The Last Guardian Update 2.2.0 Open Beta

I'm nearly finished with the last update to my WarCraft 3 campaign The Last Guardian. Just to be safe I am doing an open beta test. Everyone can download, play and leave some feedback. Preferably via email. I expect the final update to be released in less than 4 weeks.

If you just want to have a look, soon YouTuber DeltronLive is going to start a video playthrough of the update. I will study his videos thoroughly, so they could have a big impact on the final release.

Here's an overview of the major changes for version 2.2.0:
- New interlude between Chapter 6 and 7
- New cinematics in Chapters 4 and 5
- New and updated imports (doodads, music, etc.)
- Visual changes to some areas
- Changed some puzzles, completely replaced the turn-based combat in Chapter 7 with real-time combat and puzzles
- Reduced amount of text for many cinematics and dialogues
- Transmissions are now played in queues (text from different dialogues will no longer overlap)
- Changes for some spells (e.g. lower cooldown on Flame Strike, Realm of Time now only works on one unit)
- Over 400 other fixes

Known Issues:
- Sometimes music doesn't play and item tooltips disappear. My theory is that it happens because of the latest update/when players alt-tab often. Only thing I can say is it's not my fault.
- Queued cinematics and transmissions may lead to game breaking bugs. If you experience a situation where you expect a trigger to run but nothing happens, I need you to do two things: 1) Make a screenshot of your latest Transmission Log (F12) and send it to me. 2) Wait up to 5 minutes for the faulty trigger to be automatically removed from the queue, then you should be able to continue playing normally.

You can find the update via my Google Drive. You should install the latest WC3 update from before starting the campaign.

Have fun and Happy New Year!


  1. I'm glad your campaigns still get new content and polishing. If I'm not mistaken, The Last Guardian custom campaign came out in 2009, and it's still updated in 2019! This is what I call dedication! I'll try to test it someday, if I can find some time. Thank you for your work man.

  2. Man, this campaign is the best one i played in my life. I've never thought someone will do something like that in warcraft and this will be so enjoyable and playable. A big thank you, my friend, that's a wonderful work you've done!


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