Lord of the Clans 3.0 released!

Yes, it's finally out! I've been working hard to update my first WarCraft 3 campaign, Lord of the Clans, since summer 2019. The update can be considered an almost total remake. Almost all maps have been replaced and there are many new custom features I would like to highlight here.

- 8 single-player missions with extensive RPG gameplay
- 3 cinematic maps with cutscenes
- 67 quests with 7-9 hours of playtime
- Highly customizable main character, with 12 combat abilities that can be switched at any time and 5 hero abilities with unique bonuses
- Backpack with 5 specialized hero abilities to craft and carry items, summon a fire pit, improve cooking and looting. Also used to select combat abilities, research upgrades and summon additional companions
- Fire Pit that consumes lumber to heal nearby units and cook small animals to gain additional attribute points
- Can spend gold and lumber to research 15 unique upgrades and summon 9 different companions
- Enhanced and more action-oriented combat with enemies that use telegraphed/avoidable attacks and lower cooldowns and mana consumption for spells
- High quality terrain and cinematics, supported by many custom assets
- Based on the novel Lord of the Clans by Christie Golden

You can download the campaign from Hiveworkshop.com or my Google Drive.

Here are the patch notes for version 3.0.0 Beta 1:

# Update 7 [3.0.0] (2021-05-28)
590 changes

## Campaign
### Structure
- Replaced Prologue
- Changed Chapter 2 to Chapter 1
- Changed Chapter 3 to Chapter 2
- Merged Chapters 4 and 5 into Chapter 3
- New Chapter 4
- Replaced Interlude
- Changed Chapter 6 to Chapter 5
- Merged Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 7 into Chapter 6
- New Interlude
- Changed Chapter 8 to Chapter 7
- Merged Chapter 9 and Epilogue into Chapter 8
- Removed Chapter 10

### Multiple maps
#### Gameplay
- Added more enemies on Normal and Hard difficulty
- Added neutral buildings to buy abilities and upgrades
- The Tattered Cloth is now a hero ability that restores 100/150/200 mana at the expense of 50 life
- Added dynamic skillshot abilities to many enemy units
- Stasis Traps are now also targeted as ground units
- Gold, lumber and food now carry over between maps
- Thrall gains some gold and lumber when not restored from game cache
- Wand of Lightning Shield can no longer be cast on self
- Removed creep experience reduction
- Removed food cost for all non-companion units
- Events are no longer triggered by spell effects
- Clarity Potion is now combat-consumable
- Clarity Potion now requires a target
- Increased range of Clarity Potion from 0 to 500
- Increased damage of Spears from 50 to 80
- Most items now drop when the carrier dies
- Immolation no longer damages neutral units

#### User Interface
- Removed unused objects in editor
- Updated campaign preview image
- Updated score screen image
- Updated loading screens texts
- Transmissions and cinematics are now played in queues
- Changed text in some transmissions
- Updated duration of some transmissions
- Changed color and text of leaderboards
- Updated many quest descriptions
- Removed many players from score screen
- Gold Mines are no longer displayed on the minimap
- Changed player color of Durnholde/Guards from Grey to Blue
- No longer overwrites player name
- Renamed Blackmoore's Keep to Durnholde Keep
- Renamed Frost Wolf to Frostwolf
- Renamed Shimmergalze Roast to Pig Roast

#### Audio/Visuals
- Removed unnecessary duplicated custom objects
- Updated camera movement for all cinematics
- Updated music during cinematics
- Stone Walls are now visible in the Fog of War
- Removed The Prophet from most scenes
- Changed unit type of Uthul to Grunt
- Increased scale of Snowsong from 1.0 to 1.1
- Changed RGB color of Snowsong to 255/200/200
- Fixed 3D sounds
- Redesigned frostwolf camp

### Heroes
#### Thrall
- Increased maximum level from 10 to 20
- Increased hero ability level skip from 2 to 3
- Decreased acquisition range from 600 to 200
- Increased food production from 0 to 5
- Decreased agility per level from 1 to 0.5
- Decreased intelligence per level from 3 to 1.5
- Decreased strength per level from 2 to 1
- Removed all traits
- Decreased repair gold cost from 425 to 100
- Decreased revive lumber cost from 100 to 0
- Decreased revive time from 55 to 10 seconds
- Thrall can now learn upgrades to improve himself or his companions
- New hero ability Tattered Cloth: Restores mana at the expense of life
- New hero ability Power Slash: Gain chance to deal area damage
- New hero ability Haste: Increases movement speed for some time
- New hero ability Dodge: Gain chance to dodge an attack
- New hero ability Combat Aura: Increases attack speed of all nearby friendly units
- Combat abilities can now be bought and upgraded in neutral buildings
- Normal combat abilities now have 5 levels
- Ultimate combat abilities now have 3 levels
- New ability Knockback: Damages, knocks back and stuns an enemy unit
- New ability Raging Strike: Move to target area and deal damage to all units in a line
- New ability Whirlwind: Deal area damage over time
- New ability Duel: Slow an enemy unit and increase ability damage to it
- New ability Ravage: Deal damage to target units over time
- New ability Earthshock: Now damages and slows enemies in a line
- New ability Ice Shard: Deal damage and slow enemies in a small area
- New ability Challenge: Deal area damage over time
- New ability Will of the Wilds: Transform enemy units in target area into critters
* Indestructible
  - Decreased cooldown from 90 to 50 seconds
  - Decreased mana cost from 100 to 90
- Rage: Removed
- Storm Bolt: Removed
- Earthshatter: Removed
- Raging Strike: Is now stopped when hero when hero is ensnared or stunned
- Changed unit name in black armor from Far Seer to Warchief
- Changed revive hotkey to W

#### Backpack
- New hero unit that helps Thrall with non-combat abilities
- Abilities, Upgrades and Companions: Allows improving combat abilities, researching upgrades and hiring companions
- Build Fire Pit: Allows activating combat abilities, heals all nearby units, allows Cooking, burns lumber per second
- Crafting: Consumes gold and lumber to create various perishable items
- Cooking: Cooks small animals to gain temporary additional attribute points
- Looting: Increases amount of gold and lumber gained from slain enemies
- Inventory: Increases the inventory size of the Backpack

### Drek'Thar
- Decreases acquisition range from 1700 to 600
- Decreased death time from 20 to 2.1 seconds
- Decreased repair gold cost from 425 to 100
- Decreased revive lumber cost from 100 to 0
- Decreased revive time from 55 to 10 seconds
- Replaced Far Sight with Lightning Shield
- Decreased agility per level from 1.0 to 0.5
- Decreased intelligence per level from 3.0 to 1.5
- Decreased strength per level from 2.0 to 1.0
- Decreased damage of Chain Lightning from 85/125/180 to 80/120/160

### Hellscream
- Decreased agility per level from 1.75 to 0.87
- Decreased intelligence per level from 2.25 to 1.13
- Decreased strength per level from 2.0 to 1.0

### Doomhammer
- New model by Tauer
- Replaced Thorns Aura with Shockwave
- Changed hotkey of Thunder Clap from Q to W
- Increased movement speed from 250 to 300
- Resurrection no longer works on allied units
- Decreased damage of Thunder Clap from 60/100/140 to 50/80/110
- Decreased damage of Shockwave from 75/130/200 to 70/110/150
- Decreased damage increased of Battle Roar from 5/10/15 to 5/8/11
- Increased attack cooldown from 1.77 to 2.05
- Decreased agility per level from 1.75 to 0.87
- Decreased intelligence per level from 1.5 to 0.75
- Decreased strength per level from 2.25 to 1.13
- Decreased amount of resurrectable units from 6 to 5

### Units
- Slain enemies now always give gold bounty, sometimes lumber bounty
- Changed armor type of neutral buildings from Fortified to Large
- Changed life of neutral buildings to 75
- Increased inventory item capacity for veteran units from 2 to 6
- Enemy air units can now be hit by ground attacks
- Decreased attack range of enemy air units
- Veteran units can now use items
* Veteran Shaman
  - Changed hotkey of Purge from G to Q
  - Changed hotkey of Lightning Shield from L to W
  - Changed hotkey of Bloodlust from B to E
* Veteran Raider
  - Changed hotkey of Ensnare from E to Q
  - Increased armor from 0 to 2
* Dog
  - Increased hit points to 100
  - Decreased speed of Dog from 400 to 270
  - New ability Rush: Increases movement speed for a short duration
  - New ability Howl: Decreases atack damage of nearby enemies by 20%
- Gnoll: Increased hit points from 100 to 240
* Gnoll Poacher
  - Increased hit points from 100 to 240
  - Increased damage base from 10 to 12
* Gnoll Assassin
  - Increased hit points from 150 ro 320
  - Increased damage base from 15 to 20
* Gnoll Warden
  - Increased hit points from 170 ro 330
  - Increased damage base from 17 to 20
* Gnoll Brute
  - Increased hit points from 180 ro 400
  - Increased damage base from 12 to 13
* Gnoll Overseer
  - Increased hit points from 230 to 750
  - Increased damage base from 20 to 23
* Murloc Hut/Gnoll Hut
  - Changed armor type from Fortified to Large
  - Decreeased hit points from 125 to 75
- Golems are no longer immune to magic
- Removed Shadow Meld from Spearthrower
- Elite Knights now benefit from upgrades
- Increased hit points and damage of most types of enemies
- Catapults can no longer attack walls
- Changed hit visuals for Moving Fire
- Priests can no longer heal themselves
- Decreased hit points of Frostwolf from 1000 to 700
- Changed hotkey of Roar from R to Q

## Prologue
- Replaced Prologue with scenes from old Chapter 1
- Renamed to "Among the Dead"
- Death sounds are now played during cinematic

## Chapter 1
### Gameplay
- Increased map size from 96x64 to 128x96
- Decreased experience rate from 120%/75%/70% to 40%
- Increased maximum level to 4
- The glaive can no longer be selected
- Changed damage radius of glaive from 144 to 96
- Turned day/night cycle on
- Removed quest "Good, Bad and Orc"
- Added new quest "Remember the Foxtons"
- Added new quest "Remember Jaramin"
- Added new quest "Remember Sergeant"
- Added new quest "Remember the Orc"
- Added new areas for optional quests
- Removed most Question Mark items for optional quests
- Time of day will no longer change until meeting Taretha
- Taretha's Letter now increases intelligence when used

### User Interface
- New player "Vermin"
- Renamed item "Remember Jaramin Skisson" to "Remember Jaramin"
- Renamed player "Citizens" to "Durnholde"
- Renamed player "Guards" to "Alliance of Lordaeron"
- Increased level of Sergeant from 1 to 5

### Audio/Visuals
- Redesigned Durnholde
- Removed various visibility modifiers
- Reduced amount of texture flickering
- Removed some water sound regions
- Foxtons cinematic: Replaced The Prophet with additional scene
- Sergeant cinematic: Replaced War Stomp with Earthshock
- Orc cinematic: The orc now fights back

### Quests
#### Champion of the Arena
- Increased number of enemies that drop runes
- Can no longer exit a fight
- The map is now lost if Thrall dies outside the arena
- No longer creates a Tome of Experience after an optional cinematic
- Some footmen will now change positions after beating opponents
- Quest requirement is now properly marked as completed
* Soldiers
  - Changed dialog button to "Soldiers"
  - Replaced a footman with a Knight
  - Decreased base damage of footmen from 15 to 13
  - Decreased life of footmen from from 500 to 475
  - Removed Flame Strike
  - Moved Net closer to Thrall
*  Troll
  - Removed Sentry Ward, Stasis Trap Wards, Bloodlust and Trueshot Aura
  - Decrease hit points of Healing Ward from 40 to 30
  - Replaced most Trolls with Spiders
  - Added spikes that can damage any unit
  - Decreased number of charges for Spears from 4 to 3
* Bandits
  - Redesigned area
  - Giant Lizard is now vulnerable
  - Increased collision size of Giant Lizard from 0 to 60
  - Decreased hit points of Giant Lizard from 3000 to 1200
  - Replaced scripted with normal attack behaviour for Gianz Lizard
  - Removed automatic trample damage by Giant Lizard
  - Increased acquisition range of Giant Lizard from 500 to 1200
  - Increased damage base of Enforcers from 10 to 12
  - Increased hit points of Enforcers from 550 to 600
  - Must now also slay the Giant Lizard to win
  - Added an Assassin on Hard difficulty
  * Wizards
  - Redesigned area
  - Added an Elevator to reach the lower enemy
  - Replaced Dwarves with Wizards
* Ogre
  - Fixed timing of Glaive damage
  - Added Hero Glow to the Ogre Gladiator
  - Increased hit points of Ogre Gladiator from 1200/1200/1300 to 1500/1500/1700
  - Increased movement speed of Ogre Gladiator from 170 to 220
  - Increased damage base of Ogre Gladiator from 15/15/17 to 17/17/20
  - The Glaive now only drops a Rune of Lesser Healing every third time
  - Increased Glaive damage to Ogre from 0 to 30

## Chapter 2
### Gameplay
- Increased map size from 96x96 to 128x128
- Added some areas from Chapter 4
- Moved the dog northeast
- Finding the dog now unlocks a new spell for Thrall
- Moved a child southeast
- Increased maximum level from 3 to 7
- Added new quest "Scouting"
- Added new quest "Self-improvement"
- Added new quest "Smith Will Suffice"
- Added new quest "Chuck Wood"
- Decreased experience rate from 120/80/75% to 40%

### User Interface
- New player "Footer's Gang"
- New player "Murlocs"
- New player "Wildlife"
- Renamed player "Guards" to "Alliance of Lordaeron"
- Only the current active main quest is now marked as failed when the map is lost
- Renamed Woman to Villager
- Player "Civilians" is now hidden in the post-game score screen

### Audio/Visuals
- Increased time of day speed from 0% to 50%
- Added visibility modifiers around waterfalls
* Outro cinematic
  - Changed names of human soldiers
  - Changed player color of soldiers from Teal to Grey
  - Renamed Expedition Knight to Captain

### Quests
#### Escape
- Merged quests "The Gate" and "Escape"
- Thrall will no longer start with reduced health
- Moved starting area to north
- Replaced Switches with Captains
- Decreased Gold Bounty of Mortar Team
- Removed Storm Bolt hint
- Removed Cloak of Shadows
- Removed Murlocs visibility modifier
- Added Rock Chunks at Murlocs
- Scared villagers are now removed when entering a house
- Added visibility modifier to the camp exit

#### Letters for a Friend
- Changed quest requirement to "Collect Taretha's Letters"
- Replaced reward Manual of Health with Research Ultravision
- Quest now starts with 1 of 3 Collected
- Replaced experience gain of Letters with temporary movement speed bonus

#### Good Boy
- Created optional quest for the Dog
- Moved the dog north
- Finding the dog now unlocks a new companion
- Dog can now leave Durnholde

#### Into the Wild
- Renamed quest "Silence Before the Storm" to "Into the Wild"
- Removed quest requirement "Find a place to rest"

## Chapter 3
### Gameplay
- Decreased map size from 128x128 to 96x160
- Merged areas from Chapter 4
- Increased maximum level from 4 to 10
- Changed experience rate from 100%/100%/70% to 40%
- Removed quest "Silence Before the Storm"
- Removed all Line of Sight Blockers
- Added new player Civilians
- Added Spell Immunity to all peons, Kelgar, Tom and Jerry

### User Interface
- Changed player Guards to Southshore Guards
- Added player Tarren Mill Protectors
- Added player Prisoners
- Added player Clanless Orc
- Kelgar now has a unique unit name
- Removed Goblin Shipyard minimap icon
- Decreased life of Romeo and Juliet from 100 to 50

### Audio/Visuals
- Added a global rain effect
- Redesigned distraction event
- Added an excklamation mark to the Backpack
- Increased life, hit point regeneration and attack cooldown for Tom and Jerry
* Intro cinematic
  - Removed original Intro cinematic
  - Merged Rest, Mocking and Kelgar cinematics to new Intro cinematic
- Goblins cinematic: Removed Trolls sequence
- Removed cinematic mode and cameras for Blind, BlindRescue and GoblinsReturn dialogues

### Quests
#### Honorless
 - Renamed quest "Brother, Where To?" to "Honorless"
 - Renamed item "Thrall's Belongings" to "Backpack"
 - Removed Magical Runes
 - Redesigned internment camp
 - Redesigned distraction sequence
 - Removed initial Health Stone
 - Added more minimap pings for quest requirements
 - Set time of all minimap pings to 5 seconds
 - Aspect of alliance to Guards now changes when Thrall enters/exits the internment camp
 - Removed Backtrack item
 - Knight in camp no longer patrols

#### Hunger
 - Merged quests "Food" and "The Exit"
 - Replaced leaderboard for Food items with quest updates
 - Removed all Magical/Glowing Runes
 - Renamed "Water" to "Vegetables"
 - Food items no longer grant experience
 - Food items now restore 50 hit points, 25 mana and increase movement speed
 - Removed minimap pings for food items

#### Volbir and Bolvir
  - Replaced Trolls and Murlocs with Gnolls
  - Added enemy heroes

#### Revenge of the Wolves
 - Added quest update message
 - Replaced Cages with Beast Cages
 - Quest is now discovered when nearing a Beast Cage
 - Replaced trolls with humans and gnolls

#### The Blind Family
 - Can now control the Blind Woman
 - Must now use the Blind Woman to rescue the children
 - Decreased number of children from 4 to 3
 - Decreased sight range of Jimmy, Timmy, Little Daniel and the Blind Woman from 600 to 64
 - Blind children now have shared vision towards the player

#### The Dark Wizard
 - Renamed quest "The Bandit Leader" to "The Dark Wizard"
 - Changed quest requirement to "Slay the Dark Wizard"
 - Replaced bandits with undead

## Chapter 4
### Gameplay
- The interlude is now a fully playable map
- The Blood Elf becomes vunerable if he enters the Flame Strike area

### Audio/Visuals
- Changed terrain fog from Pink to Light Blue
- Outro cinematic: Hellscream will no longer drop the Tattered Cloth

## Chapter 5
### Gameplay
- Decreased map size from 192x160 to 192x128
- Redesigned map layout
- Increased maximum hero level from 6 to 14
- Increased hero level of Drek'Thar from 10 to 14
- Decreased experience gain to 75%

### User Interface
- New player Crushridge Tribe for all ogres
- New player Wildpaw Tribe for all gnolls
- Removed Tattered Cloth hint
- Renamed Baby Orc to Orc Child

### Audio/Visuals
- Replaced Grom cinematic with simple dialogue
- Replaced Taretha cinematic with simple dialogue
- Replaced all cinematics for optional quests with simple dialogues
- Restructured some cinematics

### Quests
#### Cold and Alone
- Increased Thrall's sight radius from 400 to 1800/1200
- Removed Glowing Runes
- Replaced cold weather mechanic areas that damage all units
- Removed most runes dropped by enemies

### Alterac Cubs
- Changed quest giver from Raider to Palkar
- Changed quest requirement to "Rescue all Frostwolf Cubs (x of 9 Rescued)"
- Removed quest requirement "Meet with the Raiders"
- Removed quest requirement "Enter the Gnoll Camp"
- Removed quest requirement "Two Raiders must survive"
- Removed destructible rocks
- Replaced Frostwolf Cubs with Beast Cages
- Decreased collision size of Frostwofl Cub from 32 to 8

#### Smash
- Renamed from "The Ogres" to "Smash"
- Replaced all quest requirements with "Destroy the Barracks/Blacksmith/Town Hall"
- Replaced Death Towers with Guard Towers
- Added barrels of explosives

#### The Warlock
- New main quest

#### Lord of the Alliance
- Renamed from "The Book" to "Lord of the Alliance"
- Is now an optional quest
- Changed quest requirements to "Obtain/Return the Book"
- The Book can now be dropped
- Removed minimap ping
- Replaced Grunt with Shaman
- Changed visuals for static flame traps

#### These Pigs
- Renamed from "These pigs!" to "These Pigs"
- Is now an optional quest
- Changed owner of pigs to player Neutral Passive

#### Visions
- New optional quest

#### Lumberman
- Bundles of Lumber can no longer be selected or picked up manually
- Runes of Speed no longer count towards collected Bundles of Lumber
- Increased hit points of Ogre Pinky from 400 to 800
- Increased scale of Ogre Pinky from 0.8 to 1.0
- Decreased selection scale of Ogre Pinky from 1.2 to 1.0

#### These Pigs
- Renamed from "These Pigs!" to "These Pigs"
- Is now an optional quest
- Removed quest requirement "Go to the pigs' breeding place..."
- Changed quest requirement to "Obtain the Pig Catcher"
- Changed quest requirement to "Don't let 5 pigs escape"
- Removed vision of playfield
- Pigs now share vision with the player
- Removed minimap ping
- Renamed Net to Pig Catcher
- Changed Pig Catcher description and tooltip
- The Pigs Escape music now only plays once
- A sound effect is now played whenever a pig is approaching
- Pigs now stop spawning 10 seconds before the end of the timer
- Can now be restarted when lost
- The Pig Catcher can now be dropped

#### Lord of the Alliance
- Renamed from "The Book" to "Lord of the Alliance"
- Is now an optional quest

## Chapter 6
### Gameplay
- Increased map size from 128x160 to 192x160
- Added new quest "The Spirits"
- Added new quest "Spirit of Fire"
- Added new quest "Spirit of Earth"
- Added new quest "Spirit of Air"
- Added new quest "Spirit of Water"
- Added new quest "Spirit of the Wilds"
- Added new quest "Frostwolf Exile"
- Added new quest "Frostwolf Defiance"
- Replaced all cinematics for Spirit quests with simple dialogues
- The game is no longer paused when completing a quest
- User selection is no longer cleared when completing a quest
- Increased maximum level from 7 to 16

### Interface
- Removed dialog to select a Spirit quest
- Renamed "Wandering stranger" to "Stranger"
- Renamed Rune of Lesser Resurrection to Rune of Spearthrower

### Audio/Visuals
- New model for Spirit of Air by Himperion
- New model for Spirit of Earth by Amdor
- Removed shadow from patrolling fire
- MeetFrostwolves cinematic: Durotan and Draka are no longer present outside the cinematic
- DefianceEnd cinematic: Doomhammer's Guard will no longer move

### Quests
#### The Stranger
- Renamed from "The Wandering Stranger" to "The Stranger"
- Removed items
* Stranger
  - Replaced Unholy Aura with Shockwave
  - Replaced Reincarnation with Leap
  - Decreased movement speed from 320 to 200
  - Increased attack cooldown from 2.1 to 3.2
  - Changed team color to match owning player
  - Increased level from 10 to 20

#### Gift of Fire
- Renamed from "Spirit of Fire" to "Gift of Fire"
- Changed to optional quest
- Redesigned area
- Quest no longer restarts if Thrall dies
- Removed all friendly and enemy units
- Changed quest requirement to "Obtain the Gift of Fire"
- Thrall no longer gains Immolation
- Removed area visibility
- Removed leaderboard
- Increased fire trap damage from 20/30/40 to 60/90/120
- Decreased rate of fire trap damage

#### Gift of Earth
- Renamed from "Spirit of Earth" to "Gift of Earth"
- Changed to optional quest
- Redesigned area
- Changed quest requirement to "Obtain all Gem Stones"
- Changed quest icon
- Quest no longer restarts if Thrall dies
- Replaced area visibility with shared enemy visibility
- Decreased maximum elevator height to 2
- Elevator movement is no longer random
- Decreased number of keys from 8 to 7

#### Gift of Air
- Renamed from "Spirit of Air" to "Gift of Air"
- Changed to optional quest
- Redesigned area
- Changed quest requirement to "Obtain the Gift of Air"
- Changed quest icon
- Thrall no longer gains Far Sight
- The camera will no longer pan when hit
- Removed hint
- Tornado movement is now less random
- Tornados can no longer be selected
- Decreased area visibility
- Tornados are now knocking back
- No longer resetting player units when touching a Tornado
- Torandos now deal damage
- Decreased hit box of Tornado from 144 to 96
- Decreased wait time for tornados from 3.5/5.0/6.0 seconds to 3.5/3.5/5.5 seconds
- Removed some tornados on Normal and Easy difficulty

#### Gift of Water
- Renamed from "Spirit of Water" to "Gift of Water"
- Changed to optional quest
- Changed quest requirement to "Slay all enemies"
- Changed quest icon
- Removed Fountain of Health
- Removed all items dropped by enemies
- Redesigned area
- Quest no longer restarts if Thrall dies
- Thrall no longer gains Chain Lightning
- Fixed movement of tree logs
- Decreased tree log damage from 100/150/200 to 70/110/150
- Decreased speed of tree log from 500 to 500/400/300
- Increased acquisition range of all enemies from 150 to 200
- Increased life of all enemies
- Increased damage of all enemies
- Increased time interval for tree log damage
- Replaced area visibility with shared tree log visibility
- Tree log no longer damages invulnerable units

#### Gift of the Wilds
- Renamed from "Spirit of the Wilds" to "Gift of the Wilds"
- Changed to optional quest
- Redesigned area
- Changed quest icon
- Can no longer go to the same cliff level as the stag
- Decreased scale of Stag from 2.0 to 1.5
- Stag now moves automatically when a player unit is nearby
- Quest no longer restarts if Thrall dies
- Replaced Ogre Warriors with Ogre Maulers
- Replaced area visibility with shared stag visibility
- Remove some Runes of Mana/Healing
- Changed hint text

#### Frostwolf Exile/Frostwolf Defiance
- Changed to optional quests
- Changed quest requirement to "Follow the path to Doomhammer"
- Redesigned areas
- Replaced ogres and trolls with gnolls and humans
- Replaced Electric Conduit with Howl of the Frostwolf
- Slain heroes are now resurrected automatically after some time
- Removed defeat condition
- Difficulty level now influences enemy unit spawn type at sheltered areas
- Changed quest icon
- Improved AI of Doomhammer's Guard
- Removed two sheltered areas
- Decreased time for sheltered areas by 10 seconds
- Increased scale of Gul'dan from 1.0 to 1.5
- Removed Tomes of Experience
- Changed hotkey of Breath of Frost to Q
- Changed hotkey of Mend to W
- Changed hotkey of Summon Sharptooth to E
- Decreased food cost of Sharptooth from 2 to 0
- Changed damage type of Sharptooth from Normal to Siege
- Changed Sharptooth description
- Increased damage of all trolls
- Added reincarnation to Durotan and Draka
- Collected items can now be used by Thrall
- Changed player name for trolls to Winterax Tribe
- Renamed Player 2 to Alterac
- Changed player color of Alterac to orange
- Increased starting level of Durotan and Draka from 5 to 6
- Changed levels of Exploding Trap from 0 to 1/2/3
- Increased Mend area of effect from 600 to 800
- New icon for Confuse
- Decreased stand duration of Stasis Trap from 150 to 30 seconds
- Decreased stun duration of Stasis Trap from 12 to 8 seconds
- Enemies no longer speak when dead
- Changed hotkey of Exploding Trap from W to Q
- Changed hotkey of Raging Strike from Q to W
- Removed hint to defeat all remaining units

## Chapter 7
### Gameplay
- Redesigned entire map
- New quest "Need More"
- New quest "Helping Hands"
- Increased maximum level from 8 to 18
- Decreased experience gain to 60%

### User Interface
- Renamed enemy players to "Alliance of Lordaeron"

### Audion/Visuals
- Outro cinematic: Removed Doomhammer burial scene
- Outro cinematic: Replaced foorman with Elite Knight

### Quests
#### Rebellion
- Changed quest title from "The Orcs' Rescue" to "Rebellion"
- Changed first quest requirement to "Destroy all Town Halls"
- Changed second quest requirement to "Rescue 100 Orcs"
- Changed third quest requirement to "Defeat Langston"
- Changed quest description and icon
- Hellscream is no longer present in the final fight

## Chapter 8
### Gameplay
- Added new quest "Blacmoore"
- Increased experience gain to 100%
- Removed quest "Old but Gold"
- Increased maximum level from 9 to 20
- Hellscream is no longer loaded from game cache
- Set hero level of Hellscream to 18
- Drek'Thar can now be controlled directly
- Set hero level of Drek'Thar to 18
- Increased hit points of Barracks from 1500 to 2500
- Increased hit points of Arcane Sanctum from 1050 to 2500
- Increased gold cost of all army upgrades
- Decreased lumber cost of all army upgrades
- Changed revive cost of all heroes to 100 gold
- Decreased revive time of all heroes
* Watch Tower
  - Increased hit points from 500 to 800
  - Increased hit points regeneration rate from 0 to 50
* Guard Tower
  - Increased hit points from 500 to 800
  - Increased base damage from 22 to 24

### User Interface
- Changed hotkey of Research Steel/Thorium/Arcanite Melee Weapons from M to Q
- Changed hotkey of Research Steel/Thorium/Arcanite Ranged Weapons from R to W
- Changed hotkey of Research Steel/Thorium/Arcanite Armor from A to E
- Changed hotkey of Shaman Adept/Master Training from H to A
- Changed hotkey of Research Berserker Strength from B to S
- New icon for Blackmoore by Sxar
- Updated credits
- Added credits message

### Audio/Visuals
- Removed some wait time during credits
- Updated units appearing for credits
- New model for Langston by Direfury
- Changed attack sound of Langston to Heavy Metal Bash
- Decreased movement speed of Taretha from 190 to 150

### Quests
#### Taretha
- Changed quest requirement to "Find Taretha"
- Removed quest requirement "Don't attack Durnholde"
- Removed time limit

#### Durnholde
- Added quest requirement "Defeat Langston"
- Added quest requirement "Defeat Sergeant"
- Added quest requirement "Destroy all Siege Towers"
- Added upgrade research system
- Removed Pillage upgrade for allied player
- Added Ranged Weapons upgrade for allied player
- No longer gains income from allied player
- Increased time between mimimap pings from 5 to 10 seconds
- Added more variations of towers
- Decreased food production of War Mill from 50 to 0

#### Blackmoore
- Removed a Ring of Protection from Blackmoore
- Added a Periapt of Vitality to Blackmoore

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