Shadow of the Xel'Naga Update #4 (1.2.0) released!

Over 3 years ago I lost the original files to my Starcraft 2 campaign Shadow of the Xel'Naga. The campaign was still playable on, but I had been unable to continue work on this project.  I'm happy to say that after 2,5 months of hard work I have finally been able to restore and update it!

The process of restoration involved painstakingly adding every trigger action, condition and event from scratch, using only Galaxy script code as blueprint. Fortunately this was only necessary for the first two chapters. For chapters 3-7 I could rely on older versions, making it only necessary to apply the recent updates I had made. The restoration also required me to re-implement german localization. Again I could use the Galaxy script code for copy & paste. What followed were many weeks of bugfixing, until the restoration process was good enough to allow additional changes.

The most important change is the usage of the new custom campaign feature introduced by Blizzard in Starcraft 2 patch 5.0. Shadow of the Xel'Naga is now started via a launcher map. From this launcher map you can select any of the chapters and the difficulty level. You can also get information on the current patch notes and credits. Additionally, the launcher map displays any codex or secret you might have obtained. Additionally, you get options to manage your hero/army settings when playing with a partner.

To play the campaign simply log into Starcraft 2, go to Custom, select Campaigns, search for Shadow of the Xel'Naga (or any shorter form, like shadow), create a lobby (invite a friend) and start playing. Have fun!

Here is the full list of changes:

# Update 4 [1.2.0] (2020-10-04)
133 changes

## Campaign
### Structure
- Changed genre from "Other" to "Campaign"
* New launcher map
  - Can load campaign chapters
  - Can switch heroes in co-op mode and display hero information
  - Can set mission difficulty
  - Can display collected codex, patch notes and credits
- Non-launcher maps are now hidden on
- Implemented online and offline map to map loading

### Multiple Maps
#### Gameplay
- Decreased number of enemies on Casual difficulty

#### User Interface
- Fixed unit ownership when only one player is active
- Removed unused variables, triggers, regions and points
- Updated loading screen texts
- Combine multiple consecutive transmissions of a single unit
- New icon for Xerana
- Hero rank display is now hidden
- Merged some tips
- Tips are now played inside trigger queues
- Some tips are no longer displayed on higher difficulty levels
- Fixed spelling
- Continue button now loads next map
- Added "Exit" button which returns players to the launcher
- Victory screen image is no longer tiled
- Changed hover image of codex close button
- Fixed multiple localization errors

#### Audio/Visuals
- Improved terrain around Rastin's Gas Station
- Changed cinematics game time to real time
- Improved sound effects and soundtrack queues for cinematics
- Changed unit rescue model
- Regenerated static shadow

## Chapter 1
### Gameplay
- Cows can now fall off cliffs
- Increased failsafe minerals from 1200/800/500 to 1200/800/600
- PickUpHealth100 now restores 100 life to all player units
- Improved spawn logic of Karak in Mountain Game
- Removed destructible rocks at the Mountain area
- The Gas objective can now be completed when players have more vespene than necessary
- Rastin is no longer removed after the RepairedSeismographs cinematic
- Fixed pathing at the first Temple Road rock
- Improved logic for when a Karak bird is removed at the Temple Road
- Perdition Turrets will no longer attack Coolant Towers
- Fixed bug where the heroes could not exit their vehicles
- Changed camera and unit movement in Intro cinematic
- Changed camera and unit movement in Victory cinematic
- Decreased life of enemies on Casual difficulty
- Increased spawn time of enemies on Casual difficulty
- Decreased life of Karak Mothers from 150 to 125 on Casual difficulty
- Decreased life of Karak Alpha Male from 300 to 250 on Casual difficulty
- Increased life of Boss Battle Perdition Turrets from 450 to 500 on Casual difficulty
- Karak Alpha Male minions now spawn even if only one hero is incapacitated
- Can no longer lose control of road towers before all Karak are dead
- The Automaton is no longer required for map victory

### User Interface
- Fixed Gas leaderboard size
- The Automaton tip is now shown to the owner of Lars only
- The Mothers objective is now created after spawning the Karak Mothers
- Boss minimap pings are now attached directly to bosses
- Removed some non-transmission actions from trigger queues
- Renamed "Murloc Marine" to "Grunty, Murloc Marine"

### Audio/Visuals
- Added attack animation for Karak Young
- The heroes are now ordered to stop after the RepairedSeismographs cinematic
- Karak Alpha Male hero glow no longer remains
- Seismographs are no longer visible through the Fog of War

## Chapter 2
### Gameplay
- Heroes now stop trying to take an item if the inventory is full
- Robo-Harvester abilities and upgrades are now maintained if a player leaves the game
- Fixed automatic healing for Octavia
- Blocked more path at the Gas Station
- Decreased Incapacitation Healing from 100% to 40%
- Added more Mineral Crystals at the final zerg area
- A Large Mineral Pallet is now created when all zerg at the exit die
- Increased refunded minerals for salvaged structures from 75 to 100
- Vehicles are no longer moved after the Karak Alpha Male battle if occupied

### User Interface
- Restructured all NPC dialog texts
- Redesigned Robo-Harvester's Inventory
- Robo-Harvester's Inventory can now be seen in single-player mode
- Give transmission no longer specifies the item
- Octavia's Inventory button will no longer remain highlighted if a player leaves the game
- The Inventory tip is now also displayed when when Octavia's Inventory is used
- Slightly increased multiple-choice dialogue portrait height
- Removed MTCC minimap ping
- Removed tooltip from Refineries that should not be discharged
- Changed quotes by Volbir and Bolvir
- Swapped icons for Energy Core and EMP Discharger
- Removed Repair tip

### Audio/Visuals
- Increased camera move time from 2 to 4 seconds
- All items now have helper models
- Decreased height of item helper model from 2.0 to 1.75
- Changed camera angle at Abdel
- The beacon to the Artifact is now hidden until all ATCCs are installed
- Fixed Octavia's position after using the Boiler
- No longer creates a second hero glow for Robo-Harvester
- Replaced Reactor with Physics Lab
- Replaced Creep Tumors with Creep Colonies
- Added a 0.3 seconds delay for visual effects of EMP Discharge and Energizer

## Chapter 3
### Gameplay
- Zerg Cocoons now spawn enmies when dead
- Increased number of zerg on Hard and Brutal difficulty

### User Interface
- New icon for Star Relic
- Changed Summon Shadow hotkey from "D" to "R"
- Changed Stasis Nova hotkey from "D" to "R"
- Changed Learn Ability hotkey from "R" to "D"

### Audio/Visuals
- Changed unit height in Intro cinematic
- Protoss units are now removed for the Outro cinematic

## Chapter 4
### Gameplay
- Fixed shared vision among several players

## Chapter 5
### Gameplay
- Decreased alert time from 6.0 to 5.5 seconds on Casual difficulty
- Removed Run cooldown mechanic
- Run duration is now infinite
- Increased Run energy cost from 0 to 25
- Decreased Run movement speed from 2.0 to 1.8
- Heroes will no longer become uncommandable for tutorials

### User Interface
- The ThrowRock helper model is now removed when Octavia reaches the beacon

### Audio/Visuals
- Fixed height of valves

## Chapter 6
### Gameplay
- Increased interval for all boss spells by 1 second on Casual difficulty
- Decreased life of Boss Templar Shield Batteries from 10000 to 9000 on Casual Difficulty
- Decreased life of Boss Colony from 12000 to 11000 on Casual difficulty
- Decreased life/shields of Boss Reaver from 5000 to 4500 on Casual difficulty
- Decreased shields of Boss Archon from 10500 to 10000 on Casual difficulty
- Pylon trap doors now close after 2 seconds
- Can no longer open both area 2 boss doors at the same time
- The boss exit doors can now be opened by walking back after defeating a boss
- Stimpack and Turn Commando/Engineer/Infiltrator/Scientist no longer interrupt movement when used
- Added path blocking behind the Koronis codex

### User Interface
- Fixed Ghost Lockdown name
- Removed Radar range indicator
- Xel'Naga Relics objective now starts at 1/6

### Audio/Visuals
- Fixed model of burrowed zerglings
- Added more time for Amdor's final animation in the Outro cinematic

## Chapter 7
### Gameplay
- Fixed game logic, AI waves and transmissions for restarts
- Increased bases ping range from 20 to 22
- Removed Full Tech-Tree hint
- Decreased Holdout victory sequence time from 60 to 50 seconds

### User Interface
- Added objective "Both Orbital Commands Must Survive"
- Fixed requirements texts for Science Facility, Control Tower and Physics Lab
- Credits background is now fullscreen
- Changed after credits dialog size and message
- Removed restart button tooltips
- No longer plays "Destroyed Main Buildings" transmissions when restarting

### Audio/Visuals
- Moved a Sunken Colony, a Photon Cannon and a Pylon at the Temple


  1. Hey! just tried to play first game, and encountered a bug where i cannot repair :( nor find the bot on the first mission :(

    1. Thanks. I will look at it over the weekend.

    2. Hello. I just replayed Chapter 1 on EU and US server on easiest difficulty. Repair was possible and the bot was, as usual, close to the start of the Karak Alpha Male chase on the right side.

      Can you tell me which server you played on, what difficulty, and possibly provide screenshots?


    3. Sup :D
      as you see, there is no repair button on octavia right at the beggining of the mission.
      Hard difficulty, NA.

      Could a mod be interfering with this? i do have MassRecall, and Antioch Chronicles mod and custom campaigns installed. Thanks for your answer man


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