Shadow of the Xel'Naga Update #5 (1.2.1)

A number of bug reports have made the round; namely being unable to finish Chapter 2 due to a lack of resources or misunderstandings about how to solve puzzles. I've identified some of the problems, but there are others I can't reproduce, e.g. the inability to repair. For these problems I've implemented some workarounds, which should hopefully solve the issues. Feel free to contact me if you still find problems.

Here is the full list of changes and the smallest update I've ever created:
# Update 5 [1.2.1] (2020-10-24)
8 changes

## Chapter 1
### Gameplay
- Moved Automaton 1337 to the center of the road

## Chapter 2
### Gameplay
- Octavia will no longer be moved at the start of the Artifact fight when already there
- Added a Mineral Crystal to the Boiler
- Repair autocast is now initially turned on

### User Interface
- Fixed localization error when giving the Vespene Crystal to Gregor
- Alien artifact boss bar is now displayed
- Octavia now mentions to talk to Wes after securing the retreat
- Octavia now always says to use the Energizer on the Alien Artifact


  1. Thanks man! gonna check it :D

  2. I commented your other post with screenshot of repair bug, but i can't see my comment, so here:

    NA, Hard difficulty.

    I have installed MassRecall and antiochchronicles mods, don't know if that may cause it.

    1. Hello. Thanks. Repair should be activated after you return the Cows to Rastin.
      Other mods should not affect the campaign.

    2. i see, then let me play up to that point and check again :D. Btw, last time i played, before your update, repair didn't appear even after that.

  3. Yes! it is fixed :D thank you


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