Way Gate Control is destroyed
- Removed most Tomes of Experience
- Replaced two Tomes of Experience with Tomes of Greater Experience
- Replaced Tome of Agility with Tome of Strength
- Removed Tome of Strength
- Removed Potion of Healing
- Replaced Healing Salve with Rune of Mana
- Removed Rune of Greater Healing
- Replaced all Earth-Fury Tower items with Runes of Water Elemental
- Will no longer create multiple vision modifiers at the Sheep area
- Replaced Scroll of Protection with Rune of Restoration
- Added 4 Brigands at the Bandits area
- Moved first Sentry Wards item to the south
- First Sentry Wards item is now invulnerable
- Removed almost all Sentry Wards
- Items dropped for the Sentry Wards are now moved to the end of the Bandits area
- Sentry Wards item now has an infinite number of charges
- Increased cooldown of Sentry Wards from 0 to 10 seconds
- Increased mana cost of Sentry Wards from 0 to 25 mana
- Thrall will no longer lose his items for the end fight
- Reset ability cooldowns after the Endfight cinematic
- Thrall can no longer be damaged by fire after beating Blackmoore
- Increased spell damage blocked by Blackmoore from 33% to 50%
- Increased all attributes of Blackmoore by 2 on Normal difficulty
- Increased all attributes of Blackmoore by 5 on Hard difficulty

User Interface
- Removed hint about using classic warrior skills
- Renamed Power Generator to Way Gate Control
- Removed the hint about Sky-Fury Towers
- Added tranmission about a deactivated Way Gate
- Removed life bars from Fires

- Thrall will no longer be moved at the Rock Chunks/Support Column
- Changed color of Water runes to light blue
- Changed color of Glaives runes to green

- Will no longer destroy trees when razing Durnholde
- Moved all fire effects to manmande structures
- Hellscream will now move slightly when picking up the item
- Changed player color of some orcs to light blue
- Added some variation to the victory animations
- Restructured types of credits
- Updated all credits
- Added time to some cinematic fade outs
- Increased far clipping of some cameras

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